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  1. Vita Easyshade Advance 4.0 Electronic Shade Taking device
    Special Price ₹76,999.00 was ₹97,200.00
    • High Speed
    • Accuracy
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Automatic activation
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  2. Heraeus Memosil 2 Addition Silicone
    Special Price ₹2,620.00 was ₹3,425.00
    • MEMOSIL 2 is a transparent A-silicone for special indications. Its transparency allows optical control when positioning aids (e.g. X-ray pellets).
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  3. CAT Articulating Paper Holder - 66.517.15
    • CAT Articulating Paper Holder - 66.517.15
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  4. 3M ESPE Protemp 4 Temporisation Material - Refills
    Special Price ₹5,375.00 was ₹7,700.00

    Protemp™ 4 Temporisation MaterialWith Protemp™ 4 Temporisation Material 3M ESPE has set another milestone in temporary crown and bridge materials. 

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  5. 3M ESPE Monophase Polyether Impression Material Regular Consistency
    Special Price ₹4,275.00 was ₹5,870.00
    • The new 3M™ ESPE™ (Soft) Monophase Polyether Impression Material with its bright colour means enhanced readability for you.
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  6. Ivoclar Vivadent Systemp C&B II For Crown & Bridge Refill
    Special Price ₹6,250.00 was ₹8,135.00
    • Fracture-resistant and durable.
    • Accurate and stress-free results.
    • Gentle on pulp and tissue.
    • Easy handling due to automix double cartridge.
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  7. Oro Cartridge Impression Dispensing Gun Model 1:1/1:2 mix 50Ml
    Special Price ₹1,325.00 was ₹2,000.00
    • Automatic mixing and deivery of impression materials made easy with this handgun cartridge dispenser.
    • Works with 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 cartridges.
    • Dispensing gun - 1:1 & 1:2 
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  8. DMG Honigum Putty With Light Body
    Special Price ₹6,750.00 was ₹8,900.00 As low as ₹6,550.00
    • Short time in mouth.
    • High patient comfort.
    • Reduced micro movements.
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  9. Tokuyama Rebase II Hard Denture Reliner Full Kit
    Special Price ₹5,399.00 was ₹5,500.00
    • TOKUYAMA REBASE II is a chairside hard denture reline material. Without compromising any benefits from its predecessor,
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  10. DMG Germany Silagum Comfort Varnish
    Special Price ₹1,818.00 was ₹2,000.00
    • Silagum-Comfort is the tried and tested Vinylpolysiloxane soft relining material for total, partial and implant-anchored dentures.
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  11. Ivoclar Vivadent Virtual Putty Regular Set Refill Pack
    Special Price ₹6,899.00 was ₹7,965.00

    Virtual is the new line of vinylpolysiloxane impression materials specifically developed to meet the requirements of today‘s most popular impression taking techniques.

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  12. Detax Mollosil Permanent Soft Liner Starter Kit
    Special Price ₹3,099.00 was ₹3,700.00

    A-silicone based, permanently soft, cold curing.
    Secure bonding to the denture acrylic.

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  13. GC Soft Liner Temporary Relining Material & Tissue Conditioner
    Special Price ₹4,850.00 was ₹5,150.00
    • Good surface tension retention effect.
    • Low heat development.
    • Supports healing process.
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  14. Topdent TDI Partial Perforated Impression Trays Set Of 11
    Special Price ₹1,799.00 was ₹2,500.00
    • Top Dent Partial Perforated Impression Trays (Set Of 11)
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