Itena Traxodent Hemostatic Retraction Paste

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Haemostatic Paste for Gingival Retraction

Hemostatic gingival retraction paste

Hints & Tips:

  • Retraction cap or an instrument can be used to gently push Traxodent and increase the retraction
  • A compression cap or similar device can also be used after placement of the paste for maximum deflection of the soft tissue

Use before :

- taking an impression

- the final cementation of a restoration

- a cavity preparation

- when hemostasis or retraction is needed


  • Exceptional retraction
  • The chimio-mechanical expansion of Traxodent allows tissue displacement
  • Optimised hemostasis
  • Using Traxodent stops any bleeding, through compression
  • Removal without trauma
  • Gently presses on the sulcus
  • Ergonomic syringe
  • Easy to use
  • Disposable and flexible tips
  • Adjustable to inject easily at a comfortable angle
  • Resealable foil pouch
  • Each syringe can be repacked for maximum freshness
  • Paste with a malleable consistency
  • Very easy and quick to apply, rinse off and clean
Direction To use:

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