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Bego Blue Inlay Wax Bego 70g

Bego Blue Inlay Wax Bego 70g
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Bego Blue Inlay Wax Bego 70g come in Medium hard, colour: dentin, packed in 70 g tin



Bego Blue Inlay Wax Bego 70g come in Medium hard, packed in 70 g tin

  • Hard and medium-hard wax compositions in blue, dark blue, grey and dentine ensure optimum waxing of all types of crowns
  • Colour preferences and facilitate customised contouring can be easily provided by three shades
  • The balanced shrinkage of BEGO crown and bridge waxes is reduced to a minimum by the selective use of high-quality raw

materials and rigorous production management

  • BEGO crown wax is particularly suitable for waxing up with either an open flame or an electric wax knife
  • Both waxes (medium-hard/hard) have ideal carving properties and solidify quickly, enabling them to be applied very quickly.

The choice of version depends essentially on the technician’s preference, the ambient conditions (room temperature) and the

stability required when removing the model or when investing

  • BEGO crown waxes can also be used for inlays thanks to their working characteristics
  • The solidification point of medium hard crown wax is approx. 60 °C
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Colour Of Wax Blue
Hardness of Wax Hard

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