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  1. Kavo ET605C Airotor Handpiece Push Button SS Bearing
    Special Price ₹8,499.00 was ₹9,720.00
    • High-speed handpiece used during dental procedures, usually to remove decay and shape tooth structure prior to the insertion of a filling or crown
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  2. Being Foshan Straight Handpiece
    Special Price ₹2,475.00 was ₹4,500.00 As low as ₹2,450.00
    • Being Foshan Straight Handpiece is a low speed dental handpiece used in dental procedures. 
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  3. Airotor 4 to 2 Hole Changer Adapter
    • The new high quality dental parts,Handpiece Tubing Adapter,which is the important part of dental handpiece.
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  4. Tornado Mini Head Airotor Handpiece Chuck Type
    Special Price ₹2,999.00 was ₹3,500.00

    Speed 3,00000-400,000 RPM High Torque Light Weight Push Button

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  5. Denext Flow Lubrico Oil Spray
    Special Price ₹275.00 was ₹300.00
    • Ergonomic design, light body easy to carry.
    • When operating, use mini push button. contra-angle handpiece to coordinate the machine files.
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  6. NSK M25- Internal Spray Contra H/P
    Special Price ₹17,000.00 was ₹19,000.00

    M25- Internal Spray Contra H/P- 40,000 RPM

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  7. Kavo ET506C Ceramic Bearing Push Button Airotor Handpiece
    Special Price ₹10,999.00 was ₹13,750.00
    • Triple Spray
    • Ceramic bearings.
    • Coupling Borden.
    • Drill exchange system: press-button (PB).
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  8. Oro Gold Airotor Handpiece
    Special Price ₹2,450.00 was ₹3,400.00
    • Air rotor handpiece wih ceramic bearing.
    • Oro Gold Airotor are available in six variants. Oro Mini Head Gold Airotor - Push Button Oro Mini Head Gold Airotor - Chuck Type Oro Push Button Gold Airotor - SuperTorque Oro Push Button Gold Airotor - Standard Oro Gold Airotor - Super Torque Oro Gold Airotor - Standard.
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  9. W&H Handpiece Lubricant Spray Oil F1 Spray
    Special Price ₹1,099.00 was ₹1,100.00
    • Excellent lubrication – longer life for your instruments.
    • Sterilization resistant.
    • Physiologically sound and environmentally compatible.
    • High material compatibility.
    • Enormously economical.
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  10. Prime Dental Allure Airotor Handpiece Push Button Type
    Special Price ₹3,499.00 was ₹3,999.00

    Allure Handpiece is an airotor handpiece used for various dental procedures.

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  11. NSK Ti-Max X-SG65L Optical Surgical Straight Handpiece
    Special Price ₹51,999.00 was ₹59,999.00
    • CELLULAR GLASS OPTICS Cellular Glass Optic delivers brilliant illumination, is highly durable and will not deteriorate due to repeated sterilisation.
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  12. W&H AM-20BC Airmotor
    Special Price ₹10,050.00 was ₹15,000.00

    The W&H air motors are characterized by high motor power and a long lifespan.
    Power can be controlled smoothly in both forward and reverse drive. 

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  13. Dentex Airrotor Handpiece
    • Dentex Airotor has 2 hole system with ceramic bearing. The Airotor comes with a push button and has air pressure of 0.25-0.3 Mpa. 
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  14. Marathon Straight Handpiece ES6
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 was ₹6,000.00
    • Marathon ES6 is the worlds best selling Staright Dental Handpiece. It is well accepted for its precision and reliability.It is an autoclable handpiece.
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  15. Kavo Straight Handpiece 500
    Special Price ₹9,100.00 was ₹9,700.00
    • You can reach even anatomically difficult regions with ideally guided burs. All KaVo dental surgical handpieces are easily dismantled and have a reinforced bur chuck system, spray clip for external cooling.
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  16. Being Foshan Chuck Type Airotor Handpiece
    Special Price ₹2,599.00 was ₹4,500.00
    • BEING airotor handpiece with WRENCH type is a dental high speed handpiece that is used to carry out dental procedures.
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