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GDC Oral Surgery Impaction Kit (OSIP22)

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GDC Oral Surgery Impaction Kit


Oral Surgery Impaction includes below given instruments:-

  • B.P Handle 10-130-5em
  • Periosteal Elevator P9
  • Surgical Curette Lucas CL88
  • Bone File BF52
  • Osteotomes Bone Chisel OSS6520S
  • Root Tip Pick Left EHB2
  • Root Tip PIck Right EHB3
  • Warwick James Straight WSJ
  • Frazier Suction ASPFR4
  • Cryer Right E31
  • Cryer Left E32
  • Heath Scissor S25
  • Tissue Forceps Adson TP42
  • Needle Holder Mayo-Hegar NHMH
  • Austin Cheek Retractor TRA4
  • Mosquito Straight H4
  • Backhaus TC5
  • Elevator London Hospital E20H
  • Coupland EA1C
  • Bone Rongeurs R1A
  • Periosteal Elevator Howarth PH
  • Mouth Prop MP3
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Surgical Instrument Type Surgical Kits
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