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Dentbay EMI Options

The EMI payment facility will give customers the flexibility of making staggered payments in a suitable timeframe while buying products - mainly high-value merchandise. The customers can currently choose to pay for their desired products and services with 3 months, 6 months, 9 Months, 12 Months, 18 Months & 24 Months EMI options.

EMI will be available for customers of the banks listed below: 


IndusInd Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank, Central Bank Of India, Corporation Bank, Standard Charted Bank, Ratnakar Bank Limited



The Bank charges annual interest rates (as shown below) according to the reducing monthly balance. In the monthly reducing cycle, the principal is reduced with every EMI and the interest is calculated on the balance outstanding.

How do I make a payment using Dentbay.com credit/debit card EMI option?

Once you've added the desired items into your cart, proceed to checkout as usual. Please note that the credit card EMI option is available only when the cart contains items above INR 3000.

When prompted to choose a 'Payment Option', select 'Credit Card/Debit Card (EMI)'. Choose the bank and plan (3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 -month) of your choice and enter your credit card/debit card details. Once the payment is authorized, your order will be processed and shipped. You will need to pay the total amount, in the pre-determined number of instalments, as per your credit card billing cycles.

The minimum order value (cart value) to avail the EMI payment option is INR 3,000.


Please note that the charges given below are bank interest rates that may change any time and Dentbay has no control over it.

You may check with the respective bank/issuer on how a cancellation, refund or pre-closure could affect the EMI terms, and what interest charges would be levied on you for the same.


MONTHS ICICI Bank AXIS Bank Indusland Bank Central Bank Of India HSBC Bank KOTAK Bank Standard Charted Bank Ratnakar Bank Corporation Bank
3 Months 13.00 %p.a 12.00 %p.a 14.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a 12.50 %p.a 12.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a
6 Months 13.00 %p.a 12.00 %p.a 14.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a 12.50 %p.a 12.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a 16.00 %p.a
9 Months 13.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a 14.00 %p.a 14.00 %p.a 13.50 %p.a 14.00 %p.a 14.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a
12 Months 13.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a 14.00 %p.a 14.00 %p.a 13.50 %p.a 14.00 %p.a 14.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a 18.00 %p.a
18 Months 13.50 %p.a 15.00 %p.a 15.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a
24 Months 15.00 %p.a 15.00 %p.a 13.00 %p.a 18.00 %p.a


3 Months 13.00 %p.a
6 Months 13.00 %p.a
9 Months 13.00 %p.a
12 Months 15.00 %p.a
24 Months 15.00 %p.a

If you have any queries about the EMI plan, we suggest you get in touch with your bank. 

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