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  1. Chinese Contra Angle Handpiece
    Special Price ₹1,599.00 was ₹1,999.00 As low as ₹1,450.00
    • Intended for dental clinical treatment and prevention.
    • Suitable for any E-type headpiece accords with ISO standard.
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  2. NSK Ti-Max X-SG65L Optical Surgical Straight Handpiece
    Special Price ₹51,999.00 was ₹59,999.00
    • CELLULAR GLASS OPTICS Cellular Glass Optic delivers brilliant illumination, is highly durable and will not deteriorate due to repeated sterilisation.
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  3. W&H Alegra TE 95 Airotor Handpiece
    Special Price ₹9,450.00 was ₹11,000.00
    • Ceramic ball bearings in Alegra turbine handpieces guarantee vibration-free and quiet operation.And ensure an extremely long service life.
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  4. Oro Platinum Airotor
    Special Price ₹3,699.00 was ₹4,699.00
    • Titanium plated body.
    • Ceramic bearing.
    • Give less sensation to hand.
    • Open cartridge.
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  5. Kavo Straight Handpiece 500
    Special Price ₹8,950.00 was ₹10,260.00 As low as ₹8,900.00
    • You can reach even anatomically difficult regions with ideally guided burs. All KaVo dental surgical handpieces are easily dismantled and have a reinforced bur chuck system, spray clip for external cooling.
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  6. Kavo Handpiece Lubricant Spray Without Nozzle
    Special Price ₹1,150.00 was ₹1,299.00
    • The Kavo Spray system helps your daily surgery routine without environmental damage.
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  7. Vishal Dentocare Lubricare Spray
    Special Price ₹425.00 was ₹450.00
    • Vishal Dentocare Lubricare Spray
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  8. Neelkanth Safe Spray (Lubricating And Cleaning Spray)
    • Unique formulation with cleaning and lubricating property.
    • Ideal for high speed turbines.
    • Works at high temperature.
    • Instant Cooling.
    • Ensures long life of hand piece.
    • Metal Spray Bottle of 450 ml.
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  9. Allure Airotor Handpiece Cartridge Push Button
    Special Price ₹2,323.00 was ₹2,351.00
    • Ergonomically designed for easy operation and servicing. Flexibility of various control combinations & custom design.
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  10. Airotor 4 to 2 Hole Changer Adapter
    • The new high quality dental parts,Handpiece Tubing Adapter,which is the important part of dental handpiece.
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  11. Ashoosons API Airotor Push Button Standard Head
    Special Price ₹4,399.00 was ₹5,100.00
    • Ashoosons API Airotor Push Button Standard Head.
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  12. Apple Dent LED Airrotor Handpiece
    Special Price ₹4,199.00 was ₹8,500.00 As low as ₹3,999.00
    • E-generator LED& handpiece.
    • Silver& cartridge.
    • Professional&LED&light& source,superior& brightness&longevity 10000 hours.
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  13. Tornado Super Torque Air Rotor Hand Piece Chuck Type
    Special Price ₹2,825.00 was ₹3,699.00

    Speed 350,000 - 430,000 RPM Light weight Chuck Type

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  14. Marathon Straight Handpiece ES6
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 was ₹6,000.00
    • Marathon ES6 is the worlds best selling Staright Dental Handpiece. It is well accepted for its precision and reliability.It is an autoclable handpiece.
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  15. Woodpecker Airotor Handpiece Antaeus – Wrench Type
    Special Price ₹2,750.00 was ₹3,931.00
    • Drop Resistant – head of the handpiece is made of Stainless Steel, cartridge won’t be damaged after vertically dropping from a height of 1 meter.
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  16. Being Foshan Mini Head Airotor Handpiece (Bur Chuck Type)
    Special Price ₹2,675.00 was ₹4,500.00 As low as ₹2,650.00
    • This Mini-Head Handpiece with Bur Chuck Type by BEING FOSHAN is a Light Weight regular handpiece with generic features for convenient use.
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