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Prime Dental I-SuperTip Multipurpose Ultrasonic Tips

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  • Controlled cutting.
  • Better vision.
  • Less chances of accidents like perforation.
  • Economical agitation.
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Multipurpose Ultrasonic Tips


  • Controlled cutting.
  • Better vision.
  • Less chances of accidents like perforation.
  • Economical agitation.
  • Economical warm obturation.


  • Removal of pulp stones.
  • Agitation of NaOCl and EDTA.
  • Warm Gutta Percha Technique.
  • Removal of broken instrument.


  • #30 S / E
  • #80 S / E

Since Ultrasonic tips in Endo are new instruments for dental fraternity & general practitioners from India, we suggest :

  • Do not use water spray while using endo Ultrasonic tips – for better vision.
  • Intermittent use of the tips is recommended to avoid overheating.
  • Do not use pressure. Use it gently with brushing motion or peking motion.
  • Do not bind the tip to the walls while agitation. Use 4mm short of working length.
  • Use standard scaler machine like Satelec or EMS. Machine should have power adjustments from 10% to 50% power
  • Overused or worn off or broken Ultrasonic tips could be used again & again, if a clinician develops good tactile sense.
  • One can tighten the tip with pliers or Satelec chuck or EMS chuck or –i-Super Chuck or with hand (manual)
  • Blow the dentinal power with stropko irrigator or chip syringe.
  • Irrigate the site of tooth if having pain while using tips or heated due to overuse of tip.
  • It is highly recommended to use i–SuperTip S/E on 5 extracted teeth before using it on patients.
  • Since i–SuperTip is multipurpose Ultrasonic Tip, it is highly recommended to develop tactile for different procedures & usage.
  • Do not use i–SuperTip more than 50% of the power of the machine.
  • e.g. Satelec = not more than 7. EMS = not more than 4.

For beginners : It is recommended to use i–SuperTip at power # 1 all the time for all the procedures. It is recommended to use # 80 i–SuperTip first and then start using # 30 i–SuperTip for better tactile.

NOTE: E type is compatible with Woodpecker

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