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  1. Neelkanth Die Stone (Handling Charges Inclusive in price)
    • Extra Hard Die Stone for all types of prosthesisfixed, stump or master model, excellent chip resistance, high definition of details, adequate working time and excellent dimensional stability. Class IV.
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  2. Prevest Denpro Hiflex Modelling Wax 225gm 12 Sheets
    Special Price ₹115.00 was ₹120.00
    • Vestibular parts of wax models of removable dentures.
    • Pre-forms of jacket crowns.
    • Modelling of acrylic saddle supporting the teeth.
    • For occlusal registration (Bite Blocks).
    • Manufacturing of spacers for custom impression tray.
    • AII purpose, multi utility wax.
    • Extra toughness.
    • High quality controlled by use of high quality materials and perfect production management.
    • Carves without chipping Boils out cleanly.
    • Temperature stable during trial insertion and yet easily deformable ADA Type I.
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  3. Prevest Denpro Hiflex Silky Putty Intro Pack
    Special Price ₹1,075.00 was ₹1,375.00
    • Impression of crown or bridge.
    • Impression of partial denture.
    • Cavity impression of facing, inlay, onlay etc.
    • Extremely smooth.
    • Accurate and easy to mix.
    • Dimensional stability.
    • Models can be poured up to 2 weeks after impression taking.
    • Hydrophilic properties.
    • High elasticity -Tear resistant.
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  4. Meta Biomed MD Flex Putty With Light Body Full Kit
    Special Price ₹3,199.00 was ₹3,999.00
    • Fingerprints crowns, bridges, partial dentures.
    • Precision Impressions without bubbles due to its hydrophilic.
    • The gypsum can be exactly reproduced without transformation, because of the stability and properties of the playback volume Excellent.
    • Biocompatibility.
    • Compatible with other VPS impression material.
    • Easy to mix - automixing type.
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  5. Oro Retainer Box
    Special Price ₹42.00 was ₹50.00 As low as ₹40.00
    • Made of sturdy plastic.
    • Protect patients retainer from bacteria.
    • Includes vent holes.
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  6. Neelkanth Transparent Crowns Anterior
    Special Price ₹1,450.00 was ₹1,499.00
    • Automatically contours restoratives material to match natural dentition.
    • Strips off easily leaving a smooth surface.
    • Thin interproximal walls allow for tight contacts.
    • Provides sufficient strength for easy handling.
    • Ideal for use with chemical or light-cured composites.
    • Crown set is packaged in a unique, stackable tray that provides convenient, easy storage.
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  7. GDC Spirit Lamp (ASL)
    Special Price ₹799.00 was ₹1,040.00
    • This ergonomic professional grade stainless steel burner is designed to burn methylated spirit.
    • It is a useful and essential tool for dental labs and jewellers who work with wax, as well as for watch and clock makers for softening shellac, bluing screws and tempering steel.
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  8. Ashoosons API Denture Box
    Special Price ₹55.00 was ₹75.00 As low as ₹45.00
    • Ashoosons API Denture Box.
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  9. Ashoosons API Rolex Modelling Wax
    Special Price ₹97.00 was ₹130.00 As low as ₹92.00
    • Ashoosons API Rolex Modelling Wax.
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  10. Ashoosons Api Spirit Lamp
    Special Price ₹395.00 was ₹500.00
    • Ashoosons Api Spirit Lamp.
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  11. MDM Y Dent Modelling Wax
    • Y Dents Modelling Waxes that soften at 50-55 °C and mainly used for establishing the initial arch form in the construction of complete / partial dentures.
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  12. Blow Torch Plastic/ Alcohol Torch
    Special Price ₹60.00 was ₹75.00
    • A “torch style” alcohol burner consisting of a plastic squeeze container which delivers blown air when squeezed onto flame for more intense heat.
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  13. MDM Y Dent Shellac Base Plate
    Special Price ₹110.00 was ₹150.00
    • Base plates with 1.1 mm. thickness. Our base plates are made of resin and waxes which are used for upper & lower denture.
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  14. Modelling Wax Indian Made
    Special Price ₹150.00 was ₹175.00
    • Pink wax in sheets for modelling removable prostheses.
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  15. Syringe Needle Cutter Destroyer Terminator Electrical
    Special Price ₹1,799.00 was ₹1,999.00
    • Syringe & Needle Terminator is electrically operated equipment helps to destroyer/melt the needle and mechanically cuts the syringes immediately after use. 
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  16. MDM Denture Adhesive Dentiro
    • Y-Dents Dentiro which are made up of natural gums. Y-Dents Dentiro has excellent sticking capacity and can be applied easily by sprinkling on a wet denture and fixing in the mouth.
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