Samit Handpiece Contra Angle Autoclavable NA-142

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SP Autoclavable Contra Handpiece NA-142

Operation Instructions:-

  • Inserting: Press the button firmly, insert bur and turn the rod in a clockwise direction, till the bur to the end.
  • Removal: Press the push button firmly and remove the bur.

Handpiece Inserting & Removal:

  • Inserting: Insert the handpiece into the motor and turning all the way until it clicks to stop.
  • Removal: Grip both handpiece and motor respectively, pulling and separating.


  • Please do not insert or remove handpiece before motor completely stop running.
  • Compatible with dental motor E-type in accordance with ISO standard.
  • Compatible with the electromotor.
  • The structure of connector conform with ISO3964

Water Supply:-

  1. External Water Supply: Connect the water pipe and the external water spray pipe of the handpiece.
  2. Internal Water Spray: Use bur to operate. Water pipe connects to the internal water spray pipe and makes the internal water spray pipe fixed with the pipe fixture.
  3. Mixed Water Spray: Use internal bur to operate, and follow step 1 & 2.
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