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Acrylics, Reline Materials and Dental Tray Materials

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  1. Dentsply Integrity Temporary Crown And Bridge Material
    Special Price ₹8,399.00 was ₹10,454.00
    • Integrity Temporary Crown & Bridge Material with Fluorescence provides fast, strong temporaries with great esthetics.
    • Great consistency with minimal shrinkage allows for ease of handling and less adjustments to save time.
    • Integrity material is available in two automix delivery systems for your choice of convenience.
    • In addition, there are five shades available, including bleach white.
    • Less than 5° C temperature change in the mouth during setting, will not damage the pulp and offers great patient comfort.
    • Bonds to itself for easy repair.
    • Polishes to a natural luster for superb results.
    • Great consistency for easy handling and cleanup.
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  2. Detax Mollosil Permanent Soft Liner Starter Kit
    Special Price ₹3,450.00 was ₹3,700.00

    A-silicone based, permanently soft, cold curing.
    Secure bonding to the denture acrylic.

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  3. Voco Ufi Gel P Permanent soft A silicone relining material in tubes
    • Permanent soft relining material for full and partial dentures.
    • Treatment of pressure spots.
    • Improvement of fit and hold.
    • Cushioning of sharp alveolar processes.
    • Relining in implantology.
    • Re-adaptation of denture.
    • Top quality relining silicone.
    • Complete relining in one single session (chairside).
    • Special adhesive for extreme bonding of silicone to denture.
    • User-friendly and economical.
    • Biocompatible (methacrylate-free).
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  4. DPI RR Cold Cure Resin Material 110gmPowder & 110gmLiquid
    • A cold cure self polymerizing acrylic material suitable for all types of repairs to acrylic dentures.
    • Working time of 4 minutes.
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  5. GC Pattern Resin LS Self Cure Acrylic Resin For Post Fabrication
    Special Price ₹4,825.00 was ₹4,970.00
    • Low polymerization shrinkage.
    • Greater accuracy and dimensional stability.
    • Improved defined margins.
    • High strength; ultra smooth surface.
    • No distortion.
    • Strength is not compromised, even in thin layers.
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  6. Aluminum Reinforcement Mesh For Upper Maxillary Denture Pack of 10 Preorder
    Special Price ₹599.00 was ₹699.00
    • Denture Materials Aluminum Reinforcement Mesh Upper for Dental Lab 10 Pieces
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  7. Voco Individo Lux Light Curing Individual Tray Material
    Special Price ₹4,775.00 was ₹4,995.00
    • In transparent-blue or blue-opaque colour
    • Allows precise and economic processing
    • Stable trays
    • Pleasant mint flavour
    • Non-sticky consistency
    • Light-cured with standard halogen light (e.g. Individo Light Box) or UVA lights
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  8. 2 Boxes Temporary Crown Material For Anterior & Molar Teeth
    • 2 Boxes Temporary Crown Material For Anterior & Molar Teeth.
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  9. GC Soft Liner Temporary Relining Material & Tissue Conditioner
    Special Price ₹4,850.00 was ₹5,150.00
    • Good surface tension retention effect.
    • Low heat development.
    • Supports healing process.
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  10. Heraeus Meliodent Heat Cure Plus Acrylic Powder & Liquid
    Special Price ₹1,299.00 was ₹1,350.00
    • The MELIODENT POWDERis a high quality denture base material imported from Germany.
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  11. Prevest Denpro Hiflex-RR Rapid Repair Cold Cure
    • Produces extremely durable repairs and relines to existing dentures.
    • Exhibits very high bond strength to existing denture acrylics of all types.
    • Exceptionally high mechanical strength and high lusture finish.
    • Cadmium free composition.
    • Repair of full and partial dentures.
    • Relining of full and partial dentures.
    • Extensions to dentures.
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  12. DMG Luxaform Temporary Crown & Bridge Material
    Special Price ₹2,720.00 was ₹3,000.00 As low as ₹2,699.00
    • No mixing.
    • No tray required.
    • Stable under storage conditions.
    • Odorless.
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  13. DPI Heat Cure Denture Resin Material Universal Pack
    Special Price ₹699.00 was ₹730.00
      • Heat cured acrylic denture base material.
      • Simple mixing, easy to process.
      • Variety of shades (pink, translucent, veined, light veined, special pink, clear).
      • Choice of normal or quick cure times.
      • Cross linking ensures superior quality.
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  14. Voco Profibase Maxillae Light Cured Pink Transparent Base Plates
    Special Price ₹4,825.00 was ₹4,890.00
    • Light-curing pink transparent base plates.
    • Gingiva shade.
    • Simple and time-saving shaping by hand.
    • Permanent stability and compressive strength.
    • Pleasant mint flavour.
    • Non-sticky consistency.
    • Light-cured with standard halogen light (e.g. Individo Light Box) or UVA lights.
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  15. Medicept D Soft Tissue Conditioner
    Special Price ₹2,299.00 was ₹2,500.00
    • Medicept Dental’s tissue conditioner material is powder and liquid, which are mixed to produce a cushioning fit surface to dentures.
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  16. DMG LuxaCore Z Core Build Up Composite
    Special Price ₹3,875.00 was ₹5,000.00 As low as ₹3,799.00
    • All types of core build-up.
    • Cementation of root posts.
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