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  1. Pulpdent Snoop Caries Detector
    Special Price ₹2,050.00 was ₹2,200.00
    • Propylene glycol based caries detector stains soft, non-vital outer infected dentin in 10 seconds.
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  2. Diadent Gutta Percha Point 4 % Special Taper
    Special Price ₹198.00 was ₹310.00 As low as ₹195.00
    • Dia-ISO GT: complements Profile ISO Rotary Files and K3 Files.
    • Dia-Pro ISO GT: The Millimeter-Marked version of Dia-ISO GT. Complements Profile ISO Rotary Files and K3 Files.
    • Dia-PRO T: complements ProTaper Files (Millimeter Marked).
    • Dia-PRO: complements Profile Series 29 Files.
    • Dia-GTP: complements: Profile Greater Taper Files.
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  3. 3M ESPE RelyX Fiber Post Drills
    Special Price ₹1,650.00 was ₹1,720.00
     Pack of Drills
     Sizes 1, 2 & 3
     Radiopacity is among the highest available
     Excellent light translucency for efficient light cure
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  4. Neelkanth Gutta Percha Sticks
    Special Price ₹650.00 was ₹750.00
    • For Temporary filling & thermal diagnostics tools.
    • A warmed stick with pin point thermal sensitivity.
    • High quality Gutta Parcha.
    • Easy to Heat.

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  5. Dentsply M Access K Files 25mm
    Special Price ₹204.00 was ₹305.00 As low as ₹195.00
    • The comprehensive and affordable hand file range specifically designed to offer clinicians simplicity and efficiency.
    • Ergonomically designed handle.
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  6. Ammdent ResinoSeal Resin Based Root Canal Sealer
    Special Price ₹499.00 was ₹650.00
    • Powder : (Silver Free): Methanamine, Bismuth Oxide, Tit. Oxide ad Excipients.
    • Liquid : Epoxy resin ad Excipients.
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  7. NSK MPAS F20 R Head For Using Apex Locator With Endomotor
    Special Price ₹15,399.00 was ₹16,000.00
    • Offered NSK MPAS head is equipped with built in probe ring which enable the dentist to use Apex Locator with the Endo-mate TC2, DT and AT systems.
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  8. Meta Absorbent Paper Points - 4% Special Taper
    Special Price ₹240.00 was ₹350.00
    • Meta Absorbent Paper Points are color-coded and spill proof.
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  9. Diadent Gutta Percha (GP) Point 6 % Special Tapered
    Special Price ₹199.00 was ₹310.00 As low as ₹195.00
    • DiaDent's Specialty Points are tailor made to complement different kinds of files. Specializing in Gutta Percha points and Paper Points, we carry the most extensive line of Gutta Percha and Paper Points to suit your every need.

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  10. API Ashoosons Finger Plugger 25mm
    Special Price ₹275.00 was ₹350.00
    • Finger pluggers have a flat tip and a 2/100 taper and are used for lateral and vertical condensation.
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  11. Ashoosons API Endo Box 30 Holes
    Special Price ₹325.00 was ₹375.00 As low as ₹275.00
    • Endo box is Multi-functional product.
    • It has color coded silicon cups for Gutta Percha Points and Paper Points Storage space for your burs/files/reamers/finger spreaders.
    • Made of high grade plastic.
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  12. Komet Endo Rescue Kit (4601)
    Special Price ₹15,150.00 was ₹18,026.00
    • Komet Endo Rescue Kit for removal of fractured instrument
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  13. Shivam Industries Calfill I Calcium Hydroxide Paste With Iodoform
    Special Price ₹99.00 was ₹290.00
    • Calcium Hydroxide Paste containing iodoform used as a temporary or permanent root canal filling material after pulpectomy.
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  14. Dental Avenue Avuecal Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    Special Price ₹120.00 was ₹190.00 As low as ₹115.00
    • Temporary Root canal Filling.
    • Water soluble hence easy to clean and remove when required.
    • Reduces the time span.
    • Radiopaque.
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  15. Marathon Endomotor Endodontic Handpiece Only
    Special Price ₹17,999.00 was ₹19,999.00
    • Marathon Endomotor E Class by Saeyang is an endo motor used in conjunction with rotary endodontic files in the biomechanical preparation phase of endodontic therapy.
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