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  1. AQUASOL Water Descaling Unit By Dentistra HealthCare
    Special Price ₹6,799.00 was ₹7,000.00

    1.NSF and ISO  certified product.
    2.Water filtration alongwith LIMESCALE,CORROSSION,RUST & BLOCKAGE Removing ability.
    3. No more filter required.

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  2. Anabond Microgard Handrub Solution
    Special Price ₹415.00 was ₹439.00
    • Eliminates all hand microbes including MRSA,VRE,Protozoa, Fungi & Viruses.
    • Effective in the presence of organic matter.
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  3. Topdent Endo Ring
    Special Price ₹199.00 was ₹250.00
    • Top Dent Endo Ring
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  4. Kerr Sybronendo Tip Snip Gutta Percha Cutter Gauge Wheel Preorder
    • Dental Sybronendo Tip Snip Gutta Percha Cutter Gauge Wheel Endo apex size
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  5. Neelkanth Tissue Paper Dispenser
    Special Price ₹368.00 was ₹495.00 As low as ₹350.00
    • Desk Mounting, Superior Quality, Acrylic Tissue Paper Dispenser.
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  6. API Amalgam Carrier Well
    Special Price ₹980.00 was ₹1,100.00
    • Ashoosons API Amalgam Well.
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  7. Coltene Putty Cutting Knife
    Special Price ₹1,925.00 was ₹2,283.00
    • For scrapping putty impression before taking impression with light body.
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  8. Endo gauge 35mm Ruler By Denext
    Special Price ₹325.00 was ₹350.00
    • Designed to size a perfect master cone from any Gutta Percha Points.
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  9. Cement Mixing Pad 50 Sheets 2" * 2" Indian Made
    Special Price ₹58.00 was ₹80.00 As low as ₹45.00
    • Imported quality.
    • Anti- skid base.
    • Single use.
    • 50 Sheets
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  10. Ivoclar Vivadent OptraGate Promo Pack For Isolation
    Special Price ₹1,499.00 was ₹1,781.00
    • Lips and cheeks are evenly retracted around the mouth.
    • Easily accessible, manageable treatment field.
    • Effective and quick relative isolation.
    • Relaxed and more efficient treatment procedure.
    • Easy placement.
    • Increased concentration on the actual treatment procedure.
    • Relieves the work of the dental assistant and dentist.
    • High patient comfort of wear.
    • 3-dimensional flexibility for a very good positioning .
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  11. Dental Silicone Mouth Prop BIte Block 3 Size Set Latex Free
    Special Price ₹249.00 was ₹399.00
    • Comfortable and flexible plastic.
    • Resistant to high temperature 121C.
    • Idea for opening the upper and low arch, convenient for operating.
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  12. Capri Disposable Tray Tops
    Special Price ₹525.00 was ₹550.00
    • Covers entire instrument tray while greatly reducing the possibility of cross contamination.
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  13. TDV Fotoplus Composite Shaping Instrument
    • Great efforts have been made in the scientific odontological world in order to reduce one of the main factors that lead to failures in compounded resin Class II restorations
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  14. Capri Cotton Rolls
    • Capri Cotton rolls are made from 100% pure cotton non-sterile. Helically wound to retain absorbea fluids firmly without collapsing for total dryisolated field
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  15. ZHERMACK Alginate Measuring Scoop & Cylinder
    Special Price ₹60.00 was ₹99.00
    • ZHERMACK Alginate Measuring Scoop & Cylinder.
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  16. Capri Intra Oral Photographic Mirrors Plastic Including Occlusal Mirror
    Special Price ₹335.00 was ₹550.00
    • Ideal for use for intra-oral photography during implants and orthodontic treatments.
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