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GC Fuji Gold Label Type 1 Luting Cement Mini Pack

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GC Fuji Gold Label Type 1 Luting Cement (gc type 1)
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  • gc type 1
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GC Fuji Gold Label Type 1 Luting Cement 

A chemically cured strontium based glass ionomer cement ideal for basic routine luting of metal based restorations. gc type 1 is an excellent product.


  • Excellent adhesion to both tooth and metal.
  • Biocompatibility and a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion reduces the risk of post-operative sensitivity.
  • Good mixing properties results in a smooth creamy mix with good flow.
  • Film thickness of just 15 microns makes complete seating of crowns easy.
  • Extended working time with sharp set.
  • Long term fluoride release.
  • Many years of documented clinical success.


  • Final cementation of metal or porcelain fused to metal crowns & bridges.
  • Cementation of stainless steel crowns and orthodontic bands.
  • Lining under restorative materials.


  • Mix to the correct powder:liquid ratio
  • (20 seconds for Gold Label 1)
  • Apply the mixed cement to both restoration and prepared tooth
  • Seat the restoration within 30 seconds of completing the mix
  • Remove the excess cement during the gel stage
  • Total setting time is 4’30” after start of mix
  • After final set, moisture proof the margin by applying a final coat of GC Fuji Varnish or GC Fuji Coat LC


  • Gold Label Luting & Lining 1-1 (35g Powder, 25g Liquid).
  • Gold Label 1 35g Powder.
  • Gold Label 1 25g Liquid.
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Manufacturer N/A
Return Policy Not Accepted
Type Of Cement Glass Ionomer Cement, Luting Cement
Type of Curing In Cement Self Cure
Cement Dispensing Form Powder & Liquid Form
Shade of Cement A2 Shade, Universal Shade
Company Of Cement GC FUJI

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15g Powder and 10g Liquid

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