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Acteon Soprocare Dental Intraoral Camera

Acteon Soprocare Dental Intraoral Camera
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Quick Overview
  • 3 modes for 3 needs.
  • Fully compatible with all imaging software.
  • Highlight the old and new dental plaque, gingival inflammation and caries.
  • Unmatchable communication tool in the dental practice.
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ACTEON SOPROCARE has a selective Chromatic Amplification differentiates the color of tissues and reveals oral hygiene pathologies.

It illuminates dental tissue with a specifi c wavelength of light between 440 and 680 nm.
The exposed tissue absorbs the energy and refl ects it in fl uorescent form.
Images obtained through fl uorescence analysis are superimposed over the anatomic images, creating an easy to interpret and visible representation of the tissue’s condition, which are otherwise invisible under white light.
The SOPROCARE concept was developed to assist the dental professional during prophylaxis and periodontal treatment in the dental office.

SOPROCARE reveals caries in CARIO mode, as well as new and old dental plaque in PERIO mode

In addition, SOPROCARE is the first product on the market to reveal gingival inflammation.
In DAYLIGHT mode, SOPROCARE can also be used as a camera, providing all of the necessary tools to perform a complete and time efficient oral examination.

Benefi ts of selective chromatic amplification

Utilizing the absorption properties of the ‘blue light’, the selective chromatic amplifi cation differentiates the color of the tissue. The subtle hues of red indicate gingival infl ammation and are now clearly revealed by SOPROCARE. All of the images are defi nitive, qualitative and easy to interpret – just follow the colors!

Windows® minimum confi guration

  • Operating system: Windows®XP Pro SP3
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium IV – 1.3 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard disk: 250 GB
  • USB ports: 2 USB2.0 Hi-Speed ports
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