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  1. Oro Barrier Film
    Special Price ₹1,099.00 was ₹1,250.00
    • Disposable non-adhesive film.
    • Barrier with a low tack adhesive backing with ‘non-stick’ edge that is perfect for use in areas. that are difficult to clean, disinfect or sterilize.
    • Plastic core, shrink packed.
    • Perforated 4” x 6” sheets leave behind no residue.
    • Dispenser is usable with all Barrier Film (#BF-1600,#BF-2600, #BF-1500 or #BF-2500).
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  2. GDC Ligature Cutter (3000/106)
    Special Price ₹4,500.00 was ₹6,000.00
    • This cutting plier has finer tips for easy access into difficult areas. Cuts pins, ligatures and elastics up to .015"(.38 mm).
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  3. GDC Canine Contouring Plier (3000/310)
    Special Price ₹3,000.00 was ₹4,000.00
    • Smooth working area is ideal for giving canine contour on the arch wire.
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  4. GDC Utility Instrument #1 (673)
    Special Price ₹350.00 was ₹640.00
    • GDC Utility Instrument #1 (673)
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  5. NEELKANTH CIT-PREP (Citric Acid Gel)
    • 20% Citric Acid viscous solution.
    • Recommended as the cleanser / conditioner of prepared root canal.
    • Removes mineral & smear layer.
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  6. NEELKANTH Detplac
    • DETPLAC is a new unique disclosing solution that actually distinguishes between new and old plaque. DETPLAC when applied to tooth surface and rinsed stains the thick, older plaque blue and lighter new deposits pink, giving a more accurate clinical picture.

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  7. GDC Sterilization Cassette For 6 Instruments
    Special Price ₹3,049.00 was ₹4,065.60
    • GDC Sterilization Cassette For 6 Instruments
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  8. Neelkanth Dental Bibs
    • 2 Ply Paper + 1 Ply Poly Superior Quality Paper Laminated with polythene for patient.
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  9. GDC Kocher Retractor Reversable - 55X11 (210MM) (CRK4)
    Special Price ₹1,260.00 was ₹1,680.00
    • Used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips and tongue away from the surgical area.
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  10. GDC Prichard Periosteal Elevator - 6 (PPR3)
    Special Price ₹2,520.00 was ₹3,360.00
    • For reflecting and retracting the mucoperiosteum after incisions of the gingival tissue
    • Periosteal Elevator is an oral instrument commonly used to retract soft tissue in dental procedures. It has a sharp, pointed, narrow end that is used to begin the process of lifting the mucoperiosteum and a slightly wider, more rounded end that completes the tissue removal enough for bone exposure. Both tips are thin and slightly curved. The #9 Molt periosteal elevator is one of the most commonly used instruments in oral surgery.
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  11. GC Fuji VII Glass Ionomer Sealent
    Special Price ₹3,099.00 was ₹3,495.00
    • Surface protection and fissure protection of erupting molars.
    • Protection of exposed root surfaces.
    • Caries stabilization and indirect pulp capping of active lesions.
    • Intermediate restoration and intermediate endodontic sealing.
    • Restoration of micro-cavities.
    • Hypersensitivity prevention and control.
    • Lining under composite or amalgam.
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  12. GDC Hard Wire Cutter (3000/8) Tungsten Carbide
    Special Price ₹4,500.00 was ₹6,000.00
    • Standard hard wire cutter with T.C. tips, non-angled, designed to cut hard wires up to .022" x .028" (.56 mm x .71 mm).
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  13. Zhermack Zeta Roll 75x 200
    Special Price ₹1,800.00 was ₹2,000.00
    • High tear and perforation resistance. Medical paper allows excellent penetration of the vapour or gas sterilising agent.
    • Printing outside the packing area, avoiding the risk of ink contamination.
    • Clear indication of successful sterilization with evident colour change of the vapour and gas process indicators.
    • Customisable length for bags the perfect size for all devices being sterilised.
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  14. GDC Osteotomes Concave - Angulated (OSTMSH27A)
    Special Price ₹3,750.00 was ₹5,000.00
    • Specially designed for closed sinus elevation operations in the lateral upper jaw region or in difficult to access maxillary areas.
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  15. NEELKANTH Glare
    • Glare helps in cleaning and shaping of the canal. Its constituents are EDTA & Carbamide-peroxide. It softens the dentine thus makes it ease for the files to enlarge the canal along with its antibacterial property & lubrication of the canal.
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  16. Neelkanth Septa Drill
    • Enzyme based cleaning solution for clearing drills, burs etc.
    • It aids in proteolysis alongowith degradation of bacteria & debris.
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