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  1. Angelus Alligator Syringe Sleeve Needle Cover Pack of 3
    Special Price ₹1,350.00 was ₹1,400.00
    • Playful: Facilitates the dentist’s work during anesthesia application.
    • Encouraging: It may be given to the patient as a gracious gift.
    • Sterilizable: Guarantee of Biosafety.
    • Mouth opening: Allows the passage of the needle with its cover.
    • Reduced length of mouth opening: Use of conventional and extra-short needles. 
    • INSIDE LEAD: Straight passage of needle when inserted without cover. 
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  2. Oro Micro Applicator Tips
    Special Price ₹144.00 was ₹243.00
    • Head bends to any angle.
    • Wide handle with webbing for better handling.
    • Non-linting fibers suitable for scrubbing.
    • Ease of reach in confined areas.
    • Disposable, to eliminate clean-ups and cross contamination.
    • Available in regular, fine and extra-fine head sizes.
    • Variety of color choices for color coding procedures.
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  3. Neelkanth Compule Gun
    Special Price ₹399.00 was ₹499.00
    • For easy handling of compule tips i.e. direct & precise placement of the composite & compomer restorative into th cavity. Fully autoclavable.
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  4. Neelkanth Putty Syringe
    Special Price ₹90.00 was ₹95.00
    • Delivery syringe for light body paste.
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  5. GDC Metal Suction Tip ASPCT
    Special Price ₹375.00 was ₹500.00 As low as ₹365.00
    • GDC Metal Suction Tip
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  6. Topdent Tongue Depressor
    Special Price ₹699.00 was ₹850.00 As low as ₹690.00
    • Top Dent Tongue Depressor
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  7. Yaya Doctor's Apron/Lab Coat With Colar and Full Sleeves
    • Full sleeves doctor apron in white colour, with 2 pockets for lab professionals, doctors, medical students and other healthcare professionals.

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  8. Yaya Doctor's Apron/Lab Coat With Colar Full Sleeves, Knee Length
    • Full Sleeves, Knee Length Doctor's Apron, Is Suitable for all types of Doctors, Nurses, Diagnostic Laboratory Professionals, Physical chemical and biological laboratory professionals, Health care professionals and medical Students.
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  9. Yaya Doctor's Apron/Lab Coat With Colar and Half Sleeves
    • Half sleeves doctor's apron for all types of doctors, nurses, diagnostic lab Professionals, and health care professionals and medical students. 
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  10. Dental Applicator Tips Indian Made
    Special Price ₹150.00 was ₹300.00
    • Points disposable brush applicators are used to quickly transfer small amounts of materials in difficult to reach areas.
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  11. Euronda Monoart Plastic Cup Dispenser
    Special Price ₹1,895.00 was ₹1,900.00
    • Colour and comfort next to you ! Wall mounted handy dispenser for Monoart® plastic cups
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  12. Capri Cotton Wool 1Kg CAP081

    High absorbency. Long stapled interlinked pure fiber cotton100%.

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  13. Utility Syringe For Irrigation For Oral surgery, Perio, Endodontic 12ML Single Syringe
    Special Price ₹75.00 was ₹99.00
    • Great for cleaning hard to reach places.
    • Ideal for liquid application in hard to reach areas.
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  14. CAPRI Plastic Cotton Holder
    Special Price ₹145.00 was ₹150.00
    • Capri Cotton Holder Plastic.
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  15. DiaDent Diaflex Syringe
    • Diaflex is a sterilizable syringe with a soft flexible polypropylene tip for irrigation. It has a soft-tipped narrow probe attached to a 5.5ml syringe.
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  16. Oro Cotton Rolls 500 pcs
    Special Price ₹190.00 was ₹200.00

    Oro Cotton Rolls - 500 pcs

    • Super absorbent, non-sterile rolls made from 100% pure cotton.
    • Non-linting, soft texture.
    • Pliable and 20% more absorbent.
    • Different lengths and thicknesses to suit different procedures for achieving totally dry and isolated field.
    • Available in different lengths (sizes) and standard diameter.
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