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  1. NEELKANTH Fluosol
    • Fluoride solution for prevention of dental caries and treatment of hyperaesthesia of dentine.

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  2. Neelkanth Talc Dusting Powder
    • Talc based gloves powder to be used by surgeon.
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  3. Neelkanth Safe Spray (Lubricating And Cleaning Spray)
    • Unique formulation with cleaning and lubricating property.
    • Ideal for high speed turbines.
    • Works at high temperature.
    • Instant Cooling.
    • Ensures long life of hand piece.
    • Metal Spray Bottle of 450 ml.
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  4. NEELKANTH Camphor Monochlorophenol
    • A low irritating antiseptic and bactericidal agent containing camphor and p-chlorophenol. Used in treatment of infected root canal and periapical infections.
    • Contains two antiseptic agents effective in the disinfection of root canal.
    • Low irritation properties and incidence of apical reaction is low.
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  5. Neelkanth Dental Irrigation Needle 26 Gauge
    Special Price ₹525.00 was ₹550.00
    • Easily Bendable to the desired angle.
    • Used for endodontic irrigation.
    • Metal Hub.
    • These needles are autoclavable.
    • These needles are reuseables.
    • These needles can be chemiclaved.
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  6. NEELKANTH Cavisept
    • 2% Chlorhexidene Gluconate Gel. Designed for endodontic disinfection purpose. It gives an additional advantage of powerful antibacterial action.
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  7. Neelkanth Remix 2 In 1
    • Remix 2in1 irrigation solution is a single solution used as a final rinse after bleach for one-step smear layer removal and disinfection.
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  8. Neelkanth 3 Way Aspirating Tips
    • Disposable 3 way aspirating tips for covering the 3 way syringe tips.
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  9. Neelkanth Dental Cotton Rolls 1000PCS
    Special Price ₹420.00 was ₹500.00
    • Non Sterile, Sterlizable in Steam, Autoclave, Hyrophylic Cotton Rolls. (Pack of 1000 Rolls).
    • Highly Absorbent.
    • Premium Quality.
    • Available In Both 8 Mm And 10 Mm.
    • Standard Length Of 37 Mm.
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  10. Neelkanth Amalgam Squeezer
    Special Price ₹25.00 was ₹35.00 As low as ₹22.00
    • Nylon mesh of size 4"x4" for filtering of Amalgam. 200 Mesh.

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  11. Neelkanth Plier For Sectional Matrix System
    Special Price ₹1,550.00 was ₹1,600.00
    • Plier for holding & expanding the ring of sectional matrix system.
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  12. Neelkanth Cold Mould Seal Seperating Media
    • When applied to plaster or stone, it seals the pores and forms a smooth surface that gives excellent separation of the denture from the mould. 
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  13. NEELKANTH Disposable Patient Apron
    • Made from Medical grade Spunbond fabric of 40GSM with medical grade PE layer fused on the other side to avoid spillage of saliva and blood on patients cloth.
    • Maintains hygiene.
    • Highly absorbable fabric.
    • Tie type mechanism on the back.
    • Front pockets for collection of waste.
    • Hand stitched.
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  14. Neelkanth Calcium Hydroxide Powder
    • Chemically pure pharma grade high purity calcium hydroxide use in dentistry.
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  15. Neelkanth Rubber Dam Kit
    Special Price ₹5,450.00 was ₹5,999.00
    • Ainsworth Punch, Stocke's Plier, Young's Frame & 8 different clamps (No. 27, 4, 12A, 212, 3, 8A, 13A, 00).
    • This rubber dam kit is made of non-magnetic steel packed in a plastic suitcase pack.
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  16. Neelkanth Composite Instrument Kit
    • Titanium nitrate coated composite polishing kit of 8 Pcs.
    • Different tips for easy shaping and filling of composite material.
    • Available in steel casette.
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  17. Neelkanth XRay Film View Metal Developer Box
    Special Price ₹2,499.00 was ₹2,999.00
    • Develop Diagnostic X-rays in the operating or any convenient location in less than one minute Ruby Red Filter permits good visibility & will safely develop x-rays under normal light.
    • Manufactured by durable metal sheet.
    • Contains 3 food grade containers.
    • Powder Coated.
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  18. NEELKANTH Dental X-RAY Holder
    • For Both anterior and Posterior X Rays holding the film securely. Helps to standardize Bisecting angle technique.
    • Plastic X-RAY holders both autoclavable and non-autoclavable.
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  19. Neelkanth Septa Drill
    • Enzyme based cleaning solution for clearing drills, burs etc.
    • It aids in proteolysis alongowith degradation of bacteria & debris.
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  20. Neelkanth Mesh Ball
    • Made up of stainless steel mesh. Ideal for holding burs, files, brackets and other small instruments during chemic laving or ultrasonic cleaning.
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  21. Neelkanth Tray Solve
    • Cleaning formulation for impression trays to remove alginates, stone plaster, etc. by simple immersion followed by simple rinsing with water.
    • No scrubbing required.
