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  1. Dental IntraOral Camera Sleeves Preorder
    Special Price ₹499.00 was ₹899.00
    • High quality Disposable Intraoral Dental Camera Sheaths (Sleeves/Covers). All intraoral cameras require disposable sheaths to ensure proper hygiene and to protect against infectious disease.
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  2. Blossom Oats Nitrile Exam Gloves Extra Soft Gloves Made With Oatmeal
    Special Price ₹750.00 was ₹900.00
    • The composition of colloidal oatmeal contributes to its moisturizing, protective, cleansing, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.
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  3. Dentcare Dental Bibs Blue 50 Pieces
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹899.00 As low as ₹560.00
    • Paper Patient Bibs are commonly used in Clinics & Hospitals to protect the patient's clothing during check-up and Procedures.
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  4. Disposable PMT Set ABS Type (Probe,Mouth Mirror & Tweezer)

    ABS Coated Disposable PMT Set (Probe, Mouth Mirror & Tweezer)

    These disposable PMT set are ABS coated and comes in sterile packing, Mostly used in dental camps, hospitals and clinics where patients footfall is high.

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  5. Capri Face Wipes
    • Sleek, Transparent, Plasitc dispenser, Attaches to dental with adhesives tape.
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  6. Capri Mirror & Probe

    Probe with stainless steel pin edge. Cold Steriliable & Contains high quality imported front surface Mirror.

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  7. Oro Surgical Implant Consumable Kit
    Special Price ₹830.00 was ₹1,300.00 As low as ₹790.00
    • Designed to maximize efficiency and simpify surgical procedures, offer a range of surgical kits specially configured to meet every doctor's needs for virtually all clinical scenarios.
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  8. Disposable PMT Set With Tray & Bib (Probe,Mouth Mirror & Tweezer)
    • Disposable PMT Set With Tray & Bib (Probe,Mouth Mirror & Tweezer).
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  9. Indian Mackintosh Sheet
    • Superior Quality, Hand Washable, Long Lasting & Durable.
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  10. Oro Drinking Cup
    Special Price ₹99.00 was ₹125.00
    • The outside walls of the cups are embossed to provide sufficient grip and avoid the patient accidentally dropping the cup. Easily fits in ORO Drinking cup dispenser.
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  11. TPC Micro Applicator Fine/Superfine 100pcs
    Special Price ₹160.00 was ₹240.00 As low as ₹150.00
    • TPC Micro Applicator Fine/Superfine 100pcs per pack
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  12. Oro Saliva Ejectors (Suction Tips) 100/Pkt
    Special Price ₹199.00 was ₹260.00 As low as ₹180.00
    • Head bends to any angle.
    • Wide handle with webbing for better handling.
    • Non-linting fibers suitable for scrubbing.
    • Ease of reach in confined areas.
    • Disposable, to eliminate clean-ups and cross contamination.
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  13. Blossom Cotton Rolls USA Made
    Special Price ₹249.00 was ₹300.00 As low as ₹235.00
    • 100% pure quailty cotton long fibre
    • Non-sterile, Medium size #2
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  14. Capri Cotton Rolls
    • Capri Cotton rolls are made from 100% pure cotton non-sterile. Helically wound to retain absorbea fluids firmly without collapsing for total dryisolated field
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  15. Patient Drape
    Special Price ₹70.00 was ₹75.00 As low as ₹65.00
    • Patient Drapes Used in different hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers, these products provide protection against contamination.
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  16. Coltene Roeko Cotton Roll
    Special Price ₹299.00 was ₹450.00
    • Highly absorbent.
    • Soft and smooth.
    • Packed in plastic bags.
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  17. Oro Cotton Rolls 500 pcs
    Special Price ₹190.00 was ₹200.00

    Oro Cotton Rolls - 500 pcs

    • Super absorbent, non-sterile rolls made from 100% pure cotton.
    • Non-linting, soft texture.
    • Pliable and 20% more absorbent.
    • Different lengths and thicknesses to suit different procedures for achieving totally dry and isolated field.
    • Available in different lengths (sizes) and standard diameter.
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  18. Patient Bib With Tie DentaKraft
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹700.00
    • Patient Bib With Tie Dentacraft
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  19. Capri Cheek Dry Guard 200 Pack
    Special Price ₹230.00 was ₹300.00 As low as ₹225.00
    • Guards and retracts the tissues, isolates work area from secretion
    • Effectively covers parotid duct and contoured to fit inside the cheek.
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  20. Neelkanth Disposable Micro Applicator Tips
    Special Price ₹175.00 was ₹250.00
    • Neelkanth Disposable Micro Applicator Tips.
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  21. Oro Tie Back Dental Apron
    Special Price ₹610.00 was ₹850.00
    • The tissue is with good absorbing capacity and pattern is perfect to channnelize the water downward.
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  22. Oro Face Shield With Frames
    • ORO Face Shield Provides a full facial protection (nose, mouth, eyes) and an excellent optical view.
    • Both anti-fog treated and fluid resistant.
    • Protective shields are made of first quality transparent, environment friendly plastic.
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  23. Capri Cotton Balls

    Capri Cotton Balls are made of 100% pure cotton, To lock seal bag, grip lock strip on one end & slide to the other end to seal.

