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  1. Angelus Endometric Endobox
    Special Price $12.87 was $13.28

    • Angelus Endometric is Support for endodontic files.
    • Safety and organization for endodontic files.
    • Sterilizable in dry heat and autoclave: Low risk of cross infection.
    • High performance polymer: Resistant to contact with chemicals.
    • Availability of refill: Biosafety assured.
    • For the support of endodontic files.
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  2. Angelus Endo Lens Endodontic Ruler with Magnifying Lens
    • To measure endodontic instruments.
    • To check the condition of endodontic files, gutta percha and paper points.
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  3. Surgical Instruments Sterilization Metal Tray 8" x 4"
    • Surgical Instruments Sterilization Box 8" x 4"  
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  4. Anabond Microgard Handrub Solution
    Special Price $6.89 was $7.29
    • Eliminates all hand microbes including MRSA,VRE,Protozoa, Fungi & Viruses.
    • Effective in the presence of organic matter.
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  5. Api Bur Block Metal
    Special Price $10.38 was $10.62
    • Api Bur Block Metal
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  6. Angelus Dappen Ring
    • Exclusive ring-shaped design.
    • Adjustable to the fingers of adults or children.
    • Sterilizable.
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  7. Angelus Flex Saliva Ejector
    Special Price $12.87 was $14.11
    • Sterilizable and for single use: guarantee of Biosafety.
    • Pre-angulated: better positioning in the oral cavity. 
    • Plastic material: no oxidation with use.
    • Fabricated with rigid copolymer: allows retraction of lips, cheecks and tongue.
    • Innovative design: easy handling.
    • For the suction of saliva.
    • Guarantee of Biosafety.
    • Better positioning in the oral cavity.
    • No oxidation with use.
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  8. Angelus Set Of Giveaway Stickers For Childrens
    • In the entertaining Dentalfriends format.
    • Joyful colors.
    • Self-adhesive sticker.
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  9. Metal Spirit Lamp
    Special Price $1.08 was $1.16
    • Metal Spirit Lamp
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  10. Anabond-Stedman Germafin For Rapid Disinfection
    Special Price $5.15 was $5.48
    • Effective against Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses.
    • Immediate as well as Persistent Anti-Microbial Activity.
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  11. Diadent File Hand Grip For Converting Rotary To Hand File
    Special Price $4.73 was $4.98

    Diadent File Hand Grip


    File hand grip makes the Rotary Files ready to use as Hand Files

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  12. Coltene Pulimant Diamond Burs Cleaning Block
    Special Price $20.75 was $24.07
    • Professional care optimizes the durability of your valuable DIATECH diamonds and guarantees that they will remain highly efficient even after repeated, intense use.
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  13. Coltene Putty Cutting Knife
    Special Price $31.96 was $37.90
    • For scrapping putty impression before taking impression with light body.
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  14. Angelus Mouth Rest Bite Block Mouth Prop
    • It allows adjustment to different mouth sizes.
    • Special model for younger children.
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