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  1. Eltee Smaha Needle Holder Mini Straight - US-020
    • Sturdy, rounded tips designed for twisting ligature wire. Also strong enough for inserting arch wires. 
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  2. Eltee Ligature Cutter Straight - WC-007
    • Length -17 cm
    • Width - 5 cm
    • Weight - 64 gms
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  3. Woodpecker UDS A Scaler
    Special Price ₹10,999.00 was ₹12,500.00
    • Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and performs more steadily.
    • The handpiece is detachable and can be autoclaved to the high temperature of 135°C and the pressure of 0.22MPa.
    • Digitally controlled, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.
    • Power input 110V~ 50Hz/60Hz
    • 220 - 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz.
    • Main unit input 24V~ l.3A.
    • Output power 3W ~ 20W.
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  4. Eltee Bird Beak Plier With Serrations - WF-001
    • This is specially designed plier used to bend & make loops in wire. Capacity: Round wires upto .028". Ajw Wires Upto .020".
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  5. J Morita TriAuto Mini Endomotor
    Special Price ₹73,687.00 was ₹74,500.00 As low as ₹72,000.00

    Automatic controls and settings

    The TriAuto mini offers automatic controls for speed, rotation direction and torque that significantly increase the accuracy and safety of root canal treatment.

    • Rotation Direction: Forward and Reverse
    • Torque Reverse: 9 Torque Reverse settings
    • Auto Controls: Auto Torque Reverse and Auto Torque Slow-down
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  6. Woodpecker Woodpex 5 Plus Apex Locator (1 Hossam ROTARY File FREE)
    Special Price ₹11,490.00 was ₹14,500.00 As low as ₹10,750.00
    • Clinical data matching, accuracy rate has been improved to 97.71%
    • Upgraded chip, real time response. The sensitivity has been improved to double.
    • Inovative algorithm, multi-frequency measurement & anti-interference.
    • LCD Screen, the trajectory of the file can be clearly shown with different colors.
    • Multi-frequency apical positioning technology,
    • avoiding the influence of subjective factors for measurment results.
    • Measurment results will not be affected by tooth type,
    • Root canal internal environment.
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  7. NSK NLX Nano Brushless Fiber Optic Micromotor
    Special Price ₹87,500.00 was ₹89,000.00

    The NLX Nanosystem combines user-friendly ergonomic design with lightweight titanium

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  8. Unicorn Denmart Star Dental Chair With Led Light
    Special Price ₹128,000.00 was ₹132,000.00

    STAR - Dental Chair with Led light

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  9. NSK Varios 970 Non-Optic Piezon Scaler
    Special Price ₹73,000.00 was ₹78,000.00

    Varios 970(Non-Optic Piezon Scaler with Double IRRIGATION Bottle

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