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  1. Prevest Denpro Edta Solution 17%
    Special Price $2.11 was $2.49
    • Rapid root canal cleansing and shaping during instrumentation.
    • Helpful in opening calcified root canals.
    • 17% solution and neutral pH cleanses root canals rapidly.
    • Helpful in enlarging of canals.
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  2. MIS Locator Standard Abutment MBSZL00
    MIS Locator Standard Abutment MBSZL00 Learn More
  3. GDC Separating Upper Molars Extraction Forceps 55 Standard FX55S
    Special Price $10.94 was $12.96
    • GDC Extraction Forceps Separating Upper Molars - 55 Standard (FX55S)
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  4. Diadent 2% Gutta Percha Point
    Special Price $3.02 was $4.57
    • By using hand jigs to roll our Gutta Percha, we are able to produce the most precise and resilient points possible. Hand jigs produce a point with a smooth round tip, which provides optimal apical seal. DiaDent's GP are latex free and radiopaque.
    • DiaDent's ISO (numbered sizes) and Accessory (letter sizes) points are colour coded for easy size identification.
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  5. Coltene Affinis Putty Only
    Special Price $43.58 was $84.66
    • AFFINIS putty super soft is a very smooth putty, which can be easily mixed to a homogeneous consistency. Super soft putty is ideal for all one-step putty/wash techniques.
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  6. Angelus Flex Ligature For Rubber Dam Isolation Refill
    Special Price $13.70 was $15.36
    • High tensile strength.
    • Perfect sealing of the isolated teeth.
    • May replace metal clamp in some cases. 
    • Two shapes.
    • Resistance to rupture. 
    • Avoids leakage of moisture into operative field. 
    • Avoids damage to gingival tissues. 
    • For anterior and posterior teeth.
    Learn More
  7. Jota C7 -Pear C- Carbide Burs For Dental

    Fastest cutting you can use it for metal cutting to remove the fitting or to even cut the bridge

    Learn More
  8. Coltene Hygenic Gutta Percha Points
    • Precisely produced by machine rolling for uniform taper and flexibility. Utilizes natural raw materials to enhance handling characteristics.
    Learn More
  9. Neelkanth XRay Film View Metal Developer Box
    Special Price $38.16 was $49.78
    • Develop Diagnostic X-rays in the operating or any convenient location in less than one minute Ruby Red Filter permits good visibility & will safely develop x-rays under normal light.
    • Manufactured by durable metal sheet.
    • Contains 3 food grade containers.
    • Powder Coated.
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  10. Hu Friedy Lower Right Primary 2nd #3 Refill

    Hu-Friedy Pedo Crowns are the perfect fit for you and your patient!Our primary molar stainless steel crowns were developed to deliver consistent, accurate and predictable clinical results.

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  11. Densafe Intra Oral Tips
    • DenSafe Intra-Oral Tips allow easy, automatic mixing of impression material using the cartridge dispenser.
    • Provide convenient, precise application of material.
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  12. Baolai Medical C-7 (OEM)-Alluminium H/P With Solenoid Valve
    Special Price $145.42 was $173.14

    Automatic frequency tracking

    Learn More
  13. VeeCare MTA Carrier STR ER-002-18

    VeeCare MTA Carrier STR ER-002-18

    Learn More
  14. Ammdent Canal Clean Irrigation Needles
    Special Price $19.01 was $20.83
    • Irrigation Probe Canal Clean has closed end tip & side port opening. The passing through the canal orifice of the irrigating solution can be Intercepted with the site port dispersal. 
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