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DMG Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement 6gm Intro Kit

DMG Vitique Intro Kit
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  • Mixing time Vitique Silane : 15 sec.
  • Response time Vitique Silane : 10 sec.
  • Work-in time TECO : 20 sec.
  • Light-curing TECO : 10 sec.
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DMG Vitique Intro Kit

Vitique is a premium resin cement developed especially to enhance the production of perfect veneers. This high quality cement offers several innovations unmatched by other veneer cements such as; superior color stability for long lasting beautiful veneers; consistent ability to reflect the shade of the veneer and facilitate the natural transparency of the tooth; optimum flow characteristics allowing for uncomplicated placement of the thinnest veneer. Vitique’s lack of sensitivity to ambient light allows for relaxed, stress-free placement of multiple veneers

The Ultimate Veneer Cementation System Only Vitique®, the dental industry's premier esthetic veneer cementation system, comes with the unparalleled Color Command™ system. Thanks to its unique proprietary formulation, Vitique's 8 try-in and permanent cement shades are perfectly matched. So the shade you see with the try-in is exactly what you get in the permanent restoration! Application is just as precise, with your choice of two advanced systems: For light cure, use the unique "ribbon" tip that perfectly fits the veneer for fast, precise placement. When dual cure is required for posterior teeth, use our exceptionally fast, automix Cata-Lock(tm) system. Discover what the world's top esthetic dentists already know: there's only one way to be absolutely sure of the final shade of a restoration - use Vitique

Vitique Try-In: Using the Vitique Try-In pastes, the final shade in the mouth can be accurately simulated and the correct shade of Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement can be determined.

Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement: Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement is a highly esthetic composite luting cement. Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement is light-curing and X-ray opaque


Vitique Try-In

  • Pyrogenic silicic acid, pigments in water-soluble polyglycol matrix.

Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement

  • Barium glass in a Bis-GMA based matrix from dental resins, additives, catalysts.
  • Filler content: 66.6% by weight = 46 by vol. (0.02 to 3.0 μm)k.

DMG Etching Gel

  • o-phosphoric acid in water (37%), pyrogenic silicic acid.

Vitique Silane

  • Silane, water, ethanol, phosphoric acid, additives.


  • Bis-GMA based hydrophilic and acid resin matrix, starter, additives.


  • Do not use Vitique Veneer Cementation System in the case of known allergies to one of the ingredients.
  • Do not apply Vitique Silane to exposed dentine or enamel
  • Use TECO only after etching the tooth substance beforehand
  • Do not use TECO and Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement directly on exposed pulp. If necessary, use suitable pulp protection
  • Do not use Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement if a dry working area on the prepared tooth is not possible. DMG recommends the use of a rubber dam.


  • Mixing time Vitique Silane : 15 sec
  • Response time Vitique Silane : 10 sec
  • Response time DMG Etching Gel : Enamel: 20 – 60 sec Dentine: max. 15 sec
  • Work-in time TECO : 20 sec
  • Light-curing TECO : 10 sec
  • Light-curing for removal of excess Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement : 1 – 3 sec
  • Light-curing Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement : 40 sec. per side.


  • After removing the temporary prosthesis, clean the prepared core with fluoride-free polishing paste; in doing so, remove residues of the temporary cementation material, rinse, and dry with oil-free air. Try in the restoration
  • The cement shade is selected prior to placing the rubber dam. The shade of the luting cement is determined using the Vitique Try-In paste by applying it on the fitting surface of the veneer. If correcting the selected shade of the cement, the core and preparation are to be cleaned with water and the try-in is to be repeated with a suitable shade
  • Remove the restoration. Clean restoration and prepared tooth thoroughly with water spray. Note: Any residues of the Vitique Try-In paste can impair the permanent cementation of the restoration.
  • Ensure that the restoration has been pretreated by the manufacturer (e.g., etching the silicate ceramic with hydrofluoric acid)
  • Dry the etched ceramic with oil-free air. Mix 1 to 2 drops of Vitique Silane Adhesive and Vitique Silane Activator in a 1:1 ratio for 15 sec. Immediately apply a thin layer and leave on for 10 sec. Then carefully blow with a light stream of air.
  • The use of a rubber dam to isolate the working area is recommended. Apply DMG Etching Gel to the prepared tooth; in doing so, start in the enamel and spread to the dentine. The response time is 20 to 60 sec on the enamel and 15 sec on the dentine. Rinse the etched areas for 15 s with water and dry with oil-free air. Do not over-dry the dentine. An even, moist layer should remain on the pre-treated dentine
  • Work the TECO bonding agent generously into the conditioned tooth substance for 20 sec using a microbrush, remove any excess present, and carefully blow using oil-free air until an evenly moist surface remains. Then light-cure for 10 sec with a suitable light unit
  • Apply Vitique Esthetic Resin Cement with the veneer tip in the fitting surface of the restoration without leaving any bubbles. Position the restoration accurately on the prepared tooth using gentle pressure.
  • Remove large amounts of excess material using suitable instruments. In the case of very fragile veneer edges, the excess is carefully removed with a brush or dental gauze in the direction of the gingiva. Note: Excess material can be light-cured for 1 to 3 sec using a suitable light unit and can thus be removed more easily
  • Allow each side to harden for 40 sec. Please note that the exposure time depends on the light intensity of the polymerization device used (follow manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Remove excess cured material carefully using suitable instruments and then polish the edges using suitable polishing tips
  • Check restoration for correct occlusal contacts and adjust these, if necessary
  • Mirror-finish polishing of the edges of the restoration can be done with a polishing paste using polishing cups or discs.


  • 3 x 6g Syringes Esthetic Resin Cement ( Shades A2.5 Shade B1 Shade TR ).
  • 3 x 3.9g Syringes Try-In Paste ( Shades A2.5 Shade B1 Shade TR ).
  • 50 x Veneer Tips.
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Return Policy N/A
Type Of Cement Resin Cement
Type of Curing In Cement Dual Cure
Cement Dispensing Form Automix Syringe
Shade of Cement Not Specified
Company Of Cement N/A

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