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  1. DPI Chromatex Chromatic Alginate Impression Material Powder
    Special Price ₹248.00 was ₹310.00 As low as ₹235.00
    • A satin textured, micro cellular Alginate powder. Lead free Excellent dimensional stability, fine reprodution. Pleasant and acceptable flavour. 
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  2. DPI x-ray Iopa Film
    Special Price ₹1,990.00 was ₹2,640.00
    • This dental radiographic film is a double-emulsion high speed non screen X-rayfilm (ISO Class E) with a high contrast and fine grain
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  3. DPI Pinnacle Impression Compound
    Special Price ₹133.00 was ₹145.00
    • An impression material suitable for prelimary as well as snap impressions.
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  4. DPI Zinc Phosphate Cement
    Special Price ₹788.00 was ₹808.00
    • DPI Zinc Phosphate Cement is high performance zinc phosphate cement.
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  5. DPI Heat Cure Denture Resin Material Universal Pack
    Special Price ₹699.00 was ₹730.00
      • Heat cured acrylic denture base material.
      • Simple mixing, easy to process.
      • Variety of shades (pink, translucent, veined, light veined, special pink, clear).
      • Choice of normal or quick cure times.
      • Cross linking ensures superior quality.
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  6. Dpi Luting Cement
    Special Price ₹1,058.00 was ₹1,330.00
    • DPI Luting Cement is Type I glass ionomer white luting cement.
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  7. DPI Zinc Oxide Powder
    Special Price ₹86.00 was ₹100.00
    • A chemically pure, arsenic free material popular for its fine quality as the best grade is used.
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  8. DPI Tooth Conditioner Etching Gel
    Special Price ₹134.00 was ₹170.00
    • A blue coloured Phosphoric Acid gel formulation for acid-etching enamel before bonding / filling prepared cavities.
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  9. Dpi Restorative Cement
    • DPI Restorative Type II cement is specially fabricated glass ionomer cements available in A2, A3 Shades and powder,liquid form.
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  10. DPI Silver Amalgam Alloy
    Special Price ₹1,850.00 was ₹2,250.00
    • Fine grain lathe cut.
    • Quaternary silver filling alloy.
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  11. DPI AlphaPlac Two Tone Disclosing Dye
    Special Price ₹135.00 was ₹155.00
    • It is a two color disclosing solution to locate old plaque (stained blue) and new plaque (stained pink). Used for prophylactic treatment.
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  12. DPI Modelling Wax
    Special Price ₹125.00 was ₹155.00
    • A uniform Modelling Wax with excellent working qualities and outstanding cohesive properties.
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  13. Bosworth Superbite Bite Registration Standard Kit 0921815
    • Non-slump; great reproduction
    • Utilizes ZOE
    • Do not use for implants
    • Two component system
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  14. DPI Photosil Addition Silicone Putty & Light Body Refills
    Special Price ₹666.00 was ₹800.00
    • Photosil Soft Putty by DPI is an addition silicone elastomeric impression material used to make precision dental impressions for extra-orally fabricated prostheses.
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  15. DPI Kalsogen
    • Effective insulation under cements and amalgams against thermal change and irritation. 
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  16. DPI Glass Ionomer Universal Liquid
    Special Price ₹360.00 was ₹500.00
    • DPI Glass Ionomer Universal Liquid can be used with any available DPI GI cement except with DPI Luting Cement powder.
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  17. DPI Green Stick Impression Compound
    Special Price ₹170.00 was ₹205.00
    • Green sticks are thermoplastic impression compound sticks for functional and relining impressions and as useful space maintainer. For border extension on impression trays.
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  18. DPI RR Cold Cure Resin Material Labortary Pack
    Special Price ₹799.00 was ₹835.00
    • A cold cure self polymerizing acrylic material suitable for all types of repairs to acrylic dentures.
    • Working time of 4 minutes.
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  19. Dpi Silver Reinforced Cement
    • DPI Silver Reinforced Cement is high compressive strength micro glass which is reinforced with silver alloy. 
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  20. DPI Impression Paste For Edentulous Ridge
    Special Price ₹435.00 was ₹555.00
    • A Zinc Oxide - Eugenol impression material.
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  21. DPI Mercury
    Special Price ₹466.00 was ₹480.00
    • Recommended for preparing superior dental amalgam in combination with either of the Fine Grains in powder form.
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  22. DPI Varnish
    Special Price ₹114.00 was ₹140.00
    • Quick drying protective liner over restorations during primary hardening period.
    • It is used as a lining for shallow cavities under silicate cements.
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  23. DPI Silver Alloy 30 Gm Non Gamma
    Special Price ₹1,670.00 was ₹1,885.00
    • All posterior restorations and any restoration where aesthetics is not a prime consideration.
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