DPI Dental Xray IOPA Espeed Film

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  • This dental radiographic film is a double-emulsion high speed non screen X-rayfilm (ISO Class E) with a high contrast and fine grain



This dental radiographic film is a double-emulsion high speed non-screen X-ray film (ISO Class E) with ? high contrast and fine grain that provides high image quality with outstanding detail definition. The film is intended for direct-exposure routine intraoral radiographs.

The used appliances enables the correction of exposure times as well as dose values (impulses).

Film base

 This dental radiographic film is coated on a dimensionally-stable bluish 0.175 mm thick polyester film base. The film is provided, on both sides, with protective and antistatic layers preserving the film against mechanical damage and  eliminating the static charge.


Each sheet of film is enclosed in a light-tight plastic envelope.



number of films in one packet

number of packets in one packing





This soft and hygienic packaging protects the patient, facilitates manipulation with the film and enables disinfecting  the cover with common disinfectants.

Every film packet is protected with a lead sheet on the side opposite to the radiation source (marked on the back-side of the packet). Each film is provided with a protruding dot located near the edge of the film that serves as an identificator for the radiation side on the processed film. Its raised portion indicates the side facing the radiation source.

Darkroom illumination

The film is processed with a yellow or diode safety illumination with a wavelength of 590 nm and higher. The Length of exposure and distance of the processed material from the illumination source should be tested.


This dental radiographic film can be processed manually or in processors. To obtain the best possible results, any good quality processing chemicals of well-known brands can be used.

automatic processing

manual processing – developing


4.5–5.0 min / 25 °C


5.0 min / 20°C

4 .0 min / 22°C

3.5 min / 24 °C

1.5 min / 28 °C

manual processing – fixing

in minimum 2 min / 15–30°C

Exposure conditions

X-ray apparatus adjustment: 50 – 70 kV and 7 – 15 mA 
(use correct values recommended by the apparatus manufacturer)

Adjustment: 65 kV, 8 mA, 20 cm focus-film distance










0,18 s

0,23 s

0,25 s




0,14 s

0,14 s

0,18 s

For making exposures to children reduce the exposure time by approx. 33%.

For making exposures of empty patches reduce the exposure time by approx. 25 %.

For obtaining the best possible results all necessary changes of exposure parameters (i.e. exposure time, mA, kV or any changes of the focus-film distance)  shall be reflected in other parameters.

For X-ray devices with a DC generator, reduce exposure by about 33%.



This dental radiographic film should be stored in its original packaging in cool dry place at temperatures between 10 oC and 21 oC with a relative humidity of 40 – 60 %, protected from damaging fumes, gazes and ionizing radiation. Before use, the film in the intact original packaging should be allowed to adjust to room conditions for at least 2 – 4 hours.


Usage and processing of this dental radiographic film result in waste that is classified as hazardous waste and for this reason an ecological liquidation and recycling is necessary. The manipulation with the waste should be in compliance with the national laws.

Classification of the waste:

Polyvinylchloride waste                             waste of developers

Lead waste                                            waste of fixing bath

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Type Of Xray Film Periapical Or Iopa Film
Speed Of Film E Speed
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