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  24. Goodwill Hemosponge 10x10x10 MM Absorbable Gelatin Sponge 32/pk
    • It is widely used for arresting the bleeding following tooth extraction. It may also be used in other oral surgeries and in areas where the small size of the sponge is an advantage, e.g., epistaxis.
    HEMOSPONGE is sterile, gelatin-based foam, intended for application to bleeding surfaces as haemostatic during surgery. It is fast, safe and effective haemostatic sponge having well established clinical safety profile. It effectively stops all kinds of oozing blood, faster than natural clotting process. HEMOSPONGE is manufactured from highly purified gelatin (collagen derivedprotein). It is biodegradable (metabolized by proteolytic enzymes) and completely absorbed in the body within 4-6 weeks. The product is gamma sterilized.
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  25. Cranberry Cyntex Latex Powder Free Examination Gloves

    Gloves enriched and micro-coated with USP Grade Lanolin and Vitamin E

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  26. B-Ostin HA 1 cc BoneGraft + Goodwill Hemosponge Pack of 32 Pcs (Combo Pack)
    Special Price ₹1,215.00 was ₹1,949.00
    • B-OstIN is synthetic biocompatible material composed of elements that occur naturally in the bone i.e hydroxapatite (HAP). 
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  27. Cranberry Zense Latex powder Free Examination Gloves

    Exclusive NuPoly technology which optimizes moist donning efficiency.

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  28. LD Cotton Balls 500/pk - LD-001
    • LD Cotton Balls are made of 100% pure cotton, absorbent and covered with cotton gauze. Provides comfort and pressure for fast action.
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  29. Green Guava Cotton Rolls pack of 1000
    • FDA approved edible gum used for bonding
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  30. Cologenesis Colo Plug Sterile Collagen Sponge
    Special Price ₹300.00 was ₹384.00
    • Colo Plug is a soft resorbable collagen Matrices engineered from highly purified Type-1 Collagen derived from Achilles tendon
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  31. Cranberry Zense Latex Powdered Examination Gloves

    Provides excellent tactile sensitivity, strength, and dexterity.

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  32. Cotton Buff
    Special Price ₹142.00 was ₹250.00
    • This is a new cotton buffing wheel The felt is dense and chemically treated Suitable for forming smooth flat surfaces with sharp corners.
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  33. Green Guava Applicator Tips
    • Carries most of the material forward
    • Does not leave residue unlike typical brushes
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  34. CAT Foerster Sponge Holding Forceps 20cm - P16.0082.20
    • CAT Foerster Sponge Holding Forceps 20cm - P16.0082.20
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  35. MultiCare Soft Textured Examination Gloves ISO Certified
    Special Price ₹235.00 was ₹350.00
    • MultiCare Examination Gloves white - 100 Pcs Soft textured
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  36. LD Latex Examination Gloves
    Special Price ₹465.00 was ₹507.00
    • Protection from unwanted or dangerous substances.
    • Easy donning and helps prevent roll back.
    • Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit.
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  37. Oro Micro Applicator Tips
    Special Price ₹144.00 was ₹243.00
    • Head bends to any angle.
    • Wide handle with webbing for better handling.
    • Non-linting fibers suitable for scrubbing.
    • Ease of reach in confined areas.
    • Disposable, to eliminate clean-ups and cross contamination.
    • Available in regular, fine and extra-fine head sizes.
    • Variety of color choices for color coding procedures.
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  38. Nitrile Gloves

    Beesecure Nitrile Gloves

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  39. Disposable Examinations Gloves
    Special Price ₹235.00 was ₹300.00
    • Disposable Examinations Gloves
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  40. Blossom Green Mint Latex Gloves
    Special Price ₹414.00 was ₹429.00
    • Beaded Cuff.
    • Ambidextrous
    • Non-Sterile.
    • Disposable.
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  41. Dentist Dental Apron With Coloured Strips
    Special Price ₹850.00 was ₹1,150.00

    Color: Available in 3 colors

    1. White Apron with Blue color stripe
    2. White Apron With Green Stripe
    3. White Apron With Red Stripe
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  42. LD Nitrile Examination Gloves
    Special Price ₹465.00 was ₹550.00
    • Nitrile gloves work very well in harsh, high-stress environment. Made from nitrile material
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  43. Capri Cotton Wool 1Kg CAP081

    High absorbency. Long stapled interlinked pure fiber cotton100%.

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  44. Beesecur Latex Gloves

    Beesecur Latex Gloves

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  45. Bib Clip DentaKraft
    Special Price ₹90.00 was ₹110.00 As low as ₹85.00
    • Bib Clip DentaKraft.
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  46. Dental Applicator Tips Indian Made
    Special Price ₹150.00 was ₹300.00
    • Points disposable brush applicators are used to quickly transfer small amounts of materials in difficult to reach areas.
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  47. Euronda Monoart Plastic Cup Dispenser
    Special Price ₹1,895.00 was ₹1,900.00
    • Colour and comfort next to you ! Wall mounted handy dispenser for Monoart® plastic cups
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  48. Blossom Nitrile Powder Free Gloves USA Made
    Special Price ₹380.00 was ₹429.00 As low as ₹350.00
    • Ambidextrous / Beaded Cuff 
    • Non-Sterile / Disposable
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