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  1. Marathon MicroMotor Clinical Type M3 Spectrum
    •  Max Speed: 35,000 rpm
    •  2.4 Ncm
    •  Slim Type
    •  1 Marathon Micromotor (M33E)
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  2. Gomax Dental Xray Machine
    Special Price ₹29,999.00 was ₹35,000.00
    • Gomax Dental X-ray System, IOPA machine with digital timer. This X-ray machine comes with most reliable system and available with a minimum order quantity of one Pack.
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  3. GDP Glass Beads Sterlizer Gem
    Special Price ₹1,699.00 was ₹1,999.00 As low as ₹1,600.00
    • Overall Size : 17 x 13 x 11 cm
    • Power Consumption : 150 watt, 220 v/50 hz
    • Well dimension (ãƒæ’ã‚â¸xh) : 5 x 6. 5 cm
    • Weight : 1. 900 kg
    • Working Temperature : 240 c
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  4. Bombay Dental I-Root Apex Locator
    Special Price ₹53,999.00 was ₹54,410.00
    • Improves operation accuracy by using dual frequency.
    • 2 line scale for users convenience.
    • Mini size and light weight to use.
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  5. Vmax Suction Machine - 450
    • It is a Variable Frequency Suction Machine. It has High suction power, is stable and concentrated.
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  6. Fomos Foseal Sealing Machine Dental Sealer
    Special Price ₹16,500.00 was ₹17,000.00
    • The effective heating control and high quality performance because of the automatic temperature adjustment and stand-by system.
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  7. Hossam LED Light Cure Unit
    Special Price ₹1,599.00 was ₹2,549.00
    • Dental Gun Style Curing Light Lamp LED Teeth Whitening Resin Cure Alight-II
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  8. Dentamerica Power Intensity Meter For Curing Light
    Special Price ₹9,999.00 was ₹10,999.00
    • Measure up to 3000mW/cm2 for all light curing sources--LED, Plasma Arc and Halogen Lights.
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  9. NSK iPEX-II Apex Locator

    iPex II is compact and stylish 4th frequency digital apex locator featuring the next generation SMART LOGIC-CONTROLLER

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  10. EMS 200 Endo Magic With Endomotor,Apex Locator & Obturation System
    Special Price ₹148,750.00 was ₹165,000.00

    All in one touch screen control device. This compact and light weight unit allows the use of the endo motor and apex locator at the same time. This also controls your obturator for both pack and fill features. This unit will be mounted on your dental chair or cart to allow ease of use and ensure accuracy.

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  11. Woodpecker DTE V3 InbuiltUltrasonic Scaler
    • Fully compatible with Satalec and NSK handpieces and tips.
    • Detachable handpiece with LED light.
    • Automatic frequency tracking system.
    • Maximum autoclaveable temperature: 135°C. 
    • Maximum autoclaveable pressure: 0.22MPa.
    • Dimensions: W74mm x D56mm x H38mm
    • Operating Mode: Continuous Operation.
    • Weight: 0.2kg.
    • Power Input: 22v-240v.
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  12. Kavo Kerr Koncept Contra Angle 20:1 Handpiece
    Special Price ₹20,480.00 was ₹20,500.00

    It is recommended to be used as reducer contra angle for implatology drilling.Maid of stainles steel.Internal and external irrigation system.Press button.Easy to dismantle in 3 parts for better cleaning.Reduced levels of noise and vibration.Maximum speed 40000 rpm. Maximum torque 50 N/cm2

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  13. Dentamerica Endomax Cordless Endodontic Endomotor
    Special Price ₹35,999.00 was ₹45,000.00
    1. Cordless convenience offers complete portability.
    2. Auto-stop and auto-reverse mechanisms for patient safety.
    3. Heavy-duty high torque motor.
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  14. API Glass Bead Sterilizer
    Special Price ₹1,750.00 was ₹2,500.00
    • Portable size.
    • Rapid warm up facility.
    • High efficiency.
    • Automatically controlled to maintain desired temperature.
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  15. Syringe Needle Cutter Destroyer Terminator Electrical
    Special Price ₹1,799.00 was ₹1,999.00
    • Syringe & Needle Terminator is electrically operated equipment helps to destroyer/melt the needle and mechanically cuts the syringes immediately after use. 
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  16. Bestodent Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Special Price ₹7,299.00 was ₹9,218.00
    • Lengthened Tank
    • Radiator fan
    • Stronger transducer
    • Wet-proof PCB
    • 5 Cycles digital timer
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  17. Life Steriware Autoclave Intelloclave With Digital Timer
    • All Aluminum deep drawn Seamless construction.
    • Light compact portable easy to use top loading autoclave.
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  18. Nsk Surgic Pro Implant Motor Physiodispenser With Non Optic Handpiece and NSK DYNALED airrotor handpiece
    • The NSK Surgic Pro is a compact, stylish and fully integrated system incorporating the unique NSK Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC).
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  19. Woodpecker Optic Scaler Handpiece HW-5L
    Special Price ₹6,099.00 was ₹6,265.00
    • HW-5L Optical handpiece
    • spare parts for woodpecker LED ultrasonic scaler
    • Wooderpecker scalers with detachable handpiece, with light, better visibility, autoclavable.
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  20. Three Way Syringe Indian Made
    Special Price ₹625.00 was ₹899.00

