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  1. DentiCare Pro-Gel 2% Neutral Sodium Fluoride Gel - Raspberry, 16.2
    Special Price ₹1,609.00 was ₹2,999.00
    • 2% Neutral Sodium Fluoride Gel - Raspberry, 16.2 oz. Bottle.
    • Flavor : Raspberry.
    • Medium : Fluoride gel.
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  2. 3M ESPE Clinpro Xt Varnish Fluoride Releasing Coating Varnish
    Special Price ₹4,850.00 was ₹6,370.00 As low as ₹4,799.00
    • Clinpro XT Extended Contact Varnish, creates a protective barrier and provides immediate sensitivity relief while offering additional benefits.
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  3. Voco Fissurit F Light Curing fissure sealant with fluorides
    Special Price ₹2,425.00 was ₹2,600.00
    • Sealing of pits, fissures and occlusal surfaces for caries prophylaxis.
    • Facing of damaged enamel surfaces.
    • Anchoring of orthodontic appliances.
    • Sealing of composite and cement fillings (protection against moisture).
    • Restoration of small carious lesions.
    • Repair of small defects in composite and amalgam fillings.
    • Quick and direct application from the new NDT-syringe.
    • White for application control.
    • Excellent flow properties and low viscosity.
    • High stability and good adhesion to enamel.
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  4. GC Tooth Mousse
    Special Price ₹750.00 was ₹1,400.00 As low as ₹735.00

    GC Tooth Mousse

    Tooth Mousse is used for increasing the strength of the patient teeth’s. The paste helps in binding calcium and phosphate on soft tissues surrounding the tooth surface.

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  5. Stim Dental Flossers 50 Pcs
    Special Price ₹74.00 was ₹75.00 As low as ₹70.00
    • Slowly floss between teeth, with a to & fro motion, to remove debris & Plaque.
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  6. Dental Health Care Water Jet Oral Irrigator Flosser Tooth
    Special Price ₹1,999.00 was ₹2,999.00 As low as ₹1,899.00
    • It is a cordless dental water jet that deep-cleans teeth and interdental spaces, preventing the formation of plaque.
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  7. Pulpdent Embrace Fluoride Varnish With CXP
    Special Price ₹1,499.00 was ₹1,529.00
    • Pleasing taste ensures patient compliance.
    • Contains bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride.
    • Does not separate – no mixing required.
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  8. Prevest Denpro Spectra Oral Prophylaxis Polishing Paste
    Special Price ₹124.00 was ₹150.00
    • Polishing after scaling.
    • Removal of dental tartar.
    • Oil free formulation.
    • Fluoride release formula.
    • Splatter free paste.
    • Excellent stain removal and polishing.
    • Available in five different flavors with fine, medium & coarse grit.
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  9. Oro Prophy Cups For Polishing
    Special Price ₹20.00 was ₹25.00
    • Eliminate splatter of prophy paste, blood and saliva.
    • Disposable, Latex free, vibration free.
    • All screw-type cups work with ORO handpieces.
    • Latch style flat prophy cup.
    • Material: Silicone for white color, TPE for Blue, Green.
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  10. Yaya Doctor's Apron/Lab Coat With Colar and Half Sleeves
    • Half sleeves doctor's apron for all types of doctors, nurses, diagnostic lab Professionals, and health care professionals and medical students. 
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  11. Ammdent Fluorosolve Fluoride Based Desensitizer
    Special Price ₹475.00 was ₹535.00 As low as ₹470.00
    • Fluoro solve is a 2% Sodium Fluoride viscos solution for Hypersensitivity and prevention of dental Caries Its available in 13 ml.
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  12. 3M ESPE Clinpro Tooth Creme
    Special Price ₹725.00 was ₹1,200.00 As low as ₹675.00
    • Clinpro™ Tooth Crème 0.21% w/w Sodium Fluoride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste is an advanced formula containing an innovative tri-calcium phosphate ingredient and is available exclusively from 3M ESPE.
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  13. 100 Pc Mix Color Prophy Brushes Preorder
    • Latch Type (RA)
    • Used for stain removal and polishing.
    • Prepares surface for sealant and orthodontic procedures.
    • Material: White Tapered Nylon.
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  14. Voco Fissurit FX Syringe Pit & Fissure sealant with fluorides
    Special Price ₹3,125.00 was ₹3,200.00
    • Filler content of 55% w/w for outstanding abrasion proofness.
    • Quick and easy application from the direct-application syringe with bendable metal cannulae.
    • Optimal flow properties.
    • High stability and good adhesion to enamel.
    • Perfect marginal adaptation.
    • Continuous fluoride release.
    • White for easy visual control.
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  15. NEELKANTH Fluroarc APF Topical Fluoride Gel Mint Flavour
    Special Price ₹165.00 was ₹175.00
    • A fast acting and easy-to-use gluten free/dye free APF topical fluoride gel for office-use. Rapid fluoride uptake within 1 minute Quick uptake reduces gagging & gel ingestion Helps prevent caries and decay Closely adheres to enamel & interproximal areas.
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  16. TPC Prophy Polishing Brush
    Special Price ₹18.00 was ₹20.00
    • Polishing Brushes.
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