ITENA Quick Bond

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2 Step Self Etching Bonding System


- Composite restorations in direct technique. 
- For the gluing of all obturation materials, auto and light cured composites, compomers and al dente cements, of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. 

- Self-etching adhesive, consisting of a low-acid self-etching primer and a light-curing adhesive. 
- Ensures strong adherence to dentin and enamel. 
- The slightly acid primer dissolves the dentinal mud and can therefore penetrate the dentinal tubules and the peritubular dentin. 
- Creation of a very extensive network of micro-porosity on the surface of the glaze that allows better gluing.
- Use Iperbond Activator to make the self-curing adhesive. 
- Ideal for interventions in areas inaccessible to light.

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