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Astek Pro-Matrix Bands

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Astek Pro-Matrix Bands
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  • Pro-Matrix is “Easy, quick, great at conforming to tooth and easy to burnish. Fantastic improvement finally”
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Astek Pro-Matrix Bands

Pro-Matrix uses a straight band which exits from the side casing. A 'band Deflector' component is used to impart the required conical shape on the band, the Deflector can be moved up and down to allow the device to be used in all 4 quadrants of the mouth.

According to one user, Pro-Matrix is “Easy, quick, great at conforming to tooth and easy to burnish. Fantastic improvement finally”

Intended Use :- Thin Metal band which is tightened around the tooth to form a barrier and allow application of material. Used when performing fillings or similar operations


  • Fully disposable.
  • Slim Body, Toggle & Handle does not extend when tightend (Turns freely)
  • Single Product System no assembly or application tools required.
  • Circumferential Band can be used for MO/OD MOD/Cusp replacements.
  • High-tension mechanism for better compacting.
  • Easy contouring to tooth shape.
  • Narrow front section better visibility and patient comfort.
  • Suitable for all quandrants.
  • Suitable for use with all restorative materials.
  • Suitable for use with wedges and rubber dams.

Direction for Use :-

  • Before use, adjust the toggle to suit the mouth quadrant in which the Pro-Matrix is being used.The toggle should be positioned closest to the gum-line to ensure the correct fit around the tooth.
  • Fit the band around the tooth and tighten by turning the thumbscrew clockwise. Do not over-tightend.
  • Apply wedges and shape the band using a suitable burnishing tool if required.
  • Perform restoration using normal clinical procedure.
  • To remove the band, first loosen it by turning the handle 2-3 turns anticlockwise.
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Main Ingredient Calcium Hydroxide Based

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