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  1. Pyrax Modelling Wax
    Special Price ₹97.00 was ₹153.00
    • Pyrex Modelling wax is an all season multiutility wax.
    • It allows carving without chippin.
    • Shelf life : 36 months.
    • Colors : Light Pink/ Dark pink , Light Red/ Dark Red.
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  2. Pyrax Cold Mounting Normal Set Acrylic Resin
    Special Price ₹760.00 was ₹800.00
    • Cold mounting materials are used to encapsulate samples that cannot withstand the heat and pressure of compression mounting
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  3. Pyrax Mercury
    Special Price ₹413.00 was ₹500.00
    • Dental Grade
    • Chemically purified.
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  4. Pyrax Type 2 Glass Ionomer Cement
    Special Price ₹445.00 was ₹1,000.00

    Pyrax Glass Ionomer Cement Type II

    GIC 2 has radiopaque glass powder and organic polymer liquid, it offers strong adhesion to enamel and dentine with high compressive strength.

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  5. Pyrax Impression Paste
    Special Price ₹433.00 was ₹566.00
    • The material is complete hard when set and the resulting impression can be taken in and out of the mouth repeatedly, giving an opportunity to test for stability and tissue absorption.
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  6. Pyrax Relief Oil
    Special Price ₹99.00 was ₹138.00
    • Use in case of painful tooth to bring prolonged relief.
    • Used as pulp & root filling material for painful third molar flap.
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  7. Pyrax Aloysil (Fine Grain Silver)
    Special Price ₹792.00 was ₹1,100.00
    • Easy carving and excellent polish.
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  8. Pyrax CAVI PAC Calcium Hydroxide
    Special Price ₹55.00 was ₹65.00
    • Pyrax Cavi Pac used for pulp capping.
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  9. Pyrax Imported Carbide Trimmer
    Special Price ₹124.00 was ₹200.00
    • Made of superior grade, tungsten carbide steel for optimal cutting performance, with razor sharp flutes for smooth milling action.
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  10. Pyrax Developer And Fixer Solution
    Special Price ₹159.00 was ₹170.00
    • Developer & Fixer specially packed for dental x-ray films.
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  11. Pyrax Fit Fix
    Special Price ₹200.00 was ₹310.00
    • It ensures trouble free working of denture.
    • Flavoured adhesive with strong adhesion.
    • Non toxic.
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  12. Pyrax SS Bracket
    Special Price ₹371.00 was ₹800.00
    • Fostered with a team of highly experienced professionals, we are offering our clients an assortment of superior quality Stainless Steel Brackets. 
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  13. Pyrax Laboratory Pack (Self Cure Denture Base Acrylic Material)
    Special Price ₹627.00 was ₹769.00
    • High quality denture base material for repairing dentures and carrying out additions or relining. A normal working time denture and repair Cross-linked acrylic resin:

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  14. Pyrax CALCI Paste ( Calcium Hydroxide Iodoform paste)
    • CALCI paste help treat infected root canals,caries as well as deep seated gingival pockets.
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  15. Pyrax P DEVIT Jar
    Special Price ₹500.00 was ₹850.00
    • Pulp devitalization is combined with sterilization procedure excluding pulp extirpation &preventing pain.
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  16. Pyrax Flexible Denture Cartridge
    Special Price ₹578.00 was ₹780.00
    • Flexible, soft, easy to finish and easy to polish.
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