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  1. Pulpdent Embrace Opaquer Refills For masking Out metals & Discolored tooth surfaces.
    Special Price ₹2,279.00 was ₹2,280.00
    • Embrace Opaquers enjoy all the advantages of Embrace resin technology and behave favorably in the moist oral environment.
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  2. Shofu Beautifil II Kit
    Special Price ₹6,999.00 was ₹7,500.00
    • Restorative material that contains the modified S-PRG fillers designed for a variety of anterior and posterior restorations.
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  3. NSK Ultra Sonic Scaler VA 570 LUXEU

    Twin LED  delivers natural daylight quality light bringing significant advantages to the way you work Clearer LEDs generate natural daylight quality.

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  4. Coltene Hyflex CM Rotary Files
    Special Price ₹2,599.00 was ₹3,308.00
    • HyFlex™ Controlled Memory NiTi Files have been manufactured utilizing a unique process that controls the material’s memory.
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  5. Prevest Denpro UltraBloc VLC Resin For Blockout
    Special Price ₹660.00 was ₹750.00
    • For creating reservoir space for bleaching trays.
    • Blocking out undercuts.
    • For laboratory mock-up on models.
    • Other laboratory procedures.
    • Single component material blocks out defects and undercuts on the model quickly, precisely and securely.
    • Simple application with no sticking to instruments.
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  6. Denext Vaccum Forming Machine
    Special Price ₹9,500.00 was ₹10,500.00
  7. Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler UDS P
    Special Price ₹9,450.00 was ₹10,500.00
      • Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and performs more steadily.
      • The handpiece is detachable and can be autoclaved to the high temperature of 135? and the pressure of 0.22MPa. 
      • Digitally controlled, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.
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  8. Unique Dents Columbia jaw set

    They are also extremely useful for practitioners as patient education models

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  9. API Diamond Burs Flat Cone Shaped / TR
    Special Price ₹263.00 was ₹375.00
    • Fine quality Diamond Burs.
    • Efficient cutting.
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  10. Gc Diapolisher Polishing Paste
    Special Price ₹2,145.00 was ₹2,200.00
    • Superfine diamond particles (1μm) offering the highest effectiveness in a short time.
    • Perfect glossy surface for beautiful result.
    • Ideal surface smoothness, effective in avoiding plaque attachment and discoloration.
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  11. Shree Beggs Weldable Tubes 100/pk

    The tube has accurate length on inside of tube and perfect internal diameter. 

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  12. API Chisel
    Special Price ₹245.00 was ₹350.00

    API Chisel

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  13. API Semi Automatic Crown Remover

    Used in the treatment of fractures of the jaws and their supporting structures and in the stabilization of injured teeth.

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  14. Angelus Peso Drill Individual Pack Of 6
    Special Price ₹450.00 was ₹500.00
    • Angelus Peso Drill Individual Pack Of 6
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  15. API Hospital Pattern Root Elevators Set of 3
    Special Price ₹909.00 was ₹1,299.00
    • Ashoosons API Root Elevators Set Of 3 Hospital Pattern.
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  16. Navadha Mini Matt
    Special Price ₹1,166.00 was ₹1,242.00
    • Holds and organizes insturments during procedures and sterilization
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  17. Shivam Industries Zinc Polycarboxylate Cement
    Special Price ₹425.00 was ₹470.00
    • This cement builds on the proven performance of Zinc Polycarboxylate Cements.
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  18. Ammdent PC Seal Polycarboxylate Cement
    Special Price ₹595.00 was ₹688.00 As low as ₹575.00
    • P C SEAL (Poly Carboxylate Cement ) use for fixation and lining. Fixation of metal metallo porcelain or composite veneered inlays ,on lays .crown and bridges. 
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  19. Pyrax Lactodent Teeth Full Set
    Special Price ₹104.00 was ₹159.00
    • Lactodent are Single layered, single shaded and cross – linked teeth.
    • The shades of Dental Acrylic Teeth Lactodent are fade resistant against aging.
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  20. Anabond Restofill N Flo Flowable Composite
    Special Price ₹1,175.00 was ₹1,210.00
    • Nanohybrid Flowable Light Cure Radiopaque Composite in shades of A2, A3.
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  21. Veecare Universal Scissor - EB-120-12

    Designed with precision, Compact design and easy to handle made up of very high-quality materials

