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  1. Voco Polofil NHT Kit Light Curing Nano Hybrid Composite
    Special Price ₹9,200.00 was ₹9,500.00
    • Reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors.
    • Facetting of discoloured anteriors.
    • Correction of shape and shade for better aesthetic appearance.
    • Locking, splinting of loose anteriors.
    • Repairing veneers.
    • Filling deciduous teeth.
    • Core-build-up under crowns.
    • Composite inlays.
    • High filler degree (> 83 % w/w).
    • Superior physical properties.
    • Tooth-like thermal behaviour.
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  2. Coltene Swisstec Composite Refill Syringe
    Special Price ₹645.00 was ₹950.00
    • SwissTEC Composite is a syringeable, sculptable, radiopaque, highly filled fine hybrid composite which is cured in the tooth cavity or on the model with visible halogen light (Coltène® ColTolux).
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  3. Prevest Denpro Self Comp-Micro Fine Hybrid Composite
    Special Price ₹2,199.00 was ₹2,500.00

    Fusion Self Comp is a self-cured micro fine hybrid composite with high filler loading (filler content > 80%) which imparts high compressive strength to the material.

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  4. SDI Luna Universal Composite Refill Syringe
    Special Price ₹625.00 was ₹900.00
    • The ideal universal composite for your daily anterior and posterior restoration challenges. 
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  5. SDI Wave Refill Syringe - 1g - A1
    Special Price ₹425.00 was ₹550.00 As low as ₹400.00
    • Wave is a fluoride releasing flowable radiopaque light cured composite. Wave is directly injected into the cavity preparation for accurate and fast access into all the preparation recesses, providing cavity adaptation.
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  6. Prevest Denpro Fusion Universal-Nano Hybrid

    Fusion Universal is visible light cured, radiopaque highly filled, nano filled hybrid composite restorative material for all cavity classes of anterior and posterior teeth.

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