Mani Diamond Burs - TC Series - Taper Conical End (Pack of 5)

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This product has a stainless steel working part which is coated with fine diamond crystal.

Mani Diamond Burs - Taper Conical End / TC Series

  • This product has a stainless steel working part which is coated with fine diamond crystal.
  • It is defined as the rotary grinding instruments for hard tissues such as tooth and bones.
  • It is used for connecting with a dental handpiece.
  • It can also be used for grinding metal, plastic, porcelain and other hard materials.


  • This product is used by connecting to a dental handpiece and rotates to grind hard materials and tissues etc..
  • It is the dental diamond burs with stainless steel shank and non-sterile instrument.

Main materials

  • Metal base: Stainless steel (including nickel and chromium)
  • Working part: Fine diamond crystals attached to a metal base(including nickel and chromium)
  • Shank: Stainless steel (including nickel and chromium)


  • Use a dental handpiece which can hold the shank precisely.
  • (Diameter of Friction grip shank: φ1.6mm)
  • (Diameter of Contra Angle shank: φ2.35mm)
  • Use a handpiece which could control at allowable engine speed.
  • Use a handpiece with a water spray system.


  • To prevent infection, sterilize the product by autoclave and make sure sterilization is completed before using.
  • Use with “feather touch” and keep the allowable engine speed strictly as over speed could cause fractures and injury.
  • Follow the instructions of a handpiece manufacturer strictly and insert the shank all the way to avoid its half-way chucking.
  • The handpiece should be used in accordance with its instructions.
  • Choose the most appropriate type for each case and follow the general method.
  • Before using, run the instruments outside of an oral cavity to make sure that there is no distortion.
  • Before using, make sure the instruments outside of oral cavity that there are no deformations, scratches, cracks and tarnishes.
  • If a head of this product is thin, long or large, there are possibilities for breaking or twisting. Because of this, be sure to avoid using unreasonable angle and excessive pressure.
  • Use with the water spray system.
  • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from damage. Also, wear a dust protective mask to prevent inhaling the dust.
  • Wear a rubber dam etc. to avoid accidental ingestion and falling.
  • Do not use this instrument for any purposes except for listed applications above.
  • Only for use by dentists.
  • This product should be treated as medical waste when disposed of.
  • Dispose of this product if damaged or contaminated.
  • After using, wash it with medical cleaning agent and brush, then wash away foreign substances such as adherent body fluids and body tissues.
  • Set the product to a stand when cleaned by the ultrasonic cleaner to avoid working part deterioration.
  • Use this instrument with great care to avoid puncturing fingers because of its possession of sharp-edged part.
  • This product has a possibility that being corrosive if sunk into NAOCL, EDTA and etc. for a long time.
  • Handle this product with great care because this product has the possibility of sparking when cutting all-ceramic restorative materials such as Zirconium.
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