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  22. Sure Endo Suredent Sure Cord Plus Retraction Cord
    Special Price ₹795.00 was ₹1,100.00 As low as ₹740.00
    • Accurate impression
    • Lint free
    • Rapid retraction
    • Stable structure
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  23. API Finger Plugger 21mm
    Special Price ₹245.00 was ₹350.00
    • Finger pluggers have a flat tip and a 2/100 taper and are used for lateral and vertical condensation.
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  24. API Light Cure i5
    Special Price ₹5,950.00 was ₹8,500.00
    • 330-360 Degree Rotary Head
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  25. GDC Lower Molars Pedo Extraction Forcep Standard (FX2CS)
    Special Price ₹750.00 was ₹938.00


    Lower Molars, peedo Used for dental extraction (also referred to as tooth extraction, exodontia or exodontics): the removal of teeth from the dental alveolus (socket) in the alveolar bone.


    6 Months Rust Free Warranty

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  26. Denext Australian Wire/AJ Willcock Wire
    Special Price ₹1,100.00 was ₹1,540.00
    • Denext Australian Wire/Aj Willcock Wire
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  27. Oro Gold Airotor Handpiece
    Special Price ₹2,450.00 was ₹3,400.00
    • Air rotor handpiece wih ceramic bearing.
    • Oro Gold Airotor are available in six variants. Oro Mini Head Gold Airotor - Push Button Oro Mini Head Gold Airotor - Chuck Type Oro Push Button Gold Airotor - SuperTorque Oro Push Button Gold Airotor - Standard Oro Gold Airotor - Super Torque Oro Gold Airotor - Standard.
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  28. API Airrotor Handpiece - Standard Head - Chuck Type
    Special Price ₹3,599.00 was ₹4,200.00 As low as ₹3,499.00

    API Airrotor H/P – Standard Head - Chuck

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  29. TehnoDent Calcetin – Cavity Liner Paste
    Special Price ₹305.00 was ₹360.00
    • Direct and indirect pulp capping.
    • Traumatic, acute serous and chronic fibrous pulpitis.
    • Apexification and apexogenesis.
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  30. Neelkanth Hivac Suction Tip
    • Autoclavable high vaccum suction tips to be used for suction of heavy volumes at great speed.
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  31. GDC Contrangle Handpiece
    Special Price ₹6,270.00 was ₹8,360.00 As low as ₹2,175.00
    • Contra angle latch type with anti-heating safety system, this can reduce the risk of burning your patients by your instruments.
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  32. GDC Frazier Metal Suction Tip For Disimpaction (ASPFR8)

    Tube attached to a suction system and manipulated by the surgeon for the evacuation (suctioning) of blood, fluids, and other tissue debris from the surgical site during a general or plastic surgical procedure.

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  33. Samit Denture Polishing Cake
    Special Price ₹65.00 was ₹120.00
    • Used to polish denture after the final step
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  34. API Orthodontic Bracket Holding Tweezer
    Special Price ₹298.00 was ₹425.00
    • Ashoosons API Orthodontic Bracket Holding Tweezer.
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  35. Navadha Tooth Note Pad

    Navadha Tooth Note Pad

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  36. Dentsply Protaper Gold Heat Treated Rotary Files With Rs 250 Cash Back
    Special Price ₹2,550.00 was ₹2,950.00
    • Enhanced Metallurgy (ProTaper GOLD).
    • Multiple Changing Tapers over each File's Cutting Blades.
    • Convex Triangular Cross Section.
    • Progressively Changing Helical Angle and Pitch.
    • Variable Tip Diameters.
    • Modified Guiding Tip.
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  37. Navadha Matrix Dispenser
    Special Price ₹1,717.00 was ₹2,021.00

    Allows Matrix to be contoured (U-shape) as it dispenses

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  38. Prevest Endoseal Root Canal Obturation Cement
    Special Price ₹575.00 was ₹745.00 As low as ₹499.00
    • Endoseal is radiopaque, non-resorbable paste for the permanent obturation of the root canal.
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  39. Top Dent Anterior Band Remover
    Special Price ₹1,812.00 was ₹2,049.00
    • Top Dent Anterior Band Remover
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  40. Woodpecker D5 Scaler Tips
    • Woodpecker D5 Scaler Tips
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  41. API Forceps Adult #235

    API Forceps Adult #235

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  42. Prevest DenPro Orafil LC-Light Cured
    Special Price ₹320.00 was ₹350.00

