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  1. TehnoDent Iodotin
    Special Price ₹799.00 was ₹1,500.00
    • Strong and prolonged bactericidal effect.
    • High radiopacity.
    • Easy to use and highly effective.
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  2. Tehnodent Ftor-Lux
    Special Price ₹1,414.00 was ₹1,466.00
    • Fluoride varnish FTOR-LUX is used for fluoride treatment and remineralization of the dentine and enamel
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  3. TehnoDent Rootdent
    Special Price ₹10,820.00 was ₹12,000.00
    • Hardens in presence of moisture and blood.
    • Controlled setting time.
    • High mechanical resistance.
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  4. TehnoDent Edetale Gel
    Special Price ₹410.00 was ₹450.00
    • Detection and formation of root canals orifice.
    • Lubricating dental instruments at chemical and mechanical enlargement of root canals.
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  5. TehnoDent Aqua-Cem
    Special Price ₹1,666.00 was ₹1,900.00
    • Single crowns and bridgework fixation.
    • Primary teeth filling.
    • Filling of teeth to be covered by crowns.
    • Cement base for filling materials.
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  6. TehnoDent Iodotin Paste Calcium Hydroxide Paste With Iodoform
    Special Price ₹825.00 was ₹900.00
    • For treatmentof pulpitis and all forms of periodontitis.
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  7. TehnoDent Eugetin
    Special Price ₹1,699.00 was ₹1,900.00
    • Filling prepared root canals using gutta-percha points.
    • Filling root canals in particular medical cases without gutta-percha points.
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  8. TehnoDent Calcetin Endo
    Special Price ₹495.00 was ₹540.00
    • Irreversible pulpitis.
    • Conservative treatment of all forms of chronic periodontitis.
    • Apexification and apexogenesis.
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  9. TehnoDent Polyacrylin-Conditioner
    Special Price ₹744.00 was ₹840.00
    • Conditioning of the surface improves adhesion on 30% and ion exchange between tooth structure and glass-ionomer cement.
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  10. TehnoDent Cresotin Liquid No.2
    Special Price ₹1,333.00 was ₹1,500.00
    • Strong antiseptic action.
    • Pervasive mummification properties.
    • Complete sterilization of teeth root canals.
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  11. TehnoDent Poliren Polishing Paste No.2
    Special Price ₹755.00 was ₹900.00
    • Treatment of the enamel before teeth restoration or whitening, before fissure sealing
    • Soft plaque removal.
    • Prevention of caries.
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  12. TehnoDent Hemostop
    Special Price ₹799.00 was ₹900.00
    • Gingival capillary bleeding.
    • Gingival leakage.
    • Gingival retraction for impression taking and cervical caries treatment.
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  13. TehnoDent Iodotin Syringe Calcium Hydroxide With Iodoform
    Special Price ₹755.00 was ₹900.00
    • The paste is easily removed from the canals if necessary.
    • Stimulates hard tissue formation on apex level.
    • High radiopacity.
    • Ultrathin dispensing tips (0.52 mm with a gauge 22).
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  14. TehnoDent Tempodent Temoprary Filling Material
    Special Price ₹249.00 was ₹270.00
    • Based on zinc oxide, zinc sulphate.
    • Tempodent, temporary tooth filling material, proved to be efficient.
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  15. TehnoDent Epoxidin
    Special Price ₹2,199.00 was ₹2,400.00
    • Filling teeth root canals using gutta-percha points, as well as silver and titanium posts.
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  16. TehnoDent Devital
    Special Price ₹1,099.00 was ₹1,200.00
    • Safe pulp devitalization.
    • Prolonged effect.
    • Painlessness of a procedure.
    • Effective pulp necrosis without arsenic.
    • Applicable for dentistry and paedodontics.
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