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  1. Woodpecker DTE D2 Scaler With LED
    Special Price ₹9,499.00 was ₹12,500.00
    • Sealed handpiece with light, better visibility.
    • The handpiece sleeve can be autoclaved.
    • Automatically search the best working frequency.
    • Accurate feedback control and constant power output,ensure a more comfortable feeling to patients. 
    • Power input 110V~ 50Hz/60Hz 220 - 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz
    • Main unit input 24V~ 50Hz/60Hz 1.3A
    • Output power 3W to 20W
    • Frequency 28kHz±3kHz
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  2. Woodpecker UDS E Led Ultrasonic Scaler
    Special Price ₹17,899.00 was ₹25,000.00
    • Ultrasonic Scaler UDS E-Led by woodpecker is a multi-function scaler that works in three different modes 
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  3. Dental Piezo Scaler Wrench Torque Key Satelec DTE EMS Woodpecker
    Special Price ₹650.00 was ₹999.00
    • Dental Piezo Scaler Tips Tip Wrench Torque Key Satelec DTE EMS Woodpecker.
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  4. Dental Ultrasonic Air Perio Scaler Handpiece Hygienist 2 Holes +3 Tips 2 Hole CE
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 was ₹5,999.00
    • This is a dentist specialty on the surface of the patient’s plaque; tartar also is used to remove the color of dental treatment.
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  5. Woodpecker DTE V3 InbuiltUltrasonic Scaler
    Special Price ₹10,999.00 was ₹12,500.00
    • Fully compatible with Satalec and NSK handpieces and tips.
    • Detachable handpiece with LED light.
    • Automatic frequency tracking system.
    • Maximum autoclaveable temperature: 135°C. 
    • Maximum autoclaveable pressure: 0.22MPa.
    • Dimensions: W74mm x D56mm x H38mm
    • Operating Mode: Continuous Operation.
    • Weight: 0.2kg.
    • Power Input: 22v-240v.
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  6. Bonart BS2 Ultrasonic Tip
    Special Price ₹1,195.00 was ₹1,199.00 As low as ₹1,175.00
    • It is suitable only for P3II, P3III, P4, P6, PB3 & Satelec
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  7. Woodpecker Water Pump For Ultrasonic Scaler
    Special Price ₹4,375.00 was ₹6,399.00
    • Most widely used.
    • Most economical.
    • Reliable.
    • Easy to use and maintain.
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  8. Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler UDS J
    Special Price ₹6,245.00 was ₹6,450.00
    • Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and more steadily.
    • Digitally controlled, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.
    • Power input 110V~ 50Hz/60Hz
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  9. Woodpecker HW-5 Non Optic Handpiece For Scaler Model ( UDS-K, UDS-N2 , UDS-L , UDS-N3 , UDS-A , UDS-P, UDS-E )
    Special Price ₹5,699.00 was ₹6,500.00
    • Detachable handpiece with LED light for better visibility
    • Shell of the handpiece is made of special imported plastic from America
    • Compatible with a Woodpecker/ EMS connection
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  10. Woodpecker DTE Scaler D3 With LED
    Special Price ₹9,999.00 was ₹10,999.00
    • Detachable & autoclavable handpiece.
    • 2 modes : Scaling & Perio.
    • Automatic frequency tracking.
    • With 5 Tips (3 S, 1 P, 1 Stain Removal).
    • Power input : 100V to 240V~ 50Hz/60Hz 1.2A (Max).
    • Output Power : 3W to 20W.
    • Frequency : 28kHz + 3kHz.
    • Dimension : 196 mm X 134 mm X 80 mm.
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  11. Acteon P5 Booster Ultrasonic Scaler With 3 Tips
    Special Price ₹26,899.00 was ₹28,360.00
    • Preserve teeth with perfect ultrasonic vibrations and steel tip quality. Specific hardness of steel,nearest to enamel.
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  12. Woodpecker DTE D7 LED Scaler
    Special Price ₹19,999.00 was ₹29,999.00
    • Optical handpiece which helps to do clinical operation conveniently.
    • Auto water supply function saves your time.
    • Ehanced performance of endo and perio mode.
    • Detachable handpiece which can be autoclaved to the 135°C temperature.
    • Automatic frequency tracking system that monitors its working for steady performance.
    • Controlled by PC, easy operation and more efficient for scaling.
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  13. Woodpecker DTE LED Detachable Handpiece HD-7L Preorder
    Special Price ₹7,999.00 was ₹8,999.00
    • Woodpecker DTE Dental Ultrasonic Scaler LED Detachable Handpiece HD-7L Original
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  14. AQUASOL Water Descaling Unit By Dentistra HealthCare
    Special Price ₹6,799.00 was ₹7,000.00

    1.NSF and ISO  certified product.
    2.Water filtration alongwith LIMESCALE,CORROSSION,RUST & BLOCKAGE Removing ability.
    3. No more filter required.

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  15. Woodpecker DTE D5 Scaler Unit With Fiber Optic LED Handpiece
    Special Price ₹11,499.00 was ₹21,000.00
    • Light weight titanium hand piece make the scaling process stress free.
    • Easy Power selection make the process of supra & sub gingival scaling to take place conveniently.
    • Frequency tracking automatically, sustained.
    • G1- scaling
    • G2- scaling
    • G4-Stain removal
    • P1-Subgingival scaling
    • P2- Subgingival Scaling
    • E1-RCT (Endo Attachment)
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  16. Bonart BS1 Ultrasonic Tip
    • Bonart BS 1 is suitable only for P3II, P3III, P4, P6, PB3 and satelec
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