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  1. Meta Biomed Rootor Apex Locator
    • Accuracy in any root canal conditions (Dry, bleeding, wet, saline, EDTA, NaOCI, Chlorhexidine and etc).
    • Color display.
    • Stylish and ergonomic design.
    • Auto power-off for saving battery life.
    • Stability and measurement reliability.
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  2. Hossam Dental Surgical Loupes With Led Light
    Special Price $66.38 was $249.00
    • Light weight, comfortable & sturd.
    • Convenient for every clinician.
    • Available in  3.5x magnification.
    • Adjustable focal length helps widest field of view.
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  3. EConnect Pro Endomotor With EPex Pro Apex Locator
    Special Price $647.38 was $776.88
    • E-CONNECT Pro is a characteristic-rich and cost proficient cordless endomotor. 
    • Bright LCD with color coded measurements.
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  4. Vatech EZ Sensor Classic RVG Size 1.5 (Get Rs 6000 Cash Back Dentbay Store Credit)
    Special Price $2,282.50 was $2,490.00 As low as $2,274.18
    • Higher Image Resolution: 17lp/mm.
    • Fast Work Flow: EzDent-i Viewer Software.
    • 2 in 1 Consultation Tool: EzCodi Consult Software.
    • Your Total Peace of Mind: 5 Year Warranty
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  5. Marathon MicroMotor Unit Clinical Type M3 Spectrum
    •  Max Speed: 35,000 rpm
    •  2.4 Ncm
    •  Slim Type
    •  1 Marathon Micromotor (M33E)
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  6. Coxo TFT Clamp

    Permits vertical as well as horizontal movements

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  7. Ids Denmed Water Distiller Metal Body
    Special Price $182.58 was $199.18
    • Automatically switches off at the end of the cycle. 
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  8. Woodpecker Woodpex 3 Apex Locator Gold With Rs 500 CashBack
    Special Price $215.63 was $240.70 As low as $172.62
    • Clinical data matching, accuracy rate has been improved to 97.71%
    • Upgraded chip, real time response. The sensitivity has been improved to double.
    • Inovative algorithm, multi-frequency measurement & anti-interference.
    • LCD Screen, the trajectory of the file can be clearly shown with different colors.
    • Multi-frequency apical positioning technology,
    • avoiding the influence of subjective factors for measurment results.
    • Measurment results will not be affected by tooth type,
    • Root canal internal environment.
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  9. Coltene Perfect TCS II Knife Sterilizable
    Special Price $81.32 was $95.70
    • PerFect TCS II is a high frequency electrosurgery system, which helps to manage soft tissue with greater efficiency
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  10. Clear Ray RVG Sensor
    Special Price $1,909.00 was $2,075.00
    • Fast iamge acquisition.
    • Configurable display.
    • Image Processing with preset.
    • Zoom and rotation features.
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  11. Meta Biomed E&Q Master Obturation System Cordless
    Special Price $1,734.70 was $1,826.00
    • Convenience in application.
    • Convenience in retreatment.
    • Hydraulic property.
    • Biocompatibility.
    • High sealing ability.
    • High radiopacity and biocompatibility.
    • The slim design was made for comfortable handling to maximize effectiveness and convenience.
    • The slim design provides a nice grip for easy handling.
    • The simple functions are user friendly for quick operation of device.
    • The simple operation allows you to learn easily and quickly.
    • The thermo-plasticized method of filling makes speedy treatment.
    • Easy and quick obturation with accurate and predictable filling.
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  12. Meta Biomed i-Root Apex Locator
    Special Price $863.18 was $875.65
    • Best accuracy in any root canal condition (Dry, Bleeding, Wet, Saline, EDTA, NaOCI or Chlorhexidine etc.)
    • Simultaneous visual and sound measurement.
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  13. Meta Biomed Genesys Root Canal Obturation System
    Special Price $1,062.40 was $1,145.40

    This perfect obturation system consists of two portable units viz Pack & Fill

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  14. NSK Varios 970 Non-Optic Piezon Scaler
    Special Price $1,211.80 was $1,294.80

    Varios 970(Non-Optic Piezon Scaler with Double IRRIGATION Bottle

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  15. Coltene Biosonic UC125 H Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Special Price $1,178.58 was $1,276.37
    • with LCD technology for customized operation
    • with heating
    • Tank capacity 4.8 litres
    • Use capacity 3.8 litres
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