    All Syringe Tips can be fully Autoclavable.

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  21. Woodpecker Endoradar DTE Endomotor with Apex Locator
    Special Price ₹32,995.00 was ₹45,500.00
    • This device is use for any type of Pulpitis . Pulp necrosis and periapical periodontitis
    • This device must only be used in hospital environment . clinics or dental offices by qualified dental personnel.
    • Contraindications
    • cases where a patient has been filled with an implanted heart pacemaker (or other electrical equipment ) and has been cautioned against the use of small electrical appliances (such as electric shavers. hair dryers. etc ) it is recommended not to use the this device.
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  22. API Cordless Obturation System

    Cordless API Dentech obturation system is a newly developed system which is composed of API Dentech Pen, API Dentech Gun with the charging system.

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  23. Galaxy Gutta Cutter
    Special Price ₹1,450.00 was ₹3,500.00
    • Wireless, flexible convenient to operate.Fast heating upto 160 degree C in 2 seconds.
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  24. GC Capsule Mixer CM-II Triturator Amalgamator
    Special Price ₹17,499.00 was ₹19,999.00
    • Digitally controlled high speed capsule mixer with both manual and pre-programmed timing modes. The capsules can be easily installed and removed and the large digital display makes it easy to use and operate. CAPSULE MIXER CM-II will work with virtually all of today’s encapsulated dental materials including amalgam.
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  25. Acteon Soprocare Dental Intraoral Camera
    Special Price ₹108,500.00 was ₹120,000.00
    • 3 modes for 3 needs.
    • Fully compatible with all imaging software.
    • Highlight the old and new dental plaque, gingival inflammation and caries.
    • Unmatchable communication tool in the dental practice.
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  26. Denext Intraoral Camera USB Model
    Special Price ₹3,850.00 was ₹6,500.00
    • 1.3 Megapixel camera.
    • USB Port Directly Plug & Play.
    • High Resolution CMOS Sensor. 
    • Six Imported LED Light & Auto Focus Lens.
    • Powerful ImagingProcessSoftware.
    • Attached USB Cable.
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  27. Marathon Physiodispenser Implant Motor Ki-20
    Special Price ₹94,950.00 was ₹125,000.00
    • Ki-20 is a surgical fiber/non fiber optic brushless micromotor for implantology with electronically controlled torque & speed.
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  28. Durr Dental Vistascan Mini Easy
    Special Price ₹289,500.00 was ₹340,000.00
    • VistaScan mini easy considerably simplifies imaging in the surgery: With the proven engineering and outstanding image quality characteristic of Dürr Dental image plate scanners worldwide
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  29. Dental Intraoral Camera 4 Mega Pixels With SONY CCD Sensor
    Special Price ₹6,399.00 was ₹7,999.00
    • 4 Mega Pixel.
    • Hand piece is light (50g) and easy to use.
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  30. Ultrasonic Scaler Cable Tubing Tube for EMS Woodpecker Handpiece
    Special Price ₹1,999.00 was ₹2,999.00
    • 1. One detachable cable tube. 2. Brand New; Durable; 100% CE High Quality. 3. Compatible with EMS & Woodpecker Ultrasonic Dental Scaler.
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  31. Kavo Kerr Extra Torque 605C Airotor Handpiece Push Button SS Bearing
    Special Price ₹8,390.00 was ₹11,150.00

    Spray triple.
    Ceramic bearings.
    Coupling Borden.
    Borden 2-hole connection.
    Low noise and vibration.
    Maximum speed : 3,80,000 rpm.
    Torque : 0.11 Ncm.
    high-speed handpiece used during dental procedures, usually to remove decay and shape tooth structure prior to the insertion of a filling or crown.

