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  1. Prevest Denpro UltraBloc VLC Resin For Blockout
    Special Price ₹660.00 was ₹750.00
    • For creating reservoir space for bleaching trays.
    • Blocking out undercuts.
    • For laboratory mock-up on models.
    • Other laboratory procedures.
    • Single component material blocks out defects and undercuts on the model quickly, precisely and securely.
    • Simple application with no sticking to instruments.
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  2. Yaya Doctor's Apron/Lab Coat With Colar and Half Sleeves
    • Half sleeves doctor's apron for all types of doctors, nurses, diagnostic lab Professionals, and health care professionals and medical students. 
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  3. Prevest Denpro Isolate Seperating Medium
    • For painting the plaster of the muffle before pressing the meth-acrylate resins.
    • Isolating film to prevent the resin from sticking to the plaster.
    • Prevents denture from sticking to stone during acrylic processing.
    • Uniform film thickness permits closer adaptation of acrylic resin to model.
    • Prevents distortion in fitting of acrylic resin Pink Color Emulsion.
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  4. GC Fitchecker II 1-1 Pkg
    Special Price ₹5,699.00 was ₹6,195.00
    • Thixotropic consistency for controlled application.
    • Good fluidity ensures exact reproduction of details.
    • Minimal film thickness.
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  5. Yaya Doctor's Apron/Lab Coat With Colar and Full Sleeves
    • Full sleeves doctor apron in white colour, with 2 pockets for lab professionals, doctors, medical students and other healthcare professionals.

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  6. Fox Plane Plastic
    Special Price ₹50.00 was ₹75.00
    • Fox Plane is used for Mounting the Maxillary Dental Cast.  
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  7. Marathon Dental Chair Motor Cable Cord M33E Micromotor Handpiece
    Special Price ₹2,999.00 was ₹3,500.00
    • Max Speed: 35,000 rpm.
    • 2.4 Ncm.
    • Slim Type.
    • 1 Marathon Micromotor (M33E).
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  8. Prevest Denpro Pumice Powder 1Kg (Shipping Extra Rs 100/-)
    • Pumice powder is used for cleaning teeth and restore gleam. it is also used in the finishing of dentures.
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  9. Yaya Doctor's Apron/Lab Coat With Colar Full Sleeves, Knee Length
    • Full Sleeves, Knee Length Doctor's Apron, Is Suitable for all types of Doctors, Nurses, Diagnostic Laboratory Professionals, Physical chemical and biological laboratory professionals, Health care professionals and medical Students.
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  10. Marathon MicroMotor Clinical Type M3 Spectrum
    Special Price ₹3,745.00 was ₹4,599.00 As low as ₹3,550.00
    •  Max Speed: 35,000 rpm
    •  2.4 Ncm
    •  Slim Type
    •  1 Marathon Micromotor (M33E)
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  11. Dental Lab Model Former Base Molds Set Of 2
    Special Price ₹350.00 was ₹450.00
    • Dental Lab Model Former Base Molds Set Of 2.
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  12. GDC Plaster Shears-210MM (PCS)
    Special Price ₹3,000.00 was ₹4,000.00

    These plaster shears will cut casts rapidly and clearly and are considered to be the most efficient. In cast cutters the cutting edge has the correct angle for maximum performance and the edge is straight and extremely sharp.

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  13. Saeshin Strong Micromotor Set (210/108E)
    Special Price ₹4,599.00 was ₹5,080.00
    • Right & Left turning ability.
    • Foot on/off switch.
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  14. Unident Spare Thermocouple For Furance 1200'C

    Spare thermo couple for Furance 1200 Degree celcius

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  15. Denar D5A Fully Adjustable Articulator with Slidematic Facebow
    • The D5A fully adjustable articulator has independently adjustable fossae walls that can be easily adjusted to duplicate a patient's condylar path of movement as recorded by the pantograph.
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  16. Dentaurum Dual Wheel Model Trimmer 091-100-00
    • For plaster models Coarse and fine corundum grinding wheels.
    • Can be used on either side.
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  17. Unident Big Crucible

    Big Crucible for casting machine Lever Type

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  18. Unident Rubber Base Former Size Large (Pack of 4)

    Unident Dental Rubber Base Former Size Large (Upper and Lower Set)

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  19. Strauss STT250 Tissue Trimmer
    • Strauss STT250 Tissue Trimmer
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  20. Whipmix 2240 Articulator with 9185 Indirect Mounting Facebow
    • The MODEL 2240 features the "Accumount" Mounting System interchanging mounted casts between articulators. 
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  21. Typodent Dental Jaw Set Transparent with 32 Teeth and Articulator

    This teeth model helps people better understand the structure and function of teeth, helpful to explain the importance of teeth insertion.

