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Intracanal Medicaments

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  1. DiaDent Dia Prep Plus EDTA Gel
    Special Price $21.17 was $23.24
    • Debridement in the root canal.
    • Dissolution of pulp remnants.
    • Removal of smear layer.
    • Facile movements of canal instruments.
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  2. Dental Avenue Avuecal Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    Special Price $1.99 was $3.15
    • Temporary Root canal Filling.
    • Water soluble hence easy to clean and remove when required.
    • Reduces the time span.
    • Radiopaque.
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  3. Prevest Denpro Calcigel Calcium Hydroxide Paste Intro Pack
    Special Price $3.29 was $4.15
    • Apexogenesis.
    • Apexification.
    • Temporary root canal filling.
    • Internal & external root resorption.
    • High pH (pH 12) helps neutralize free acids of obturating cements and restorative materials
    • Reduces hypersensitivity of dentine.
    • 45% calcium hydroxide content helps the neoformation of secondary dentine. Radiopacity for checking treatment.
    • Perfect pulp protection.
    • Syringe for direct application.
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  4. Ammdent DPulp Devitalizing Paste
    Special Price $9.79 was $13.36
    • D-Pulp is a arsenic free paste of thick consistency containing Para formaldehyde.
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  5. Prevest Dolo Endogel EDTA Gel Economy Pack
    Special Price $9.96 was $12.45
    • For chemical-mechanical preparation of root canals.
    • Cleansing and enlarging of calcified root canal.
    • Contains appropriate lubricant to minimize potential of file breakage.
    • Helps in mechanical as well as chemical cleansing of root canal preparations.
    • 17% EDTA helps in chelating the calcium salts.
    • Gel helps lubricate endodontic instrument and makes penetration easier.
    • 10% carbamide peroxide promotes internal bleaching on irrigation with hypochlorite solution.
    • Syringe tip delivery. Unsurpassed chelating action.
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  6. Meta Biomed MD Cleanser EDTA Solution
    Special Price $9.63 was $12.87
    • Presence of calcification in the canal.
    • Narrow canals on posterior teeth.
    • Smear layer removal.
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  7. Ammdent Cresolve Root Canal Disinfectant
    Special Price $7.22 was $8.58
    • Cresolve Root canal disinfectin solution Containing antibacterial agent Its available in 13 ml. Bottle
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  8. Coltene Hygenic Calcium Hydroxide Points
    Special Price $19.51 was $22.31
    • HYGENIC Calcium Hydroxide Points are time release preparations, which release calcium hydroxide from a guttapercha matrix.
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  9. Dentsply Glyde EDTA Gel
    Special Price $30.30 was $35.03
    • 10% carbamide peroxide, 15% EDTA.
    • In conjunction with NaOCl, its effervescing action lifts dentinal shavings and debris for efficient removal.
    • Disposable tip eliminates the possibility of cross contamination by dispensing a clean, single dose.
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  10. Anycom Anypex Calcium Hydroxide Paste WIth Iodoform Similar to Metapex
    Special Price $19.84 was $29.58
    • Weeping canal.
    • Formation of a hard tissue barrier (Apexification).
    • Root canal filling for deciduous teeth.
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  11. Meta Biomed Endocem MTA Mineral Trioxide Aggregate
    Special Price $32.20 was $37.35
    • Pulp Capping.
    • Repair of root resorption.
    • Root-end filling.
    • Repair of root perforations during root canal therapy.
    • Apexification.
    • Easy to handle and effective for bleeding control.
    • Fast setting time(up to 3min).
    • Patented self neutralized property guaranteeing excellent sealing ability and enhanced biocompatibility.
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  12. Ammdent Dentochlor 2% Chlorhexidine Solution
    Special Price $6.56 was $9.93
    • For dental irrigation and as root canal disinfectant Efficient antibacterial for intracanal medicament including E. Faecalis whith is always found in failure cases.
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  13. Anabond Asep-RC Chlorhexidine Solution
    Special Price $8.13 was $8.30
    • Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution IP Equivalent to Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2.0% w/v.
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  14. Angelus MTA Mineral Trioxide Aggregate 2 Doses
    Special Price $41.09 was $47.31
    • Ions Calcium Release: enhances formation of mineralized tissues; provides biological seal of perforations and total repair of damaged periradicular tissues.
    • Hydrophilic: can be used in humid areas without losing properties.
    • High alkalinity: antibacterial properties.
    • Low solubility: does not allow leakage.
    • Calcium oxide: promotes tissue biocompatibility.
    • Aggregated oxides: great compressive strength.
    • High radiopacity: higher radiopacity than that of dentin, allowing excellent radiographic visualization.
    • Setting time of 15 minutes: shorter setting time than similar cements.
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  15. Prevest Denpro Pulp X Jar For Devitalization Of The Pulp
    Special Price $0.17 was $14.11
    • For Pulp devitalization.
    • For residual devitalization after removal of non-vital pulp tissue.
    • Fast acting-pain releasing formula.
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  16. Prevest Denpro Cal LC Light Cured Calcium Hydroxide Paste
    Special Price $10.38 was $13.63
    • For direct & indirect pulp capping.
    • Acid protection when applying etch technique.
    • As cavity liner under all filling materials.
    • Time-saving, direct application and light curing.
    • Ready to use one component material.
    • Low solubility in oral fluids.
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