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Biodinamica Attaque Gel

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Biodinamica Attaque Gel

37% Phosphoric Acid, used as Enamel Etchent

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ATTAQUE GEL Biodinamica

37% Ortho Phosphoric Acid

The 37% Orthophosforic Acid used for 15 to 30 seconds, is the most efficient and used way to attack dentin or enamel. The use in dentin promotes a fast and total smear layer removal, opening the extremities of the tubules, allowing the resin to penetrate easily; besides, the fact of calcium and phosphate ions, present in dentin and in dentine fluids, are able to react with ortho phosphoric acid. They neutralize its toxicant effect on dentin. Therefore, it promotes an increase of micro-mechanical retention and decreases the marginal micro-leakage. The coloring of ATTAQUE GEL allows a perfect visualization where to apply it, avoiding any risk of conditioning in other areas. Its viscosity allows a precise placement of the gel.


3 syringes with 3g  of Attaque Gel + acessories;
40 packs with 3 syringes with 3g of ATTAQUE GEL;
120 applicator nozzles.


  • Blue color for perfect viewing on application and removal;
  • Adequate viscosity, no runoff to undesirable areas;
  • Silica free: leaves no trace of silica, which prevents the penetration of the primer;
  • Soluble in water, easy to remove after conditioning.


37% Orthophosforic Acid; Methylparaben; Blue Deying (Cl42015); Thickening and Deionized Water.


For etching enamel and dentin, allowing better retention of composite material used in restorat


  • The 37% Orthophosforic Acid used for 15 to 30 seconds, is the most efficient and used way to attack dentin or enamel.
  • Removes smear layer fast.
  • Neutralizes the toxic effect.
  • Great Viscosity.
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3 x 3gm Syringes with 3g of ATTAQUE GEL

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