Dentsply Fluorocore 2 Plus

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Dentsply Fluorocore 2 Plus
  • FluoroCore 2 is indicated for conservative to aggressive core build-up applications.


FluoroCore 2 is indicated for conservative to aggressive core build-up applications. Fluorocore 2 offers an automix syringe delivery with excellent depth of cure, 3mm in 20 seconds, superior strength and stackable viscosity for ease of placement.


  • 2 Fluoride-Releasing Dual Cure composite core build-up material consists of two-components, base and catalyst, which when mixed form a dual-cured, highly filled, composite resin core build-up material.
  • FluoroCore2 core build-up material uses a biocompatible urethane resin and is supplied in two shades, blue and tooth colored.
  • The blue shade permits clear differentiation of the core material from tooth structure.
  • The tooth colored shade can be used where esthetics and show-through of the core are of primary concern.
  • FluoroCore2 core build-up material is available in a convenient dual-barreled syringe.
  • This delivery system simplifies direct, precise intra-oral delivery and minimizes product waste.
  • The use of a compatible dentin/enamel adhesive prior to the placement of FluoroCore 2 core build-up material is mandatory. FluoroCore 2 core build-up material is compatible with numerous dentin/enamel adhesive systems.


  • Urethane Dimethacrylate.
  • Di- & Tri-functional Methacrylates.
  • Barium Boron Fluoroaluminosilicate Glass.
  • Camphorquinone (CQ) Photoinitiator.
  • Photoaccelerators.
  • Silicon Dioxide.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide.


  • Vital or non-vital tooth core build-up (replacement of existing restorations and/or lost tooth structure) as a base prior to fabricating an indirect restoration.


  • Pack of 4 Syr+3 Bonds.
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