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  1. Pyrax Base Plate
    Special Price ₹116.00 was ₹223.00
    • Easy to manipulate and retains stable shape after heating.
    • It does not stick to plater cast.
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  2. Pyrax Straight Hand Pieces
    Special Price ₹3,300.00 was ₹5,000.00
    • Pyrax Straight Hand Pieces
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  3. Pyrax Hot Mounting: Normal Set Acrylic Resin
    Special Price ₹783.26 was ₹850.00
    • Hot Mounting is ideal when the requirements are high preparation quality, uniform size and shape, and short process times.
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  4. Pyrax HAEMOGEL Forte
    Special Price ₹280.00 was ₹450.00
    • Haemogel is used to treat carvical caries for prophylaxy purpose and for treating root canals in case of apical bleeding.
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  5. Pyrax Polycarboxylate Cement
    Special Price ₹305.00 was ₹700.00
    • Polycarboxylate cement is used in temporary fillings and fillings of deciduous teeth.
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  6. Pyrax Gold Post
    Special Price ₹2,989.18 was ₹6,000.00
    • A screw a mesial and distal canals gives a good anchorage.
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  7. Pyrax Cavity Fill ( Non Gamma II )
    Special Price ₹650.00 was ₹700.00
    • Excellent compressive strength.
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  8. Pyrax Zinc Oxide
    Special Price ₹107.00 was ₹126.00
    • Mixed with Eugenol liquid, Zinc Oxide is used as temporary cement.
    • Zinc Oxide Powder provides temporary fixation of crowns & bridges.
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  9. Pyrax Lactodent (Acrylic Teeth) - Set of 6 Teeths (20 strips/box)
    Special Price ₹480.00 was ₹700.00
    • Superior grade hardness and resistance to abrasion. 
    • Suitable for total, partial and skeletal dental prosthesis. 
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  10. Pyrax Cavibond - Zinc Oxide Eugenol Temporary Cement
    Special Price ₹132.00 was ₹325.00
    • Cavibond is a polymer reinforced Zinc oxide €"Eugenol cement for temporary restorations.
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  11. Pyrax Iodoform Powder
    Special Price ₹281.00 was ₹500.00
    • Used as a theropeatic pad for regeneration of traumatic and inflamed pulp in case of pulpitis.
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  12. Pyrax X-Ray Fixer (226 ml)
    Special Price ₹132.00 was ₹150.00
    • Remove the unexposed, unenergized silver halide crystals from the film emulsion. -Hardens the film emulsion during the process.
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  13. Pyrax Modelling Wax
    Special Price ₹97.00 was ₹153.00
    • Pyrex Modelling wax is an all season multiutility wax.
    • It allows carving without chippin.
    • Shelf life : 36 months.
    • Colors : Light Pink/ Dark pink , Light Red/ Dark Red.
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  14. Pyrax Cold Mounting Normal Set Acrylic Resin
    Special Price ₹760.00 was ₹800.00
    • Cold mounting materials are used to encapsulate samples that cannot withstand the heat and pressure of compression mounting
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  15. Pyrax Mercury
    Special Price ₹413.00 was ₹500.00
    • Dental Grade
    • Chemically purified.
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  16. Pyrax Copper Amalgam
    • Used in permanent restoration of class III, Class V and small fillings.
    • Does not become black after filling.
    • Zinc free material having high compressive strength.
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