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  1. GDC Crimpable Hook Placement (TC Tip) Plier (3000/2)
    Special Price ₹2,309.00 was ₹2,948.00
    • Crimpable hook Pliers have a V-notch in the beak that greatly assists holding and compressing our small Crimpable hooks. Pliers have the Never-Mar finish.
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  2. Eltee Weingart Plier Small - US-010
    • Carefully tapered beaks fit easily between brackets and are rounded for safety and comfort. 
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  3. Shree Adams Plier - SHP23
    • For making Adams clasps. Holds up to 0.7mm wire. The tips of the beak are 1MM square.
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  4. Neelkanth Composite Polishing Kit
    • Designed for finishing & polishing of all types of composites. 12 Pcs. assorted of Fine, Medium & Coarse Polishing Heads.
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  5. Strauss FG Diamond Burs Round 009 6/pk - A0 / BR-45
    • A complete range of top quality Electro Plated FG diamond Burs – All color coded and 100% controlled
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  6. Ivoclar Vivadent OptraGate Promo Pack For Isolation
    Special Price ₹1,499.00 was ₹1,781.00
    • Lips and cheeks are evenly retracted around the mouth.
    • Easily accessible, manageable treatment field.
    • Effective and quick relative isolation.
    • Relaxed and more efficient treatment procedure.
    • Easy placement.
    • Increased concentration on the actual treatment procedure.
    • Relieves the work of the dental assistant and dentist.
    • High patient comfort of wear.
    • 3-dimensional flexibility for a very good positioning .
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  7. Captain Ortho 3D Retractor
    • Dental Orthodontic Intraoral Mouth Cheek Lip Retractor.
    • Plastic retractor that helps give you an unobstructed view of the oral cavity.
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  8. Dentsply Protaper Rotary Files Refill Pack
    Special Price ₹2,199.00 was ₹2,450.00
    • Nickel Titanium rotary files.
    • Unique multiple taper design.
    • Easy, Fast and Efficient shaping of root canal.
    • Only one instrument sequence for most cases.
    • Easy to remember colour coded protocol.
    • High cutting efficiency.
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  9. Scheu George Gauge Bite Fork 5 mm Large
    • For simple and precise registration of occlusion in snoring therapy and orthodontics. Bite fixation is adjusted by 2 or 5 mm bite fork.
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  10. Kerr Sybron Endo K Files 21 Mm
    Special Price ₹210.00 was ₹245.00
    • Stainless Steel Endo Handfile.
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  11. Neelkanth Rings Of Sectional Matrix System
    Special Price ₹350.00 was ₹399.00
    • The Ring has exceptional qualities of strength and resilience to produce perfect, tight contacts.
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  12. Prevest Denpro Self Lute Resin Based Luting Cement Intro Kit
    Special Price ₹1,440.00 was ₹1,800.00
    • Cementation of indirect restorations (inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, posts) made of:
    • Metal and metal ceramics.
    • AII-ceramics.
    • Composites.
    • Exceptional handling, especially with excess cement removal Durability and reliability with all indirect restorations.
    • High bond strength and excellent marginal sealing Low Solubility.
    • Simple to use, self adhesive, no primers, silane or bonding agents needed.
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  13. PDT Dental Wingrove Titanium "Go-To" Implant Scaler 5pc Set R900
    • The R900 set comes in the PDT 5 FlipTop™ Cassette and includes three specifically designed Wingrove™ titanium instruments to meet all implant maintenance needs, a ceramic stone for sharpening, and UNC 12 plastic perio probe. The titanium curettes are designed for safe, effective removal of calculus under Hader bars, exposed implant threads, implant crown and bridge, as well as fixed or removable prostheses. 
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  14. GDC Root Elevators Lindo Levian Straight - (2.5X5MM) Standard (LLS3 )
    Special Price ₹364.00 was ₹500.00 As low as ₹340.00
    • GDC Root Elevators Lindo Levian Straight - (2.5X5MM) Standard (LLS3 )
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  15. Denext Zero Degree NiTi Spreader
    Special Price ₹350.00 was ₹500.00
    • High quality international standard medical nickel titanium alloy.
    • More flexible.
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  16. GDC Bruening Retractor (TRB)
    Special Price ₹553.00 was ₹760.00
    • Used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips and tongue away from the surgical area.
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