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Nobilium Massad Edentulous Low Temperature Molding Impression Trays

Massad Edentulous LOW TEMP Tray pk/12
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The Massad LOW TEMPEdentulous Impression Tray

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The Massad LOW TEMPEdentulous Impression Tray

Over the years, the Massad Technique has been utilized, perfected, and taught around the globe. The technique involves strategic layering of multiple viscosities of impression materials to achieve accurate detail in the mouth. Now Dr. Massad's original tray is available in a Low Temperaturethermoplastic material that can be formed right in the mouth using a hot water bath. In the past, edentulous impression techniques required extra prep time in order to extensively manipulate existing trays to meet the unique needs of each patient. But not anymore. The Massad LOW TEMP Edentulous Impression Tray was specifically designed to fill the void created by existing trays. Together, the Massad Technique and the Massad LOW TEMP Edentulous Impression Tray combine to create "The System for Predictable Fitting Dentures".

Just another impression tray

Look closer. The Massad LOW TEMP Edentulous Impression Tray is an entirely new approach to impression making. The goal? To design the ultimate tray, one that will give a practitioner's an edge in creating a sophisticated fit to complement the beautiful smiles they create for their edentulous and implant patients.

Accuracy is everything.

This tray satisfies the need to deliver incredibly accurate impressions while maintaining productivity. Accuracy is achieved through the inherent shape of the trays right out of the box. Plus the tray is thermoplastic which can be easily adapted in a hot water bath. Special attention has been given to the anatomical and physiological mylohyoid space on the lower and the throat form of the upper.

Control Freak.

The trays are available in five sizes. Why not more? Five sizes are all that you need to fit most patients because the trays were designed to be heat moldable giving you the flexibility to quickly and easily manipulate the arches into the most suitable, and accurate position for your patient.

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Products above are 12 trays packaged in a clear plastic jar. 
Combination Package - 12 trays in 3 sizes: 2U, 2L, 3U, 3L, 4U, 4L (includes 2 of each size).

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