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  1. GDC Periotome P4 (Type #4 Handle)
    Special Price ₹693.00 was ₹700.00

    Periotomes are dental instruments used to cut periodontal ligaments for atraumatic tooth extractions and dental implant placement. 

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  2. GDC Crown & Band Cutting Scissor- Curved-12CM (SCGC)
    Special Price ₹383.00 was ₹510.00

    CROWN AND BAND CUTTING SCISSOR used for metal bands only.

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  3. GDC Luxtors Luxatips Set Of 7 With Cassette (LWC7)

    Luxatip white Cassette includes below given instruments:-

    • L2S
    • L3S
    • L3C
    • LC1C
    • L3CA
    • L5S
    • L5C
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  4. GDC Buck Knife #6
    Special Price ₹1,485.00 was ₹1,980.00
    • GDC Buck Knife #6
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  5. GDC Scissors Castroviejo - Curved (12CM) (S33)
    Special Price ₹900.00 was ₹1,125.00
    • Scissors unique design features allow extremely smooth cutting of fine and coarse tissue with reduced trauma.
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  6. GDC Scissors Micro Iris - Straight (S26)
    Special Price ₹300.00 was ₹375.00

    Micro iris scissor used for different purposes, such as cutting of the gums, sutures or bandages.

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  7. GDC Periotomes Hollow Set Of 3 Handle-5mm (PTS3)
    Special Price ₹1,500.00 was ₹1,875.00

    To use a periotome, place the blade of the instrument down into the sulcus, severing the PDL.  Lift the blade out of the sulcus, and repeat the process, moving circumferentially around the tooth.  This will sever the PDL except for where it connects at the most apical part of the tooth.  Afterward, use a periosteal elevator and extraction forceps in the usual manner.

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  8. GDC Surgical Instruments Set 10 With Pouch (SISP10)
    Special Price ₹4,356.00 was ₹5,808.00

    Surgical Instruments includes below given instruments:-

    • B.P Handle 10-130-5em
    • Needle Holder Mayo Hegar NHMH
    • Artery Forceps
    • Iris Scissor Straight S17
    • Iris Scissor Curved S18
    • Moon Probe P13M
    • Surgical Curette Lucas
    • Bone Rongeurs
    • Periosteal Elevator P9
    • Bone File Miller
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  9. GDC Luxatips Set Of 7 With Cassette Grey (LGWC7)
    Special Price ₹17,600.00 was ₹22,000.00 As low as ₹12,750.00

    The tip is curved and rounded and may be straight or angled in a small or large size

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    Special Price ₹2,000.00 was ₹2,500.00
    • Iris Curved standard scissors with 1 blade used for trimming tissue or cutting sutures.
    • Originally designed for ophthalmic procedures, Iris Scissors have become a multipurpose instrument used in various surgical environments. These fine, sharp scissors are ideal for detailed dissection of fine tissue and fine suture removal. In addition to ophthalmic procedures, Iris Scissors are now often used in emergency rooms and for OB/GYN and dermatologic procedures. This product is curved with smooth, sharp/sharp tips .
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  11. GDC Spencer Scissors For Suture Cutting-13CM (S13L)
    Special Price ₹237.00 was ₹308.00
    • SPENCER /Littauer Stitch suture cutting scissors are primarily used for suture removal.
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