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  1. Dentsply M Access H Files 25mm
    Special Price ₹245.00 was ₹305.00
    • The Hedstroem cross section is cylindrical.
    • Hedstroem files are highly efficient at removing dentine when used in a filing motion.
    • The recommended motion of action is referred to as the withdrawal stroke as it cuts in an upward motion.
    • It is particularly useful with retreatment cases.
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  2. Dentsply SmartCem 2 Self-adhesive Cement_Introductory kit
    Special Price ₹7,948.00 was ₹8,448.00

    SmartCem®2 Self-Adhesive Cement is a two-component, dual-cure, high-strength self-adhesive cement which contains fluoride.

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  3. Dentsply Gutta Percha Point 6 Percent
    Special Price ₹249.00 was ₹335.00
    • For all warm or cold obturations.
    • The high quality level of our gutta-percha points offers you the precision required for optimal obturation results.
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  4. Dentsply X Gates
    Special Price ₹3,299.00 was ₹3,570.00
    • This Gates combines with efficiency and simplicity all the advantages of Gates 1-4. Use the X-Gates with a brush cutting action at 800-1000rpm.
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  5. Dentsply Heat Carrier Plugger
    Special Price ₹4,499.00 was ₹4,540.00
    • These Heat Carrier Pluggers have been machined from a special heat sink stainless steel and are angled inwards for easy insertion. They are to be used for the vertical condensation technique.
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  6. Dentsply Endo Z Bur Tungsten Carbide Bur
    Special Price ₹449.00 was ₹514.00 As low as ₹430.00
    • Endo-Z Bur The Endo-Z’s long tapered configuration allows easy access to the canal orifices and funnel shaping of the chamber walls. It’s six specially designed tungsten-carbide spiral blades but cleanly while lifting debris coronally along it’s flutes. The non-cutting tip helps prevent damage to the chamber floor or walls.
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  7. Dentsply EndoActivator System Kit
    • Fluid activation, in well-shaped canals, plays an important role in debridement and disinfection of the root canal system. The EndoActivator is designed to safely and vigorously energize intracanal irrigants during Endodontic treatment. 
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  8. Dentsply Smartcem 2 Cement Refill
    Special Price ₹7,560.00 was ₹7,765.00
    • Self-adhesive with one of the highest bond strengths on the market, eliminating the need for a separate bonding step, saving you time.
    • Very low moisture solubility and expansion, helping reduce patient sensitivity.
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  9. Dentsply Esthet X Flow Flowable Composite
    Special Price ₹1,770.00 was ₹1,930.00
    • Esthet-X Flow utilizes a proprietary formulation with pseudoplastic handlingthat enables it to stack immediately as it's placed into a Class V prep.
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  10. Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty Only
    Special Price ₹4,225.00 was ₹5,790.00 As low as ₹4,199.00
    • The first and only hydrophilic putty/wash system.
    • Performs in a moist environment.
    • Quick, easy putty blending.
    • Superb detail reproduction.
    • Excellent readability, high contrast colors.
    • High flow, Smart Wetting wash material.
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  11. Dentsply SDR Eco Refill Pack
    Special Price ₹12,999.00 was ₹15,305.00
    • SDR is a self-leveling, fluid composite that requires no instrumentation (even in maxillary cases), and provides excellent cavity adaption.
    • SDR has low Polymerisation Stress (shrinkage stress) allowing for filling up to 4mm in one cure, to then be overlayed with a methacrylate based universal posterior composite for replacing missing occlusal or facial enamel.
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  12. Dentsply Glyde EDTA Gel
    Special Price ₹1,825.00 was ₹2,110.00 As low as ₹1,750.00
    • 10% carbamide peroxide, 15% EDTA.
    • In conjunction with NaOCl, its effervescing action lifts dentinal shavings and debris for efficient removal.
    • Disposable tip eliminates the possibility of cross contamination by dispensing a clean, single dose.
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  13. Dentsply X-Smart Plus (Endodontic Motor)
    • X-Smart Plus 6:1 contra angle.
    • X-Smart Plus AC Adapter.
    • X-Smart Plus Motor Hand Piece.
    • X-Smart Plus Hand Piece Stand.
    • X-Smart Battery.
    • X-Smart Spray Nozzle for F-Type contra-angle.
    • X-Smart Cleaning Adaptor.
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  14. Dentsply K File NITI Flex 25mm Flexible Files For Curved Canals
    Special Price ₹790.00 was ₹900.00 As low as ₹780.00
    • The NiTi K-file has one cutting edge with a 90° angle, with its unique spiral design flutes which it successively increase in depth and length from tip to handle.
    • Specially designed for curved root canals with flexibility, durability, and cutting ability.
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  15. Dentsply Protaper Rotary Files Refill Pack
    Special Price ₹2,199.00 was ₹2,450.00
    • Nickel Titanium rotary files.
    • Unique multiple taper design.
    • Easy, Fast and Efficient shaping of root canal.
    • Only one instrument sequence for most cases.
    • Easy to remember colour coded protocol.
    • High cutting efficiency.
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