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  22. Bosworth Superbite Bite Registration Standard Kit 0921815
    • Non-slump; great reproduction
    • Utilizes ZOE
    • Do not use for implants
    • Two component system
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  23. Neelkanth Painkill
    Special Price ₹90.00 was ₹125.00
    • Analgesic, Antiseptic and soothing agent for quick relief from pain. Contain Oil of Cloves, Phenol, Menthol and Thymol.
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  24. Neelkanth Etching Liquid
    • A blue tinted 37% silica free clear semi gel for use on enamel and dentine.
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  25. Neelkanth Optisafe - Normal
    • All Round Impact Protection.
    • Distortion Free Lens.
    • Fits all faces with snug to prevent slippage.
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  26. Neelkanth Crown & Bridge Remover
    Special Price ₹2,350.00 was ₹2,450.00 As low as ₹2,250.00
    • The spring powered Automatic Crown Remover from Neelkanth removes all temporary and most permanent restorations easily by generating a quick tap on the crown margin.
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  27. Neelkanth Matrix Band No 8 Pack of 4
    • Made of pure stainless steel of Medical grade.
    • These matrix band are dead soft.
    • Antomically shaped for great results.
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  28. NEELKANTH Prophylactic Paste
    • Fluoride containing medium grit, mint flavoured prophylactic paste for finishing of scaling, elimination of colouration due to tobacco or food and fine polishing of fillings.
    • Made with original pumice scrubs.
    • Available in mint and lemon flavour.
    • For polishing teeth post scaling and for removal of tartar and debris.
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  29. Neelkanth Rubber Cups
    • Prophy rubber cups for polishing of teeth along with prophylaxis paste.
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  30. Neelkanth Ortho Plier Stand
    • Stainless steel ortho plier stand with attractive tooth shaped stand & rigid highly durable steel rods.
    • Standard size, non corrosive and durable.
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  31. NEELKANTH Propulp
    • Paste for pulp devitalizing. Composition :Paraformaldehyde 46%, Lignocaine Hydrochloride 37%, excipient ad 100% for painless pulp devitalization.
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  32. Neelkanth Safe Plus Copal Varnish
    Special Price ₹84.00 was ₹85.00 As low as ₹82.00
    • Protective copal resin based varnish for insulation of exposed pulp of dentine, even for those tissues that are injured by pathological or iatrogenic reasons.
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  33. Neelkanth Wooden Hammer
    • Wooden Hammer for deflasking.
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  34. NEELKANTH Desobturator (Resin Remover)
    • It is an effective formula for removal of Gutta Percha from Root Canal.
    • It dissolves the resin quickly in a substantial manner.
    • Removes up to 86 % of GP from root canal at once.
    • The unique d-limonene content with resin benzoin and and DMF helps the easy removal.
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  35. NEELKANTH Dental X-RAY Clip
    • SS X-ray clips with high tension spring & curved point (for protection of X-ray film) for ideal developing & fixing of dental X-ray films.
    • Ideal pinch for holding X-RAYS While Developing.
    • High grade nickle coated metal.
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  36. Neelkanth Elastic Wedges
    • Neelkanth elastic wedges are fast, simple and reliable.Provides complete gingival margin adaptation and seal.
    • Simultaneously wedges from both buccal and lingual is compatible with all inter-proximal matrix systems.
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  37. Neelkanth Dental Dam Sheet
    • Latex, Mint Flavoured, Blue Coloured, Lightly Powdered Dental Dam Sheets.
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  38. Neelkanth Finishing And Polishing Strips
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹650.00
    • Assorted 75 Strips for gross reduction, contouring, finishing & polishing.
    • Ultra thin and easy to use. Great for contouring and polishing interproximal surfaces of composite restorations.
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  39. Neelkanth Glass Fiber Post 1mm
    • These posts are extremely solid, long-living and flexible.
    • The material transmits light easily and is very radiocontrast.
    • Most applicable for aesthetic tooth restoration Glass fiber usage allows to minimize stress & shock to dentine.
    • (Size : 1.0 mm & 1.2mm).
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  40. Neelkanth Patient Examination Kit
    • Disposable patient apron for protection from spill during the treatment.
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  41. NEELKANTH Glare
    • Glare helps in cleaning and shaping of the canal. Its constituents are EDTA & Carbamide-peroxide. It softens the dentine thus makes it ease for the files to enlarge the canal along with its antibacterial property & lubrication of the canal.
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  42. Neelkanth Table Cover
    • Cashment cotton. Standard size - 13" x 18".
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  43. Neelkanth Composite Polishing Kit
    • Designed for finishing & polishing of all types of composites. 12 Pcs. assorted of Fine, Medium & Coarse Polishing Heads.
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  44. Neelkanth Chip Blower With Nozzle
    • Rubber chip blower with brass nozzle.
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  45. Neelkanth Bur Holder 24 Holes
    • Neelkanth Bur Holder is available in various sizes. 24 holes, 60 Holes, 7 holes or 12 holes.
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  46. NEELKANTH Endo Block
    • Endo Measuring Block.
    • Accurately Measures The Working Length Upto 0.5Mm.
    • Autoclavable Plastic.
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