    Orafil Lc is a light curing, ready to use temporary filling material which remain elastic after curing and can be easily removed in one place

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  43. GC Examix
    Special Price ₹2,438.00 was ₹2,488.00
    • EXAMIX NDS is an advanced, addition reaction (platinum catalyzed) Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) impression material that demonstrates outstanding physical properties.
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  44. NSK Cartridge for S MAX 500L Mini Head (SXMU03) Handpiece
    • NSK Cartridge for S MAX 500L Mini Head (SXMU03) Handpiece
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  45. NSK Surgic AP Intelligent Implant Motor Physiodispenser
    • Compact and programmable, it possesses all the resources necessary for a specific work. 
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  46. NSK TI-Max X450L Handpiece

    Water Spray - Triple Water Jet

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  47. GC Equia Forte GIC Capsule
    Special Price ₹7,690.00 was ₹7,700.00
    • EQUIA Forte™ is a complete glass ionomer based, bulk-fill, rapid restorative system, that is easy to use and very quick to place.
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  48. Prevest Denpro Isolate Seperating Medium
    • For painting the plaster of the muffle before pressing the meth-acrylate resins.
    • Isolating film to prevent the resin from sticking to the plaster.
    • Prevents denture from sticking to stone during acrylic processing.
    • Uniform film thickness permits closer adaptation of acrylic resin to model.
    • Prevents distortion in fitting of acrylic resin Pink Color Emulsion.
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  49. SS White Great White Z Diamond Kit
    • Specialty shapes for slot crown removal technique, endodontic access and adjustment procedures.
    • Friction grip shank configuration.
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  50. Angelus Exacto Intro Kit Glass fiber Post
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 was ₹6,100.00
    • Greater radiopacity.
    • Standardized burs with inactive tip.
    • High concentration of fibers.
    • Special glass fiber.
    • Double taper.
    • Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin´s .
    • Silicone stop. 
    • Direct use (prefabricated).
    • Longitudinal fibers.
    • Versatility of sizes.
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  51. Veecare Probe EJ-006-16

    Veecare Probe EJ-006-16

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  52. Denext Flow Led Airotor Handpiece Push Button
    Special Price ₹2,999.00 was ₹3,500.00
    • Stainless steel.
    • Corrosion Resistance.
    • Easy to use.
    • Excellent finish.
    • Durability.
    • Easy to grip.
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  53. Strauss FG Diamond Burs Round 012 6/pk - A1 / BR-46
    • A complete range of top quality Electro Plated FG diamond Burs – All color coded and 100% controlled
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  54. Top Dent Physics Forceps Posterior (Set Of 4)
    • Top Dent Physics Forceps Posterior (Set Of 4)
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  55. Samit Glass Slab 7.5cm X 15cm X 12mm
    Special Price ₹40.00 was ₹80.00
    • Glass slab is used to mix the constituents of the cement together in a proper way and to get a flat surface to mix on.
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  56. Dentsply Colorinox Maillefer H Files 25mm
    Special Price ₹374.00 was ₹389.00
    • Dentsply Maillefer Colorinox H Files - Stainless Steel Hand Files.
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  57. Carestream (Kodak) Intraoral Occlusal Film
    Special Price ₹3,300.00 was ₹3,550.00
    • Carestream (Kodak) Intraoral Occlusal Film.
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  58. Shofu Endo Sterilization Bur Box
    • ENDO STATION is Aluminium Organizer for Endodontic Instruments Designed for Autoclaving Endodontic Instruments ( Made in Shofu )
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  59. Ammdent Cavlaq Cavity Liner
    Special Price ₹149.00 was ₹193.00
    • Cavlaq use for cavity lining. It is Alcohol BasedIts available in 30 ml
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  60. Pyrax Super Torque Push Button High Speed Handpiece
    • High speed handpiece is composed by cover component, impeller component and main unit.
    • Low noise, high reliability.
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  61. NSK MPAS F20 R Head For Using Apex Locator With Endomotor
    Special Price ₹15,000.00 was ₹16,000.00
    • Offered NSK MPAS head is equipped with built in probe ring which enable the dentist to use Apex Locator with the Endo-mate TC2, DT and AT systems.
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  62. API Typodont Teeth Individual F3 / B561
    Special Price ₹50.00 was ₹60.00

    API Typodont Teeth Individual F3 / B561

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