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  1. Capri Dent-O-Floss Holder
    Special Price ₹19.00 was ₹25.00
    • Reusable floss holder for patient’s dental hygiene. Firm grip, easy insertion of floss between tightly spaced teeth available in soft pastel colours.
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  2. Bestodent C Bright - Teeth Whitening Light /Accelerator
    Special Price ₹21,250.00 was ₹24,999.00
    • Power Supply : 220V AC/50Hz
    • Light Resource : 6pcs high power LED
    • Wavelength : 420nm - 490nm
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  3. GDC Spoon Excavator Oval Shape -1 Exc31L
    Special Price ₹138.00 was ₹170.00
    • GDC Spoon Excavator Oval Shape -1 Exc31l (Exc31l)
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  4. 3M ESPE Relyx Veneer Cement
    Special Price ₹2,399.00 was ₹2,550.00
    • RelyX Veneer cement is a permanent, light-cure only resin luting material.
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  5. 3m Espe SofLex Polishing Discs Refill
    Special Price ₹620.00 was ₹700.00
    • 3M™ ESPE™ Sof-Lex™ Finishing and Polishing Discs and Finishing Strips for polishing of composite, compomer, metal and ceramic.
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  6. Prevest Denpro Hemostal Gel 25% Aluminium chloride Hemostatic Agent
    Special Price ₹315.00 was ₹350.00 As low as ₹299.00
    • Thixotropic gel- convenient to apply 
    • Non staining unlike ferric sulphate which stains porcelain venners and crowns.
    • Effectively stops minor gingival bleeding.
    • Stable and long shelf life.
    • Pleasantly flavoured.
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  7. 3M ESPE Single Bond Universal Adhesive Bonding Agent 3ML
    Special Price ₹1,840.00 was ₹2,970.00
    • Go beyond versatile. Discover the universal bonding solution with Single Bond Universal Adhesive
    • Combined Total-Etch, Self-Etch and Selective-Etch adhesive.
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  8. Bosworth Superbite Bite Registration Standard Kit 0921815
    • Non-slump; great reproduction
    • Utilizes ZOE
    • Do not use for implants
    • Two component system
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  9. Prevest Denpro Carvene Gutta Percha Solvent
    Special Price ₹119.00 was ₹150.00 As low as ₹115.00
    • Non hazardous/non carcinogenic unlike chloroform/ trichloroethylene.
    • Less volatile as compared to chloroform/trichloroethylene.
    • Based on natural substances (d-limonene), does not cause irritation to oral mucosa and periapical tissue.
    • Evaporation of solvent is less due to low volatility.
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  10. 3M ESPE Cavit G Temporary Filling Material
    Special Price ₹515.00 was ₹690.00
    • Cavit G is a temporary filling material self-curing under humidity for temporary filling of cavities.
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  11. 3M Espe Filtek Z250 XT Universal Restorative - Intro Kit
    Special Price ₹4,970.00 was ₹7,350.00 As low as ₹4,800.00
    • Z250 XT Nano Hybrid universal dental restorative kit is specifically designed to offer easy to polish and providing good aesthetic result.
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  12. 3m Espe Scotchbond Universal Etchant Syringe Refill
    • An etching gel for use with Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive.
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  13. 3M Espe Filtek Z350xt Flowable Composite
    Special Price ₹1,790.00 was ₹2,590.00
    • 3M ESPE Filtek™ Z350 XT Flowable Restorative is a low-viscosity, visible light-cured, radio-opaque flowable nanocomposite.
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  14. 3M ESPE SS Crown Permanent Molar - Intro Kit PO96
    Special Price ₹20,888.00 was ₹27,630.00
    • Pre-trimmed, belled and crimped for fast and easy placement.
    • Accurately duplicates anatomy for better fit and performance.
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  15. 3M ESPE Clinpro Pit & Fissure Sealant - Refills
    Special Price ₹1,599.00 was ₹2,010.00
    • 3M™ ESPE™ Clinpro™ Sealant is a light-cure, low viscosity, fluoride releasing pit and fissure sealant with a unique patented colour change feature.
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