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  22. Unident Dental Lab Hand Piece

    unident Dental Lab. High Speed HP equipped with Two Imported B.B.

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  23. API Articulator P1 (With 2 Extra Base) In Special Plastic
    Special Price ₹730.00 was ₹850.00
    • Made of High resistance plastic and metal. 
    • Cast Mounting System Screw Type With 2 extra base.

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  24. Hanau Varsity Flask Set
    • Made of forged brass, interior and exterior are both finished
    • Tapered, stainless steel guide pins securely and accurately align flask sections
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  25. Hu Friedy Margin Trimmers MT77/78
    • 15-96-8-12 Margin Trimmer used to produce proper bevel on enamel margins. 
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  26. Dentaurum Sprue Former with Retention / Without Retention 1/pc
    • Made from plastic with slide tube for insertion in the duplicating material.
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  27. Unident Lathe Wheel 3"

    Unident Dental White Acrylic And Silicon carbide Lathe Wheel 3"×1/4" Medium Grit

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  28. Unident Spare Sand

    Sand for Sand Blaster 1Kg

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  29. UV Chamber 15 trays with Digital meter Life Steriware Stericab

    Stericab 15 Trays digital meter UV Chamber

    Life Steriware UV Storage Cabinet With Intensity Meter 12 SS Trays Capacity

    Technical Specification

    • Chamber Dimension: 15 Trays - 300 X 190 X 572mm

    • Power Consumption: 8 & 16watts UV Tubes.

    • Power Supply: 220V 50Hz

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  30. Confident Mesial Gingival Marginal Trimmer (Gmt)
    • Material: Stainless Steel The Instruments Are Made With Superb Perfection And Excellent Quality.

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  31. Denext Dencab UV Chamber

    HIgh quality Ultraviolet Chambers

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  32. Unident Crucible Attachment

    Crucible Attachment Big/Small

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  33. API Articulator Ultra P2 MAGNETIC - METAL
    Special Price ₹7,879.00 was ₹7,999.00
    • Centric Lock Mounting platesboth screw and magnetic.
    • Cast can be mount with both Screw and Magnet.
    • Easy to care & maintenance.
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  34. Auradent Plain Aluminium Articulator
    • Suitable for full or partial work.
    • Die-cast with a smooth finish and a stainless steel rod for support.
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  35. Hu Friedy Margin Trimmers MT28
    • 10-95-7-14 Margin Trimmer used to produce proper bevel on enamel margins.
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  36. Surident Model Trimmer
    • SuriDent Model Trimmer are available in two variants. Model Trimmer Carborandrum Model Trimmer Diamond DISK
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  37. Unident Regulator for dental Engine

    Space Regulator for Dental Engine

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  38. Woodpecker Water Pump For Ultrasonic Scaler
    Special Price ₹4,375.00 was ₹6,399.00
    • Most widely used.
    • Most economical.
    • Reliable.
    • Easy to use and maintain.
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  39. Unident 10" dia coarse cutting wheel Imported

    Spare Carborundum disc for model trimmer 10"dia coarse cutting wheel Imported

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  40. Articulator 3-Pin
    Special Price ₹444.00 was ₹540.00
    • Articulator 3-Pin
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  41. Confident Aluminium Flask with Clamp

    Confident Aluminium Flask with Clamp

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  42. Unident Dental Lathe Model- 503-UNI00019

    WATT-250, Universal RPM-6500, 3 Speed, Rating 60 min. With 3 chucks. (Buffer, Stone and Bur Chuck) with spare carbon set of 2 Pcs

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  43. API Rolex Inlay Casting Wax

    Used in the treatment of fractures of the jaws and their supporting structures and in the stabilization of injured teeth.

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  44. Handler 76D-3 Bench Top with lathe
    Special Price ₹146,999.00 was ₹180,000.00
    • The 76D-3 is constructed of heavy gauge sheet steel and finished in a durable, baked coating.
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  45. Hu Friedy Margin Trimmers MT26
    • 13-95-8-14 Margin Trimmer used to produce proper bevel on enamel margins.
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  46. Samit Articulator Plane Line (Hinge Type)
    • An articulator is a mechanical device used in dentistry to which casts of the maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) teeth are fixed
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