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  1. Voco Calcicur Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    Special Price ₹2,225.00 was ₹2,500.00
    • Direct capping when the pulp is opended or a pulpotomy is performed.
    • Indirect capping for the treatment of caries profunda.
    • Lining of cavities to prevent exposure to acid media when using cements.
    • For temporary filling of root canals.
    • Ready-to-use.
    • Contains 45% calcium hydroxide.
    • Antimicrobial effect through high pH-value (over 12.5).
    • Effective protection of the pulp.
    • Radiopaque.
    • Suitable under all lining and filling materials.
    • Promotes the formation of tertiary dentine.
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  2. Medicept MTA Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Cement
    Special Price ₹3,599.00 was ₹4,100.00
    • Finer powder for faster hydration.
    • Improved Radiopacity.
    • Biocompatible.
    • Strong Sealing Properties.
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  3. Dentsply Glyde EDTA & Carbamide Peroxide Lubricant For Root Canals
    Special Price ₹1,899.00 was ₹2,110.00
    • 10% carbamide peroxide, 15% EDTA.
    • In conjunction with NaOCl, its effervescing action lifts dentinal shavings and debris for efficient removal.
    • Disposable tip eliminates the possibility of cross contamination by dispensing a clean, single dose.
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  4. Meta Biomed Metapex Calcium Hydroxide Paste With Iodoform Double Syringe Pack
    Special Price ₹1,450.00 was ₹1,800.00 As low as ₹1,399.00
    • Exposed pulp in capping and pulpotomy.
    • Root canal filling for deciduous teeth.
    • Internal and external root resorption.
    • Weeping canal.
    • Apexification.
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  5. DTech EDTA Root Prep Root Canal Preparation Cream
    Special Price ₹185.00 was ₹250.00
    • D-Tech Root Prep (Root Canal Preparation Cream) 3 Gms.
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  6. PD Swiss Devitec Paste For Pulp Devitalization
    Special Price ₹1,935.00 was ₹2,050.00

    Devitalizing Paste without Arsenic should be used when a preparation which does not contain Arsenic is advised. The active ingredient is Polyoxymethylene, a coagulant which acts on albumin and confers the required fibrous consistency to the pulp to facilitate its subsequent extirpation

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  7. Ammdent D Pulp Devitalizing Paste
    Special Price ₹660.00 was ₹805.00 As low as ₹650.00
    • D-Pulp is a arsenic free paste of thick consistency containing Para formaldehyde.
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  8. Prevest Denpro Pulp X Syringe For Devitalization Of The Pulp
    Special Price ₹595.00 was ₹618.00 As low as ₹570.00
    • For Pulp devitalization.
    • For residual devitalization after removal of non-vital pulp tissue.
    • Fast acting-pain releasing formula.
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  9. Ammdent Cal Excel Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    Special Price ₹325.00 was ₹382.00 As low as ₹320.00
    • Water soluble radiopaque , Calcium Hydroxide paste in tube for temporary dressing and extensive use in endodontics.
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  10. Meta Biomed MD Cleanser EDTA Solution
    Special Price ₹561.00 was ₹575.00 As low as ₹550.00
    • Presence of calcification in the canal.
    • Narrow canals on posterior teeth.
    • Smear layer removal.
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  11. Pain Off Analgesic Antiseptic Gel
    Special Price ₹85.00 was ₹100.00
    • E. G. : painful third molar flap, painful gums or ulcers; saturate cotton and touch on painful part, followed by covering the affected area with a wad of cotton saturated in gumex. 
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  12. DiaDent Diapex Plus Calcium Hydroxide WIth Iodoform Paste
    Special Price ₹1,099.00 was ₹1,150.00 As low as ₹1,090.00
    • Treats traumatic injuries.
    • Bacteriostatic.
    • Quiets "hot abscess.
    • Intracanal medicament.
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  13. PD Pulpotec For Pulpotomy
    Special Price ₹3,825.00 was ₹4,000.00
    • Pulpotec is a medicament for long term treatment of pulpitis, by pulpotomy, of vital molars, both permanent and deciduous.
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  14. NEELKANTH CAVIARC - I Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Iodoform & Barium sulphate
    Special Price ₹220.00 was ₹300.00 As low as ₹215.00
    • Caviarc-I paste is a calcium hydroxide paste with iodoform & barium sulphate for root canal therapy.
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  15. Pulpdent Prep Rite RC Kit EDTA Gel
    Special Price ₹3,099.00 was ₹3,100.00
    • An effective chelating agent that softens canal walls and facilitates instrumentation of the root canal.
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  16. Shivam Industries Calfill Plus Calcium Hydroxide Paste With Barium Sulphate
    Special Price ₹119.00 was ₹270.00
    • For pulp capping and pulpotomy.
    • Temporary root canal filling.
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