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  1. ORO Patient Bibs
    Special Price ₹750.00 was ₹800.00
    • Two Plies of facial quality tissue plus a layer of polyethylene film offers quick absorbency with a positive moisture barrier.
    • Paper specially treated for wet strength.
    • Embossed horizontal pattern, water contact disperses.
    • Horizontally instead of ‘channelling’ down into patients clothing.
    • 6.5g, Standard.
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  2. API Curved Alginate Spatula
    Special Price ₹245.00 was ₹350.00
    • Ashoosons API Curved Alginate Spatula.
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  3. GDC Luxatip Luxator - 3MM Curved (L3C)
    Special Price ₹1,309.00 was ₹1,800.00
    • GDC LUXATIP are used to force a wedge between the root of the tooth and the surrounding bone, which helps to loosen the tooth within the socket. Luxatips are often used before the use of forceps to ensure there is some movement of the tooth to be extracted. The tip is curved and rounded and may be straight or angled in a small or large size.
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  4. API Bone Curettes
    Special Price ₹175.00 was ₹250.00
    • Ashoosons API Bone Curettes.
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  5. GDC Composite Instrument Posterior Blue Set Of 5 In Pouch
    Special Price ₹4,949.00 was ₹6,985.00
    • GDC Composite Instrument Posterior Blue Set Of 5 In Pouch
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  6. GC Tempron
    Special Price ₹4,999.00 was ₹5,120.00
    • For manufacturing of temporary crowns on a model or in the mouth.
    • Rapid cross linking.
    • Smooth surface without porosities.
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  7. API Towel Clip
    Special Price ₹70.00 was ₹100.00
    • Made of High Quality Plastic.
    • Colour: Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Etc.
    • Non-Autoclavable.
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  8. Neelkanth Waste Receiver
    • Neelkanth Waste Receiver.
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  9. API Pulp Tester
    Special Price ₹9,660.00 was ₹13,800.00
    • Ashoosons API Pulp Tester.
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  10. Ivoclar Vivadent Virtual Tray Adhesive
    Special Price ₹920.00 was ₹1,020.00
    • Excellent adaptation to the moist oral hard and soft tissues.
    • Excellent moisture displacement.
    • Exceptional readability and precision.
    • Flexible working times and fast setting phase.
    • Fresh peppermint scent.
    • Outstanding balance of physical properties.
    • Final impressions used for the fabrication of indirect restorations (crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers).
    • Dental implant impressions.
    • Matrix for "wax-ups" and treatment planning, study models.
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  11. GDC Bracket Removing # Curved (TC Tip) Plier (3000/220)
    Special Price ₹2,508.00 was ₹2,948.00
    • Works well for steel, ceramic and plastic brackets of all types.
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  12. Ivoclar Vivadent Fluor Protector N
    Special Price ₹5,030.00 was ₹5,780.00
    • 7700 ppm fluoride in a homogeneous solution; approx. 4-times higher concentration after setting.
    • Ready for immediate application; effective fluoridation.
    • High-yield multi-dose delivery form.
    • Targeted, professional application.
    • Early prevention measure.
    • Excellent price-performance ratio.
    • Treatment of hypersensitive cervicals.
    • Improvement of enamel resistance against acid.
    • Long-term caries prevention.
    • Treatment of possible sensitivity after tooth whitening.
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  13. GDC Lindo Levin Root Elevator Curved Standard (3X8MM) (LLMC5 )
    Special Price ₹364.00 was ₹500.00
    • Used to loosen the tooth from the periodontal ligament and ease extraction.
    • Root elevators are instruments designed to loosen or remove dental roots, root fragments or teeth. Medical Tools wide range of root elevator are available to suit diffirent teeth, techniques, and locations in the mouth. Handle is made form Non-Magnet stainless steel (never rust) while tip is made from hardened stainless steel last longer.
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  14. Ivoclar Vivadent OptraFine
    Special Price ₹2,380.00 was ₹2,530.00
    • The dimensionally stable silicone polishers for finishing and polishing restorations are available in “flame”, “cup” and “disc” shapes.
    • Final high-gloss polishing is carried out in conjunction with diamond paste and a nylon brush.
    • Low surface roughness thanks to a high diamond concentration.
    • Excellent high gloss thanks to a polishing paste with diamond particles.
    • Reusable.
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  15. GDC Farabeuf Retractor (120CM) (CRF)
    Special Price ₹1,018.00 was ₹1,400.00
    • Retractor used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips and tongue away from the surgical area.
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