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Acrylics, Reline Materials and Dental Tray Materials

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  1. Voco Ufi Gel Hard Direct Hard Denture Relining material
    Special Price ₹7,150.00 was ₹7,300.00
    • Hard permanent relining.
    • Direct and indirect relining.
    • Total or partial relining.
    • Ambulant relining.
    • Lengthening of denture rims.
    • Repair and enlargement of dentures.
    • Correction of new dentures.
    • Only one appointment required.
    • Methylmethacrylate-free.
    • Neutral taste and odour.
    • No heat development in the mouth.
    • As easy as taking an impression.
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  2. GC Coe Soft Professional Package Tissue Conditioner & Relining Material
    Special Price ₹4,875.00 was ₹5,252.00
    • GC Coe Comfort: Acrylic temporary relining material also suitable as a functional impression material. GC Coe Soft: Acrylic temporary relining material to buffer masticatory pressure for partial and full dentures.
    • Delayed final setting, material reaches final hardness after 3-4 days.
    • Supports the healing process, between 1-2 weeks.
    • For long term temporary relining of 3-6 months.
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  3. Heraeus Meliodent Eco Heat Cure Acrylic Powder & Liquid
    Special Price ₹1,199.00 was ₹1,200.00
    • The MELIODENT ECO POWDERis a high quality denture base material imported from Germany.
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  4. DMG Luxaform Temporary Crown & Bridge Material
    Special Price ₹2,720.00 was ₹3,000.00 As low as ₹2,699.00
    • No mixing.
    • No tray required.
    • Stable under storage conditions.
    • Odorless.
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  5. Detax Mollosil Permanent Soft Liner Starter Kit
    Special Price ₹3,450.00 was ₹3,700.00

    A-silicone based, permanently soft, cold curing.
    Secure bonding to the denture acrylic.

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  6. Voco Ufi Gel SC Soft A Silicone Relining Material
    Special Price ₹9,500.00 was ₹9,850.00
    • Top quality relining silicone.
    • Complete relining in one single session (chairside).
    • Special adhesive for extreme bonding of silicone to denture.
    • User-friendly and economical.
    • Biocompatible (methacrylate-free).
    • Neutral odour and taste.
    • Stable, aesthetic colour with chameleon effect.
    • Laboratory use: fewer steps than with other cold-cured materials.
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  7. Tokuyama Rebase II Hard Denture Reliner Full Kit
    Special Price ₹5,399.00 was ₹5,485.00
    • TOKUYAMA REBASE II is a chairside hard denture reline material. Without compromising any benefits from its predecessor,
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  8. Prevest Denpro Hiflex Shellac Base Plates
    Special Price ₹172.00 was ₹220.00 As low as ₹165.00
    • Custom impression trays for impressions of edentulous jaws.
    • Manufacturing of wax bite registration templates.
    • Modeling work.
    • High quality shellac for perfect results.
    • Retains heat for a prolonged time.
    • Optimum thickness for high mechanical strength.
    • Easily adaptable Shape stability after cooling down.
    • Not adhesive to plaster.
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  9. DMG LuxaCore Z Core Build Up Composite
    Special Price ₹4,299.00 was ₹5,000.00
    • All types of core build-up.
    • Cementation of root posts.
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  10. Voco Structur 3 - QM Syringe & Cartridge Refills For Provisional Crowns
    Special Price ₹2,600.00 was ₹2,650.00
    • Quick, simple and reliable thanks to the 1:1 cartridge system.
    • Short setting time.
    • Elastic phase allows simple removal from the prepared tooth.
    • Gloss without polishing.
    • only requires removal from the inhibition layer.
    • Natural gloss and fluorescence.
    • Available in eight shades.
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  11. DPI RR Cold Cure Resin Material 110gmPowder & 110gmLiquid
    • A cold cure self polymerizing acrylic material suitable for all types of repairs to acrylic dentures.
    • Working time of 4 minutes.
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  12. DPI Heat Cure Denture Resin Material Universal Pack
    Special Price ₹699.00 was ₹730.00
      • Heat cured acrylic denture base material.
      • Simple mixing, easy to process.
      • Variety of shades (pink, translucent, veined, light veined, special pink, clear).
      • Choice of normal or quick cure times.
      • Cross linking ensures superior quality.
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  13. Ivoclar Vivadent Systemp C&B II For Crown & Bridge Refill
    Special Price ₹6,250.00 was ₹8,135.00
    • Fracture-resistant and durable.
    • Accurate and stress-free results.
    • Gentle on pulp and tissue.
    • Easy handling due to automix double cartridge.
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  14. Nexobio Trantemp Temporary Crown & Bridge Material
    Special Price ₹2,825.00 was ₹2,999.00
    • Trantemp, a temporary crown and bridge material, also used for inlays, onlays and veneers. It is a self-curing estetic temporization material.
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  15. Voco Ufi Gel P Permanent soft A silicone relining material in tubes
    • Permanent soft relining material for full and partial dentures.
    • Treatment of pressure spots.
    • Improvement of fit and hold.
    • Cushioning of sharp alveolar processes.
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  16. 2 Boxes Temporary Crown Material For Anterior & Molar Teeth
    • 2 Boxes Temporary Crown Material For Anterior & Molar Teeth.
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