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MICRO MEGA Classic rotary G1 and G2 25mm Assorted 3%

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The single-use and sterile NiTi rotary file for glide path development

Glide path development is an important and indispensable step in the root canal preparation. The initial scouting is performed with a hand file. One G is strongly indicated in case of canals difficult of access (narrow, highly mineralized canals or canals with strong curvatures), when hand files are not sufficient.

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The single rotary file for glide path development

The creation of a glide path is an essential and indispensable step in the root canal preparation. Stainless steel hand files (in combination with x-rays and ideally an apex locator) are necessary for the scouting of the root canal and the determination of the working length. However, rotary files for glide path development are particularly useful for canals that are difficult to access (curved, thin and calcified canals). They make glide path creation quicker, more efficient and safer than stainless steel hand files (by limiting the risk of endodontic errors like the creation of a ledge, false canal, canal transportation). They facilitate the progression of the shaping instruments in the canal thanks to the removal of interferences and part of the canal content.

One G provides you with simplicity and efficiency:

  • Simplicity: only 1 single-use instrument in continuous rotation for glide path development. 
  • Efficiency: time saving for the complete endodontic treatment. 
  • Safety: reassuring for the practitioner and resistant to breakage and unwinding thanks to its innovative cross-section and pitch.
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Return Policy Not Accepted
Length Of Files 21mm, 25mm
Type Of File N/A
File Material Nicket Titanium
Company Of file Micro Mega

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