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Tehnodent Ftor-Lux

Tehnodent Ftor-Lux
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  • Fluoride varnish FTOR-LUX is used for fluoride treatment and remineralization of the dentine and enamel
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Tehnodent Ftor-Lux

Contains calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride, aminefluoride INDICATIONS The scope of use is dentistry. Professional use in the healthcare facility. Fluoride varnish FTOR-LUX is used for fluoride treatment and remineralization of the dentine and enamel; as preventing coating in hypersensitivity of the cervical part, in hyperesthesia of hard tooth tissues, in coating of the stump of the vital tooth after the preparation; for the treatment of macula cariosa caries and prevention of milk teeth caries at early stage. Fluoride varnish FTOR-LUX is used as a preventive means at the removal of orthodontic appliances (gap bands, brackets), for processing a tooth root after the periodontal care, for processing of "wisdom" teeth and protection of dental fissures during their development, and also for deep fissures of permanent teeth.


  • Cervical dentin hypersensitivity, hypersensitivity of "live" tooth prepared for a crown.
  • Teeth sensitivity after restoration, preparation, dental deposit removal, enamel polishing or teeth whitening.
  • Prevention of primary teeth or wisdom teeth caries.
  • Fissure protection at the time of their genesis.


  • Immediate pain reduction for patients.
  • Promoting hard tooth tissues remineralization.
  • High concentration of fluoride ions.
  • Sodium fluoride restores the chemical equilibrium of the liquid (saliva), preventing enamel demineralization.
  • Calcium fluoride in the acid medium of the oral cavity serves as prolonged and stable source of calcium and fluoride ions.
  • Aminefluoride an organic compound with enhanced fluoridation - ensures immediate formation of calcium fluoride globules on the enamel surface, prevents calcium lossand reduces permeability of the enamel.



Fluoride varnish FTOR-LUX contains :

  • Three active fluoration agents: sodium fluoride (1%), calcium fluoride (4%) and aminofluoride (0.5 %) with a various degree of solubility;
  • Film coating and thickening agents of a natural origin;
  • Solvents.

Thickening agent provides homogeneous distribution of the fluorinating agents on the entire volume of a preparation that allows homogenizing its structure easily and applying this varnish on a surface of a tooth by a thin layer. The mix of the solvents provides fast drying of a preparation after application without overcooling a processable surface and causing pain in the patient with hyperesthesia of hard tissues. The film coating agent, covering a surface of a tooth after drying a varnish, is slowly reabsorbed with a saliva and sets free fluorinating components in amounts necessary for maintenance for fluorine concentration on the surface of enamel, providing its remineralization. Fluorides, forming precipitate of calcium fluoride on a surface of a tooth, slow down the demineralization of the enamel, block the process of glucose decomposition providing a reliable protection against caries. Soluble sodium fluoride, getting in a liquid is direct about crystals of enamel prisms, restores chemical balance of a liquid. Calcium fluoride, insoluble in neutral medium, in acidic medium of the mouth cavity is a source of ions of calcium and and fluorine. The inclusion of aminofluoride (an organic compounding of fluorine of a new generation on the hydrophilic base with fluorine overactivity) into varnish provides the formation of calcium fluoride globules on the enamel surface in 30 seconds after application, that prevents from calcium loss and reduces the permeability of enamel. Fluorine-containing film coating is a container and a source of fluorine - ions stimulating formation of flour apatites and remineralization of hard tissues. The combination of those three fluorides provides deep and effective fluorination with the prolonged action. Film coating agent together with thickening agent form a restraining barrier from thermal, chemical and tactile irritants on a tooth surface or in defect of enamel. It instantly releases the patient from pain at tooth hyperesthesia at once after applying varnish on sensitive sites of a tooth.


  • 13ml Bottle with a dropper cap
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