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  32. Chinese Air Polisher Air Prophy Teeth Polisher
    Special Price ₹1,899.00 was ₹3,780.00
    • Easy to clean and simple to maintain.
    • Easy replacement of working heads.
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  33. Coltene Perfect TCS II Knife
    • PerFect TCS II is a high frequency electrosurgery system, which helps to manage soft tissue with greater efficiency
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  34. Being Tulip Light Cure Unit
    Special Price ₹2,750.00 was ₹2,999.00 As low as ₹2,720.00
    • TULIP DIGITAL LED CURING LIGHT is a cordless LED curing unit made up of Aluminium body.
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  35. OrthoCare Dental Investment Stone Plaster Vibrator Mini
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 was ₹5,150.00
    • With 5 Speed Vibration control, helps to work effectively for pouring bubble free Models.
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  36. NSK Varios 370 LUX Inbuilt Scaler With Three Tips
    Special Price ₹42,000.00 was ₹45,000.00

    It is simple to operate and suitable for a variety of clinical procedures 

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  37. Tooth Color Comparator Shade Matching Light Preorder
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 was ₹5,999.00
    • Efficient shade-taking without having the patient leave the dental chair
      Daylight mode for initial shade determination
      Room light and ambient light modes to verify shade
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  38. Woodpecker DTE LED Detachable Handpiece HD-7L Preorder
    Special Price ₹7,999.00 was ₹8,999.00
    • Woodpecker DTE Dental Ultrasonic Scaler LED Detachable Handpiece HD-7L Original
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  39. Gnatus Bioqualy Air Compressor 1 HP & 40 Ltr.
    Special Price ₹28,500.00 was ₹30,000.00


    • Medical grade air

    • Super silent

    • Oil free engine

    • Air outlet filter

    • Thermal protector against overheating

    • Anti-rust property due to epoxy coating

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  40. Woodpecker DTE Scaler D3 With LED
    Special Price ₹9,999.00 was ₹10,999.00
    • Detachable & autoclavable handpiece.
    • 2 modes : Scaling & Perio.
    • Automatic frequency tracking.
    • With 5 Tips (3 S, 1 P, 1 Stain Removal).
    • Power input : 100V to 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz 1.2A (Max).
    • Output Power : 3W to 20W.
    • Frequency : 28kHz + 3kHz.
    • Dimension : 196 mm X 134 mm X 80 mm.
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  41. Woodpecker HW-5L Optic Handpiece For Scaler Model ( UDS-K LED, UDS-N2 LED, UDS-L LED, UDS-N3 LED, UDS-A LED, UDS-P LED, UDS-E LED)
    Special Price ₹6,150.00 was ₹6,500.00
    • Detachable handpiece with LED light for better visibility
    • Shell of the handpiece is made of special imported plastic from America
    • Compatible with a Woodpecker/ EMS connection
    • Please note: LED compatible unit is required for an LED handpiece to operate
    • Compatible with - UDS-K LED, UDS-N2 LED, UDS-L LED, UDS-N3 LED, UDS-A LED, UDS-P LED, UDS-E L
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  42. Woodpecker DTE Ultrasurgery Unit
    • Micrometric Cutting which ensures max. surgical precision and intra-operative sensibility.
    • Selective Cutting ensures max safety for the soft tissues.
    • Cavitation effect helps in achieving max. intra operative visibility.
    • Automatic tuning circuit prevents wear of tips as well as guranatees work in constant condition with utmost efficiency.
    • LED handpiece ensures better vision.
    • Oral Surgery.
    • Orthopedic Surgery.
    • Maxillofacial Surgery.
    • Cosmetic Surgery.
    • Neurosurgery.
    • Otolaryngology.
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  43. Kavo Kerr Contra Angle 500 Handpiece INTRAmatic coupling, Free turn of 360 Degree

    INTRAmatic coupling, Free turn of 360 Degree, external spray, uses PM 2.35mm drills and high speed 1.6mm drills (using the mandrel adapter that comes with the product) resists over 1,000 sterilisation cycles in autoclave at 135 Degree Celcius.

