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  1. DiaDent Diapaste Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    Special Price $21.17 was $21.58
    • Premixed Calcium Hydroxide Barium Sulfate paste for root canal treatment.
    • Temporary root filling.
    • Root canal filling for primary teeth.
    • Use after pulp extirpation treatment.
    • Filling on the pulpotomy.
    • Temporary Pulp Capping.
    • Water Soluble: Easy to clean and remove, reduce operative time.
    • Easy and quick access.
    • Radiopaque.
    • Antibacterial.
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  2. Anabond Orthofix Kit Orthodontic Bonding System
    Special Price $35.69 was $36.52
    • Light Cure Orthodontic Bonding System
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  3. Angelus Exacto Glass Fiber Post Trial Pack
    Special Price $41.33 was $49.80
    • Greater radiopacity: allows radiographic visualization.
    • Standardized burs with inactive tip: precise calibration of posts according to burs present in the kit; very thin cement layer.
    • High concentration of fibers: better mechanical properties.
    • Special glass fiber: excellent transmission of light.
    • Double taper: matches root canal shape.
    • Modulus of elasticity similar to dentin´s: lower risk of root fracture.
    • Silicone stop: identifies post size and indicates place for cutting.
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  4. Atria Glass Mirror & Handle Simple Stem (SS Type) Pack of 5 DS4SS
    Special Price $30.63 was $31.54
    • High quality mouth mirrors for best reflection and image
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  5. GDC Periotome # 4 (P4)
    Special Price $8.72 was $13.33
    • Clinical Use of Periotomes :  By severing the PDL prior to extraction, the surrounding tissue is subjected to less trauma, and in many cases, allows for immediate placement of an implant.  To use a periotome, place the blade of the instrument down into the sulcus, severing the PDL.  Lift the blade out of the sulcus, and repeat the process, moving circumferentially around the tooth.  This will sever the PDL except for where it connects at the most apical part of the tooth.  Afterwards, use a periosteal elevator and extraction forceps in the usual manner.
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  6. Densafe Intra Oral Tips
    • DenSafe Intra-Oral Tips allow easy, automatic mixing of impression material using the cartridge dispenser.
    • Provide convenient, precise application of material.
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  7. Prevest Denpro Magma NT Nano Ceramic Based Composite Kit
    Special Price $72.38 was $90.47
    • Magma NT Nano Ceramic restorative is visible light curing composite designed for use in anterior and posterior restorations.
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  8. Ammdent Dentochlor 2% Chlorhexidine Solution
    Special Price $6.56 was $9.93
    • For dental irrigation and as root canal disinfectant Efficient antibacterial for intracanal medicament including E. Faecalis whith is always found in failure cases.
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  9. Coltene Affinis Putty & LIght Body Kit
    Special Price $68.04 was $150.23
    • AFFINIS putty super soft is a very smooth putty, which can be easily mixed to a homogeneous consistency. Super soft putty is ideal for all one-step putty/wash techniques.
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  10. Coltene Coltolux Led Light Cure Unit
    Special Price $456.48 was $702.78
    • The Coltolux® LED combines a slim curing probe with high output in a cordless lightweight penstyle design.
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  11. Prevest Denpro Calplus Calcium Hydroxide Paste Containing Iodoform Intro Pack
    Special Price $4.32 was $5.64 As low as $3.90
    • For direct & indirect pulp capping and pulpotomy.
    • Apexifications and hard tissue formations.
    • Temporary filling material for infected root canals.
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  12. Denext Metal Post Packet Of 240 Post
    Special Price $36.52 was $51.13
    • Post contains well-designed dental posts that are used in post and core restoration with its effective groove provides an excellent surface for adhesion with any cement or bonding agent.
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  13. Prevest Denpro PolyZinc+ Plus Polycarboxylate Cement
    Special Price $6.72 was $7.89
    • Chemically bonds to tooth structure and metal appliances.
    • Extremely low film thickness.
    • Radiopaque.
    • High adhesive strength.
    • Minimal solubility in oral fluids.
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  14. Samit White Metal Polishing Cake
    • Samit White Metal Polishing Cake
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  15. Meta Biomed EQV Endodontic Obturation System
    Special Price $2,033.50 was $2,075.00

    The brand new EQ-V continuous wave obturation system features our latest technology baked into a meticulously designed, comfortable, yet powerful gun and pen set.

    • Extended battery life.
    • Ergonomic design for comfortable operation.
    • Excellent tactile-feeling trigger for smooth and easy filling.
    • Simple use and outstanding performance.
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  16. Meta Biomed NexTemp LC Light curing type temporary filling
    • High elasticity.
    • Easy application.
    • Tightness for margin sealing.
    • Easy removal.
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