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  1. Neelkanth Rubber Dam Kit
    • Ainsworth Punch, Stocke's Plier, Young's Frame & 8 different clamps (No. 27, 4, 12A, 212, 3, 8A, 13A, 00).
    • This rubber dam kit is made of non-magnetic steel packed in a plastic suitcase pack.
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  2. Angelus Rubber Dam Sheets
    Special Price ₹1,725.00 was ₹1,800.00
    • Complete isolation of tooth from moisture and saliva.
    • Rubber Dam Sheet for Absolute Isolation.
    • High tensile strength.
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  3. Coltene Rubber Dam Punch
    • Coltene Rubber Dam Punch
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  4. GDC Rubber Dam Frame Stainless Steel
    Special Price ₹891.00 was ₹1,188.00
    • GDC Rubber Dam Frame Stainless Steel
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  5. Roeko Flexi Dam Non Latex Rubber Dam Sheet Preorder
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 was ₹5,825.00
    • Roeko Flexi Dam Non-latex Blue (30)
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  6. Coltene Wedjet Small Dental Dam Securing Cord
    • Alternative to conventional clamp method of securing dental dam. Wedjets® Cord eliminates tedious clamp selection, application and trauma.
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  7. Angelus Flex Ligature For Rubber Dam Isolation Refill
    Special Price ₹825.00 was ₹925.00
    • High tensile strength.
    • Perfect sealing of the isolated teeth.
    • May replace metal clamp in some cases. 
    • Two shapes.
    • Resistance to rupture. 
    • Avoids leakage of moisture into operative field. 
    • Avoids damage to gingival tissues. 
    • For anterior and posterior teeth.
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  8. Coltene Fiesta Color Coded Dental Dam Winged Clamps
    • Each clamp is individually color coded for unmistakable identity.
    • Non reflective matte finish for better visibility.
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  9. Ivoclar OptraDam Plus Promo Pack Of 8 For Providing Dry Field Or Complete Isolation
    Special Price ₹1,325.00 was ₹1,487.00
    • Easy application thanks to the integrated frame and pre-printed arch template
    • Due to the enhanced flexibility of the plastic rings, OptraDam Plus can be placed more easily in the patient's mouth.
    • The optimized position of the pre-printed arch template ensures that the dam automatically adapts to the sulcus. Isolation in the gingival region is thus improved.
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  10. Hu Friedy Rubber Dam Kit 8 Clamps And Accessories(RDKIT)
    • Basic items needed for rubber dam procedures conveniently packaged in a kit which includes essential clamps and accessories.
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  11. Coltene Fiesta 9W Wingless Color Coded Clamps
    • Each Colour coded clamps Easy identification and selection during the dental dam procedure. Non reflective matt finish for better visibility. 
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  12. Hu Friedy Rubber Dam Clamp Set (RDCSET)
    Special Price ₹5,055.00 was ₹5,350.00
    • Clamps are made from proprietary Satin Steel®.
    • Handcrafted to precise specifications and exacting quality standards.
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  13. D-Tech GingiBloc Gingival Barrier Liquid Dam
    Special Price ₹280.00 was ₹300.00
    • Light curing gingival resin barrier, Blue.
    • Protects soft tissue/gums with impervious seal.
    • Easily removable after bleaching or other dental treatment.
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  14. Coltene Hygenic Rubber Dam Kit Set
    • Powder-free, non-sterile.
    • Single-use dams, for professional use only.
    • Convenient.
    • Ensures isolation of work field.
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  15. GDC Rubber Dam Plastic Frame RDAF6P (Out of Stock)
    Special Price ₹825.00 was ₹1,100.00
    • GDC Rubber Dam Frame Plastic
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  16. Pulpdent Kooldam Syringes (PDB) Liquid Dam
    Special Price ₹1,425.00 was ₹1,500.00
    • Kool Dam is a light cure resin used to block out undercuts prior to taking impressions.
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  17. API Rubber Dam Plastic Frame PP030
    Special Price ₹500.00 was ₹550.00
    • Ashoosons API Rubber Dam Frame made up of hard plastic.
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  18. Hager Fit Rubberdam Folding Frame
    Special Price ₹3,670.00 was ₹4,500.00
    • Solid stainless steel frame - For tightening of rubber dam without perforation and autoclavable.
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  19. GDC Rubber Dam Punch Ivory (16CM) RDP (Out of Stock)
    Special Price ₹2,500.00 was ₹3,125.00
    • GDC Rubber Dam Punch Ivory (16CM) RDP
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  20. GDC Rubber Dam Sheet
    • GDC Rubber Dam Sheet
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  21. Prevest Denpro Gingiva Shield VLC-Light Curing Gingiva Barrier
    Special Price ₹1,190.00 was ₹1,500.00
    • Protection of gums during the whitening or other dental treatments
    • Light cured resin-based gingival barrier.
    • Protects soft tissue with impervious seal.
    • Easily removable after bleaching.
    • Convenient to apply from syringe.
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