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  44. API Glass Bead Sterilizer Digital
    Special Price ₹1,785.00 was ₹2,550.00
    • Portable size.
    • Rapid warm up facility.
    • High efficiency.
    • Automatically controlled to maintain desired temperature.
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  45. Life Steriware Autoclave With Timer 911EPT
    Special Price ₹6,999.00 was ₹9,936.00
    • All Aluminum deep drawn Seamless construction.
    • Light compact portable easy to use top loading autoclave.
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  46. IDS Ultrasonic Cleaner CD-4830 3 litre
    Special Price ₹7,200.00 was ₹8,930.00
    • Frequency : 45,000Hz
    • Tank Material : Stainless Steel SUS304
    • Tank Capacity : 3 Ltr.
    • LED Display : Digital Timer with 5 Cycles
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  47. Bonart BS1 Ultrasonic Tip
    • Bonart BS 1 is suitable only for P3II, P3III, P4, P6, PB3 and satelec
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  48. J Morita Dentaport ZX Apex Locator ROOTZX-II
    • J Monta Dentaport ZX Apex Locator, Reliable apex localization
    • The Apex Locator With The Patented Quotient Method Always Supplies Precise Measurement Results, Irrespective Ut
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  49. Amalgamator IDS Denmed
    Special Price ₹36,999.00 was ₹37,595.00
    • Signum-automatic mixing amalgamator,digital screen electronically controlled ensures precise concentration of mercury & alloy.
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  50. Runyes Ray 68(S) AC Xray Unit Wall Mounted
    Special Price ₹88,500.00 was ₹92,000.00
    • Tube Head & cone are internally LEAD coated.
    • Remote control for exposure.
    • Microprocessor controlled.
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  51. Suniray Digital Xray RVG Sensor - OUT OF STOCK
    • Perfectly balanced digital sensor design - thats what we set out to accomplish with SuniRay2.
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  52. Coxo Pulp Tester Pulp Vitality Tester
    Special Price ₹9,999.00 was ₹14,500.00
    • COXO C Pulse Pulp Tester tests the pulp vitality of the tooth. Convenient to operate and specifically designed for the patient's comfort.
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  53. Woodpecker DTE D7 LED Scaler
    Special Price ₹24,500.00 was ₹28,500.00
    • Optical handpiece which helps to do clinical operation conveniently.
    • Auto water supply function saves your time.
    • Ehanced performance of endo and perio mode.
    • Detachable handpiece which can be autoclaved to the 135°C temperature.
    • Automatic frequency tracking system that monitors its working for steady performance.
    • Controlled by PC, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.
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  54. Virgo Air Rotor Oil
    Special Price ₹110.00 was ₹120.00

     Long Shelf Life, Precise Composition, Safe to Use

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  55. Denext Dental Chair Led Light (4 Lights)
    Special Price ₹6,999.00 was ₹9,799.00
    • Denext Chair Led Light (4 Light)
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  56. UltraDent 1.2ml Plastic Syringe Pack of 100
    Special Price ₹4,000.00 was ₹4,045.00

    Plastic Syringes 1.2 ml, 100/Bag. Designed for all 30ml IndiSpense syringes. Snug Luer Lock threads prevent tips from popping off.

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  57. Coxo Air Polisher

    This is designed in extremely light weight & well considered weight balance so that you can handle it easily.

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  58. Dentsply Propex Pixi Apex Locator
    Special Price ₹36,920.00 was ₹36,999.00
    • Dentsply Propex Pixi Apex Locator is a device aimed at detecting the minor apical foramen based on analysis of electrical properties of different tissues inside the root canal system. 
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  59. Apple dental Cartridge for Contrangle Handpiece (No Warranty)
    Special Price ₹790.00 was ₹950.00

    Apple Contrangle Handpiece Cartridge 

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  60. Ezee Cure Light Cure Unit Cordless
    Special Price ₹1,899.00 was ₹3,780.00
    • High power LED, purely dental blue light
    • Digital display, adjustable work time
    • High capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery ,low battery detection
    • Low-power, long standby time
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  61. Runyes FENG 22 Class B Autoclave
    • B type fully automatic front loading autoclave with a capacity of 22 Ltr
    • With vaccum, dry cycle & micro processor controlled
    • Wrapped / unwrapped, porous, solid instrument including cotton swabs can be sterilized
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  62. Marathon Endomotor Endodontic Handpiece Only
    Special Price ₹17,999.00 was ₹19,999.00
    • Marathon Endomotor E Class by Saeyang is an endo motor used in conjunction with rotary endodontic files in the biomechanical preparation phase of endodontic therapy.
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  63. Coltene Perfect TCS II / Electorsurgery unit Tissue Contouring System
    Special Price ₹82,999.00 was ₹98,112.00
    • PerFect TCS II is a high frequency electrosurgery system, which helps to manage soft tissue with greater efficiency
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