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  1. GDC Endo Surgical Set Of 13 Instruments With Cassette (ESIWC13)
    Special Price ₹14,927.00 was ₹18,777.00
    • GDC Endo Surgical Set Of 13 Instruments With Cassette (ESIWC13)
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  2. GDC Langenbeck Cheek Retractor - 40X10 (215MM) (CRL2)
    Special Price ₹704.00 was ₹803.00
    • Used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips and tongue away from the surgical area.
    • The langenbeck retractor is a handheld instrument which constitutes of a flat blade. The blade is bent at a right angle to the retractor’s handle. This particular type of retractor is useful to retract soft tissue for a temporary basis.
    • The word retractor simply means an instrument which possesses a hooked, angled or a curved blade. The handles of retractors are always very comfortable so that when the retractor be it a langenbeck retractor or any other kind is in place, it maintains the position the surgeon keeps it in so that the procedure can be conducted easily without tissue coming in the way of the surgical site.
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  3. ORO Lab Coat And Jacket
    • Made out of non-woven, cool and comfortable material.
    • Provide comfort & style.
    • Static free - No clinging.
    • Coat : Knee length with elastic cuffs.
    • Jacket : Hip length, breast pocket, 2 hip pockets and knit cuffs & collar.
    • Available as Tie-on Mask.
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  4. GC Fuji Triage
    Special Price ₹7,250.00 was ₹7,500.00
    • Seals and Protects Tooth Enamel.
    • Six Times More Fluoride Than Any Other Sealant.
    • Releases Fluoride for up to 24 Months to Help Prevent Decay from Acid and Bacteria.
    • TRIAGE WHITE is for fully erupted teeth; TRIAGE PINK offers a visual indicator that is ideal for newly erupted molars.
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  5. GC G-Premio BOND Light Cured Adhesive Universal
    • Low pH (1.5) provides effective and consistent bonding.
    • Use in all total-etch, self-etch and selective etch bonding techniques.
    • Low film thickness (3 microns) enables use with resin cements to bond indirect restorations.
    • Universal (8th generation) bonding agent for use in direct and indirect procedures and treatment of hypersensitivity.
    • Up to 5 minutes working time.
    • Consistent bond strength with easy application.
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  6. GDC Hard Wire Cutter (3000/9) Tungsten Carbide
    Special Price ₹2,603.00 was ₹3,630.00
    • Standard hard wire cutter with T.C. tips, non-angled, designed to cut hard wires up to .022" x .028" (.56 mm x .71 mm).
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  7. GDC Bracket Remover Curved Plier (3000/82)
    Special Price ₹1,649.00 was ₹2,090.00
    • The bracket remover tips wedge between both edges of the base of the bracket and the tooth surface.  Lifting off the bracket.
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  8. GDC Small Impression Tray (U0 And L0)
    Special Price ₹288.00 was ₹341.00
    • GDC Small Impression Tray (U0 And L0)
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  9. GDC Castroviejo Caliper Curved 17cm (CLC40C)
    Special Price ₹2,563.00 was ₹3,333.00
    • GDC Castroviejo Caliper Curved 17cm (CLC40C)
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  10. GDC Gritman Lecron Carver (WCG)
    Special Price ₹230.00 was ₹374.00
    • Wax, porcelain and Modelling Carvers are used by dental technician in Lab as well as by Doctors. Made of high quality stainless steel can be used in all areas of dentistry.
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  11. Oro Bur Holder
    Special Price ₹115.00 was ₹140.00
    • Made of durable construction.
    • Round contains 24 holes.
    • Square contains 60 holes.
    • Can be placed with high-speed nee.
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  12. GDC Crane Kaplan Knife #6
    Special Price ₹329.00 was ₹418.00
    • GDC Crane Kaplan Knife #6
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  13. GDC Olsen Hegar Needle Holder With Scissor (17CM) (NHOH)
    Special Price ₹792.00 was ₹1,067.00
    • Used to grasp and guide the needle when suturing.
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  14. GDC Weingart Utility Plier (3000/31)
    Special Price ₹1,429.00 was ₹2,090.00
    • Versatile utility pliersdesign is convenient for placement and removal of archwires.
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  15. GDC Mayo Hegar Needle Holder Curved (16CM) (NHMHC)
    Special Price ₹341.00 was ₹462.00
    • Used to grasp and guide the needle when suturing
    • Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder is a ratcheted, finger ring instrument available in a wide range of lengths, and used in multiple types of surgical procedures. Due to it's versatility, it is one of the most commonly used surgical tools for both human and animal procdures. Shorter length products may be used in oral, gynecological, or dermatological procedures, as well as with small animals. Larger lengths of this product may be used for deep tissue suturing such as in bariatric procedures, or in large animal procedures. The Mayo-Hegar needle holder is commonly used with larger, heavier suture needles because of it's wide jaws
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  16. Voco Glasiosite Caps Shade A2
    Special Price ₹4,600.00 was ₹4,750.00
    • High abrasion resistance, compressive and transverse strength.
    • Very good adhesion to dentine and enamel with the self-etch-bond Futurabond NR.
    • Excellent modelling and polishing properties.
    • Set includes Futurabond NR: self-etching dentine/ enamel bonding agent.
    • High colour stability and translucency for permanent aesthetics.
    • Continuous fluoride release.
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